Gainesville is classified as a Silver Level Cycling Town

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – The League of American Bikers recertified Gainesville as a silver-level cycling town on Saturday.

A total of 486 communities across the country are known to be suitable for cyclists.

Matt Gunter has been biking in Gainesville for the past five years and says the trails and bike lanes make the city safer than others, but drivers worry him the most.

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“I mean driving in Gainesville is safer than saying driving in Tampa or Bradenton for example. More driver awareness is absolutely necessary, ”said Gunter. “There are a lot of people when they want to confront each other. What they usually have to say is to get off the road and I get the impression that despite our best efforts, cyclists don’t seem to understand that cyclists have a right to the road.

Jacob Beadle rides his bike in his spare time and for work, and said the speed bumps on the University of Florida campus made him feel a lot safer.

“They’ve actually helped me a lot to reduce the speed limit, to keep up with the traffic because I have made trips where I can drive from here to Jimmy Johns all the way to Main and come back to college just right. because speed bumps allow it. me to keep up with the traffic, ”Beadle said. “It’s not the safest thing to be here, especially with drivers who are on their phones.”

Fewer than 40 communities have a higher rating than Gainesville.

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