Fayetteville Parks Sign Supports Outdoor Alcohol Consumption For Cyclocross Events

FAYETTEVILLE – The resident-led Parks and Recreation Advisory Council wholeheartedly endorsed allowing Centennial Park to become a site for outdoor drinking at two upcoming cyclocross events.

The park will host two events for the international cyclocross organization known as the Union Cycliste Internationale. A World Cup will take place on October 13 and the World Championships will take place from January 28 to 30.

Cyclocross is akin to mountain biking, involving short courses with obstacles, hills, steps and rough terrain prompting cyclists to get off their bikes to cycle certain parts. Much of the appeal lies in the viewer.

Designating the northern portion of Centennial Park as an outdoor special event refreshment area will allow visitors to drink alcohol sold by vendors who have picnic permits from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division of the State, said Devin Howland, director of economic vitality for the city. Vendors could only sell alcohol in their state-approved areas, but the city’s designation would allow consumers to drink freely in a larger area of ​​the park and attend races, he said. he declares.

The town has two outdoor refreshments. The first covers almost the entire city center. The second is located at the Evelyn Hills Mall and allows Mockingbird Kitchen to let patrons have a drink on an outdoor patio.

The outdoor refreshment zone is the name of the state sanctioned limits where public consumption of alcohol is permitted.

The one proposed for Centennial Park will only come into effect during events, particularly the two cyclocross events, Howland said.

“Timing is crucial. What we have learned through these outdoor refreshment areas is that we are always learning something,” he said. “Doing this for the October event will allow us to better prepare for the world championships in January.

On August 17, city council will consider making Centennial Park an event refreshment area. From there, details such as the types of tumblers that can be used, containers, signs and rules will be worked out between the event organizers, Mayor Lioneld Jordan’s office and the Fayetteville Police Department.

Howland stressed that approval of the proposal will not open the door to free consumption of alcohol in the park.

“You cannot have open consumption outside of approved special events,” he said. “You cannot bring alcohol into the park.”

Keith Tencleve, vice chairman of the board, said he felt comfortable with the move given the number of successful downtown events that allowed drinking outdoors. Roots Avenue Headquarters has hosted 18 outdoor concerts with licensed alcohol consumption over the past year. The pride festival was held in person this year with attendees taking part in the outdoor refreshment area.

Board members present at Monday’s meeting all expressed support for the measure.

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