Cyclocross riders claim medals at 2021 U.S. National Mountain Cycling Championships

Cyclocross racers claim medals in Winter Park, Colorado

Last week was the 2021 United States National Mountain Bike Championship. Runners of all categories showed up to take up the challenge.

Of course, some top cyclocrossers have traded in their skinny crampons for rubber and bigger suspensions to bring gear home.

Here are some of the best cyclocross racers who have reached the podium in Winter Park, Colorado.

Erin Huck, first place XC Pro Women

Former US Open of Cyclocross Pro Women gold medalist Erin Huck has won another gold in XC Pro Women and claims the stats and stripes jersey.

Stephan Davoust, second place XC Pro Men

After securing fourth place at the 2019 Men’s Single Speed ​​Cyclocross National Championships, Stephan Davoust rose through the ranks to secure second place for XC Pro Men at the National Mountain Bike Championships.

Margell Abel, third place XC Master Women 50-54

Third place winner of the 2012 UCI Masters Women’s Cyclocross World Championship 40-44, Margell Abel finished third in the XC Masters Women 50-54.

Jim Hoffmeister, second place XC Master Men 75-79

2016 U.S. National Cylocross Cycling Championships bronze medalist in the men’s 70-74, Jim Hoffmeister, won silver in the Men’s XC Masters 75-79.

George Smith, third place XC Master Men 65-69

2019 Masters Men 65-69 National Cyclocross Championships winner George Smith competed for the XC Master Men 65-69 and took home the bronze medal.

Victor Sheldon, first XC Master Men 55-59 & Emilio Cervantes, Third XC Master Men 55-59

Victor Sheldon, 2016 US National Cyclocross Cycling Championships champion in the men’s 50-54, traveled to Colorado to win gold for the XC Master Men 55-59. Emilio Cervantes, champion of the 2018 Masters 55-59 National Cyclocross Championships, managed to get bronze and was able to stand on the podium with Victor Sheldon.

Rebecca Gross, First Place XC Cat 1/2 Women 40-44

2012 UCI Masters Cyclocross World Champion Women 30-34 Masters Champion, Rebecca Gross took first place in the XC Cat 1/2 Women 40-44.

Travis Brown, second place XC Cat 1/2 Men 50-54

Living legend Travis Brown, 2007 Singlespeed National Cyclocross Championships silver medalist, won another XC Cat 1/2 Men 50-54 silver medal.

Kira Mullins, first place STXC JR Women 11-14

Champion of the National Junior Cyclocross Championships Women 11-12, Kira Mullins took another jersey with her first time in the STXC JR Women 11-14.

George Frazier, third place STXC JR Men 11-14

George Frazier, gold medalist at the 2018 Men’s 11-12 National Junior Cyclocross Championships, won bronze for the STXC JR Men’s 11-14.

Alexandria Beard, first place XC JR W 11-12

Bronze medalist of the 2019 National Junior Women’s Cyclocross Championships 11-12 2019, Alexandria Beard improved her game and finished first in XC JR W 11-12.

Vida Lopez De San Roman, second place STXC JR Women 15-16

2019 Women’s 13-14 National Junior Cyclocross Championships champion Vida Lopez De San Roman took second place for the STXC Women 15-16.

You can view the full race results here!

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