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Which bicycle trailer is the best?

A bicycle basket is a useful accessory, but its capacity is limited. Handlebar mounted models can make the bike unstable even with modest loads. The answer to a greater load capacity is a good bicycle trailer.

Our report examines your options and the important features you will need to think about. We also made some recommendations at the end. Our favorite, the Burley Flatbed Utility Bike Loading Trailer, is an open design that offers great versatility and is lightweight, so it won’t slow you down.

Considerations When Choosing A Bicycle Trailer

There are all kinds of bicycle trailers. Those for young children and pets are popular, and if you’re into touring, there are specialized single-wheel models that are lightweight and compact for long-distance cycling. What we’re looking at here are specifically cargo bike trailers which are great for shopping or hauling gear for work or weekend adventures.

To ensure stability, we opted for two-wheeled models. They’re bigger and heavier than touring bike trailers, but you can carry a lot more. Budget models will have steel frames that are strong and durable (if you keep an eye out for rust spots). Aluminum alloy frames are only half the weight and will not rust, but cost much more. You will want to check the maximum load capacity, which can range from 40 to 100 pounds.

Keep in mind that bicycle cargo trailers do not have a suspension as such, and rely only on air-filled tires to absorb bumps. That being the case, bigger tires will generally give a smoother ride.

While most bike trailers are designed flat, often with a large canvas bag on top, there are more upright models that look like devils. Some of them have optional luggage designed to accommodate them, so they can be very versatile. If you are moving tall or long objects, this is worth considering, as they don’t extend that far behind your bike. The whole rig is shorter.

If you choose one with a closed basket and lid – which is useful for protecting and concealing what you are carrying – you might want to check out how easy it would be to remove and if the underlying frame could be. used on its own. With a lot, it’s a very open structure, and without the canvas backdrop, there’s little support. If you choose an open-frame design or one that only has sides, you can carry longer or larger items, but you will need straps or a cargo net to secure things. These are normally not included.

Another consideration is how your bike trailer attaches to the bike. Vertical “saddle” types usually attach to the seat post. Flat types attach primarily to the rear wheel axle. Many come with a “universal” fitting, but while they fit the majority of bikes, it would be a stretch to say everything – so you’ll want to check. A variety of affordable adapters are available, so this is rarely a problem.

All good bike trailers will fold up almost flat for easier transport and storage. The wheels are usually quick-release parts to make this as easy as possible.

Bicycle Freight Trailer Price

The cheapest bike trailers we’ve seen cost less than $ 100, but load capacities are modest and long-term durability can be a concern. There’s a lot to choose from between $ 120 and $ 200 for general-purpose cargo trailers, although you can pay up to $ 400 for the lighter models.

Bike trailer faqs

Q. Are there any regulations regarding bicycle trailers?

A. Not with regard to the trailers themselves, but you have to be careful with the load. It is likely that you will have problems if you are overloaded, the load is unstable, if it is too wide, or if you obstruct the road.

Q. Do bicycle trailers have tail lights?

A. No. They have reflectors, but no lights, which you will need if you are towing after dark. the Ascher LED tail lights are very popular, USB rechargeable and under $ 20 for two.

We recommend bicycle trailers

Best of the best

Burley Flatbed Utility Bike Loading Trailer

Our opinion : High quality lightweight loading platform provides good flexibility.

What we like: 100 pound weight capacity. The all-weather aluminum frame will not rust. Stable and well balanced. Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.

What we don’t like: Does not include the cover, straps or straps, which are essential to secure the load.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

The best bang for your buck

Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Bike Trailer

Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Bike Trailer

Our opinion : The Top brand offers a sturdy stand that offers unbeatable value for money.

What we like: Load capacity of 100 pounds. The solid steel frame is resin coated for rust prevention. Nice big tire cushion run. Folds flat for storage.

What we don’t like: A small number arrived damaged. The owners criticize the support.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

To check

Aosom Elite Bicycle Cargo Wagon

Aosom Elite Bicycle Cargo Wagon

Our opinion : The durable steel frame model offers good capacity at competitive price.

What we like: Rated for a load of 88 pounds. Durable Oxford canvas basket with removable top. Quick release wheels make folding easy. Easy attachment to most bicycles.

What we don’t like: Occasional problems with the wheel / axle connection. Some frame rattles.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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