Here’s why the Specialized Go is one of the best road bikes

Driving cars is fun; riding a motorbike is exciting. However, biking is on another level. Unlike cars and motorcycles, bikes depend on leg power, so there are no options for turbo boost or any other form of boost outside of your own endurance.

When choosing a road bike, you will be spoiled for choice. That said, if you know what you want and have a fixed or flexible budget, you can get your money’s worth with the right knowledge. Road bikes have a distinct look; the most obvious is two wheels; the handlebars of road bikes are descent bars.

Depending on your need for a road bike, there are a few things you should have in mind. These factors influence the build and type of road bike you want. If you are buying a bike for the sole purpose of playing sports, such as running, then lightweight bikes are what you should be looking for. Otherwise, you can go for whatever appeals to you.

A good road bike will have you riding in a hunched position, with your head and shoulders lowered and close to the handlebars. This is because this position reduces drag and makes you go faster. You should also look at the labels; road bikes are labeled as endurance or sports.

To give you an overview of what to look out for before buying a road bike, we’re going to take a look at perhaps the best road bike on the market today, the Specialized Go. Without further ado, here’s why the Specialized Go is one of the best road bikes.

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The framework of the specialist Allez

4-Via Carousell

Via Carousell

In 2007, Allez received an updated new look. This next-gen bike featured lowered seat stays and smaller tubes. This saw the Allez look like the specialized tarmac. This new design was achieved using the Retül bike fit database, the same database used by its competitors. The frame used to make this bike is the E5 Premium aluminum alloy tube.

The frame of the Specialized Go differs depending on the finish and material used. This means that we cannot label the Specialized Go as being made entirely of aluminum. You can get different trims made from other materials including carbon fiber.

The standard trim has a thin-walled aluminum frame which reduces its weight. This is combined with the full carbon FACT fork.

This bike was designed to give it a better and more chic look. This was made possible by the way everything is placed. For example, the rear brake cable runs inside the tube. This ensures that nothing is lying around in its place.

The frame is available in different colors. These include bright red, satin black, and dusty lilac. These paint jobs go hand in hand with the graphics added to the bike. These graphics change from yellow to white.

Comfort and performance

1-Via Route cc

Via the road cc

Built with quality materials and design, the Specialized Go ensures that you, as a rider, are comfortable while riding. For a sporty and endurance build, the Allez is properly balanced and aligned. Its sportiness does not compromise the comfort that the bike has to offer.

The slim construction ensures that there is no additional drag, even at high speeds. The Allez is designed to make shifting power up or down flawless, interference-free during commuting.

This bike is bigger in the front than in the back. This allows your body to align properly without straining your back and shoulders when riding. The gears also make it easier to climb.

The Specialized Go comes equipped with an eight-speed Shimano Claris groupset paired with 54/30 cranksets that come with an 11-32 cassette. This bike is also equipped with Tektro caliper brakes which are mounted on the Axis Sport wheels. 26mm Road Sport tires come standard with this bike.

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How much does Specialized Allez cost?

3-Via Go Junior Specialized

Via Go Junior Specialized

If you’re looking to get your hands on an all-new Go Specialty, you’re considering a price range of between $ 500 and $ 800. This range covers all finishes, from standard to premium sport and endurance finishes.

Compared to other bikes in its category, the Specialized Go is mid-range if you look at it from a price point of view. Go ‘Used Specialized can cost you between $ 200 and $ 600 depending on the condition of the bike.


2-Via Specialized go red and white

Via Specialized go red and white

If you’re not yet convinced the Specialize Go is the best bike of its time, here are some numbers to help you close the deal. The Allez has a seat angle of 73.25 degrees, a head angle of 73.5 degrees, the base of this bike is 420mm, the seat tube is 530mm, and the top tube and tube steering are 564 mm and 180 mm respectively.

Other important figures are the fork offset which is 47mm, the trail 52mm, drop and crank height are 76mm and 264mm respectively, the wheelbase is 999mm, the battery is 596 mm and the reach is 385 mm.

The Specialized Go has always been credited with having one of the best frames, incredible tubeless ready wheels and proper endurance geometry.

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