Scott has a new bike for gravel junkies

Do gravel bikes need better aero? Scott certainly thinks so (Photo: Scott Sports)

  • The gravel trend does not fade
  • This category of cycling, between road bikes and mountain bikes, is where a lot of money produced is invested.
  • Scott has now embarked on down-bar off-road driving, with his new Addict Gravel

Swiss cycling brand Scott is best known for its mountain bikes, but the Swiss cycling brand has finally recognized the potential of gravel riding.

As more and more riders demand bikes that can explore gravel road networks, without requiring suspension or adding a lot of weight, the gravel bike has prevailed.

Slower than a traditional road bike, but lighter and faster than a mountain bike, the gravel bike is your ideal kit choice, for those great Karoo protrudes. Or several days bike packing trips.

gravel bike

The new Addict Gravel is longer, creating a more stable platform (Photo: Scott Sports)

A bike for gravel crushers

Scott’s response to this new market demand has been the redesigned Addict Gravel. The company had previously marketed its cyclocross bike, as a dual-purpose gravel bike, but this new Addict Gravel features a more aerodynamic frame, with specific gravel bike features.

Scott’s engineers were tasked with creating a gravel bike that would be stable if you chose to descend the Swartberg Pass, with frame bags mounted on the frame.

Longer frames provide safer steering dynamics at higher speeds. This is especially important when riding at high speeds on an uneven gravel surface and the new Addict Gravel has a longer reach and wheelbase than its predecessor.

It’s light too. Very. Especially for a frame with the ability to ride off-road and carry extra bike packing bags for the night. The frame weight is just 930g and a lightweight construction, using the best SRAM components and DT Swiss wheels, is just 8.12kg.

Scott Sports

Where are the cables? This view shows how well Scott wore and hid the shift and brake cables (Photo: Scott Sports)

Big tires and aero slicker

You may not think that aerodynamics make the difference for gravel road riding, but anyone who has cycled in a bitter Karoo headwind will know this better.

Scott has created a stylish integrated handlebar and stem for the new Addict Gravel. It intelligently stores all brake cables inside the handlebars, not only providing a sleek look, but also improving aerodynamics.

For gravel bikes to perform at their best, you need to ride with really big tires. Much bigger than anything on a road bike. With wide fork blades and rear wishbone spacing, the Addict Gravel can accommodate tires up to 45mm wide.

These larger tires can smooth out ripples on the Karoo dirt roads and improve traction, reduce fatigue and keep riders safe on those long gravel pass descents.

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