Bicycle shops are in dire straits

MARCH (KTIV) – This is a common sight on the trails and roads during the summer. But a shortage of road bikes and mountain bikes could throw a wrench in some of your cycling plans.

“Normally we usually manage an inventory of around 60 to 70 bikes,” said Kevin Richards, owner of Bike Central. “Right now we’re at around 11.”

Siouxland’s bicycle showrooms have had fewer and fewer bikes over the past year and Bike Central, as of March, is no exception. Towards the end of last season it became difficult to order bikes.

“Usually no matter when we order, they have something in stock and we can get it within four to five days,” said Richards. “Then we noticed it was weeks, then months. Now, because there was such an increase in demand, most of the manufactured goods sold out, as did us retailers.”

Richards calls this a “perfect storm”. This high demand, because more people went out during the pandemic, but a low supply.

“So what we’re going through right now is I think there are frames available, but nothing to really put a whole bike together,” Richards said. “You might be able to find a frame, maybe two wheels, but when it comes to your drivetrain, your pedals, your cranks, your shifting systems, those things are very rare. that together, a complete bike is quite difficult to find. “

An event that could feel this impact: RAGBRAI. Thousands of cyclists ride on the road on bikes in short supply.

“It will definitely affect the participation of some people, I think,” said Richards. “But again, if they have a bike, we can fix it and make it a good quality ride for them.”

Richards said that while the low inventory is a little disconcerting, they only take it one day at a time.

“The pity is that we don’t know when they will arrive, although we have them on order and as soon as they are available we will,” said Richards.

Richards said he remains open-minded and patient when looking for a new bike. He said you might have to make some sacrifices when it comes to price or color. But he expects to see full showrooms at all dealerships by next spring. This year, RAGRAI will start in March.

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