Tannus International Announces Tire Insertion Technology Patent

Press release: Tannus International

Tannus International announces its exclusive worldwide patent on Armor, a tire insert available in tubeless and tube versions. Designed to protect your inner tube against punctures and pinches; increase bike performance and reduce rim impacts.

Drawing on 35 years of experience, Tannus International has spent years developing a product that improves the ride of e-bikes, mountain bikes and gravel bikes. Using Aither, a globally patented blend of polymers that are both shock absorbing and lightweight, Tannus Armor inserts aim to provide a smooth, stress-free ride at a lower price than the competition.

Tannus Armor wraps the tube with 15mm puncture protection. Additional features include increased side support, vibration damping, and run-flat capability. Just as important as the aforementioned features, Tannus Armor is easy to install and weighs just 150g per insert. Tannus Armor is available in 5 different sizes: 700C (622), 27.5 “, 29”, 26 “and 20”
Tannus Armor Tubeless offers 20mm rim protection and vibration damping. This insert has been designed to offer the aggressive rider a progressive riding platform. Tannus Armor is available in 3 different sizes: 29 “, 27.5” and the new 700cc gravel version.
Originally founded in South Korea in 2003 by chemical engineer Youngki Lee, Tannus today has more than 70 employees whose main focus is R&D, production and distribution in Asia. Following the success and evolution of the Aither compound, Tannus International was established as a joint venture between Youngki Lee and Jazz Walia with its London based office. Jazz Walia, CEO and Co-Founder of Tannus International, has over 20 years of experience in the bicycle industry and has been managing Tannus international distribution operations since 2013, with Armor being in high demand. Tannus International now distributes to OEMs, retailers and cyclists in more than 20 countries around the world.

Armor’s worldwide patent includes Insert technology which wraps around the sidewall of the rim. This unique technology protects the tubes from the bottom of the tire to the sidewall of the rim. In recognition of the company’s work to create, secure and commercialize its intellectual property over the years, the South Korean government awarded Tannus the “Outstanding IP-R & D Institution Award” in 2019, making them the “national champions” of the national cycling industry.

Tannus, his legal advisers and supporters at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) have analyzed more than 60,000 tire-related patents that have been filed and granted since 2016. Make sure the company has the full view of the existing tire patent landscape to strengthen its position as the authority on puncture-free riding, especially in the e-bike and mountain bike markets, making it a matter of time before the Armor patent is established globally.

To learn more about Tannus and its products, please visit us at www.Tannus.com

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