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It’s not difficult at all. You simply borrow a few thousand via your mobile phone. Just the Internet, a citizen and nothing more, no endless paperwork, no counter issues, no queues and restrictions.

The new SMS Loan is simply a welcome diversification of the world of non-bank loans, as it handles with an extraordinary ease that the market has not yet known. Moreover, it is literally done in a few minutes, which saves time. And you know the winged phrase that talks about time is actually money…


No risk and no problems

No risk and no problems

No problem, just fast – just connect to the Internet and stay online for a few minutes. And you can even from your mobile or tablet, it is not written anywhere that you have to borrow while sitting in front of a laptop or even a desktop PC. Do not look for any complexity in this, moreover, you will not fill in any genuinely intimate information about yourself.

Any provider of smaller or larger loans (of course, with the exception of mortgages and other million loans!) Will undoubtedly be indifferent to whether you live in a studio or a larger family house. Similarly, it does not matter your personal condition – married, married, single and so on. Nobody really solves this anymore, don’t worry. New SMS loan not at all.


So what do you need for microcredit? Basically only this selected personal data.

  • Identity card number. In short, this is absolutely necessary to fully identify the applicant.
  • Name, surname, permanent address. Again – no data too personal.
  • In some cases, a receipt will be required. Everyone knows where you work anyway.
  • Own bank account. Today, the loan for the postal order doesn’t really fly much. And it’s more practical.

Therefore, a new SMS loan will not extract confidential data from you, but will help you to solve the current financial situation. If you don’t pay out or just want to pay a slip that you mysteriously left on your shoe box and after two weeks reminded it in horror, it doesn’t really matter to non-banking companies. You do not have to prove the purpose of the payday loan at all, it belongs to the last century. And even then there were indications that such things should rather be abandoned – because it is a purely private matter.

You can wait for money in just a few minutes, you can almost certainly get your money on the same day you applied for the payday loan. This of course saves a lot of dealing and handling that nobody really likes, does it?


What about giving Fritz Nancy a chance?

sms loan

A proven company you can really bet on. Fritz Nancy offers up to seven thousand crowns for thirty days, the first loan for new clients is completely free. Professional approach, fast handling, but also a great reputation. After all, a satisfied client is a client who returns – long-term cooperation is a priority of this company!

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