Take a look at the soon to be unveiled Zero FXE

Unveiled on July 13, Zero Motorcycles posted a teaser on their social media pages of the new FXE, showing off the bike’s silhouette, and not much else.

In summary, it looks like the FX series will have a new sibling that will sport road tires like the FXS, which will bring it closer to a supermoto-style electric bike. It also looks like the FXE will be donning a new flagship. You can even tell it looks a bit more user-friendly compared to the rather crude flagship styling of the FX and FXS, two bug-eyed bikes.

Other than that, it looks like the rear fender has been cut a bit, and there appears to be a long fender extension at the rear. In comparison, the FXS looks more like an all-terrain motorcycle turned supermoto than an all-in-one road bike. Looks like Zero removed the raised front fender as well. It is possible that there is a fender on a front fender, but of course the teaser doesn’t give us a good idea.

It’s a little hard to make out, but if you turn your brightness up to maximum, you might see a splash of red in the rear quarter of the bike. Other than that, the bike looks like it could sport white or gray paint. Underneath it all are the road tires. That being said, the “E” in FXE might not stand for “enduro,” unless Zero intentionally does so to mislead us all.

On the Zero Motorcycle website, the FXE is listed in the “new” category, while the FXS falls under the “street” and the FX is classified as a dual sport. The rankings may not yet be finalized, or Zero may be withholding this information until the bike officially makes its debut.

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