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School vacations are upon us and for many, our well-prepared plans to fearlessly explore off the island and / or catch up with a distant family have been scuttled. Borders reopened, closed again, and the uncertainty of being able to return to Tassie without home schooling for two weeks has seen many of us delay our overseas travel. And now? Two weeks dealing with disappointed kids while we lament about where we’d rather be doesn’t sound particularly appealing. Fortunately, I have solutions. Let me be your Tasmanian travel agent, with vacation ideas to suit all budgets and time periods. To help us, the tourism industry has conspired to create fascinating winter experiences for visitors to our state. These experiences are showcased through Tourism Tasmania’s Off Season marketing campaign. The good news is that they are all available to Tasmanians as well. So how will this help you plan a family vacation or a sneaky weekend for yourself? Let me explain. Family day trips to Launceston offering off-season experiences are plentiful. Encounters with the fauna of the Tamar Valley; Tours of the Tasmanian Zoo, the world of seahorses and the home of the platypus and low-headed penguins. Check one item from the to-do list … Hot air balloon rides or helicopter rides. Adventure awaits at Hollybank: Treetop and ATV Adventures, Penny Royal Adventures and Tamar River Cruise. There are plenty more available. Have one, two or more experiments, cook lunch somewhere nice and enjoy watching your kids play without a tablet screen interface. Take a long weekend, you deserve it, and kids are optional. There are some fantastic longer stays in northern Tasmania and beyond. Let me pack a few ideas for you. Yes it has been wet lately and there is no doubt that we will see a little more rain during the holidays. It only makes our many waterfalls even more amazing when you find them. Design your own “treasure map” of the waterfalls, book your accommodation in the Meander Valley and go hunting. It has to be one of the best times to bring yourself and the kids on a mountain bike. The trails are in excellent condition and Derby in particular has many trails for beginners and intermediates just begging to be explored. No bike? No worries, the best rental bikes can be found locally. It’s truffle season, need I say more? Pair a truffle hunt with lunch and your favorite Pinot Noir on or near the farm. Tasmanian black truffles are sought after around the world, and as with so many other Tasmanian products; wine, whiskey, cider, cheese, salmon, you can taste it at its source. If you were aiming for a ski vacation, be aware that the weather for next weekend has a bit of white expected in Ben Lomond. Take out the slide and gloves and book accommodation there. When was the last time you stayed in the Midlands and explored our convict stories? Settle into one of our historic villages and learn how modern Tasmania became the convict reassignment process. Better yet, travel back in time with Kooparoona Niara Tours to learn how Tasmanian Aborigines lived and cared for this land, and how they still do. If your initial plans involved something longer, I can recommend that you replace this 5-7 day continental vacation with a Tassie alternative. Yes, the temperature may differ, but the wild coastal landscapes are breathtaking, the history fascinating and the wilderness truly breathtaking. So many comparisons, but I think the east coast has better wines, and oysters, and cheese, and scenery … There are also good listings of accommodation on the east coast. It’s definitely worth swapping out your companion’s cabin for something a little more chic. It’s all about snow, log fires, warming food, and invigorating walks through the wintry landscape. And those encounters with wildlife in the bush that children of all ages remember all their lives. NOTE: Weather forecast Replace the opera house with a tour of MONA, a harbor cruise with a shuttle to Mount Wellington, easily comparable restaurant meals and of course a show at the Theater Royal. Across our tourism industry, border uncertainty has unfortunately resulted in cancellations, which means short-term bookings shouldn’t put you off. Remember, where you can book directly, check in with the Check-In Tas app and if you are looking for local secrets call the nearest tourist information center. Off-season offers and exclusive experiences can be found here: www.discovertasmania.com.au/off-season



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