E-bikes eliminate sweat from cycling, but they have a serious weight problem

Pure Electric (best known for its electric scooters, including our current top-rated model, the Pure Air Pro) has released its first electric bike, the Pure Flux One. It’s one of the lightest and cheapest available today, weighing 17.5kg including battery, and costing £ 999 (around $ 1,400 / AU $ 1,900).

It’s an incredibly low price (in our tests we were rarely blown away by an e-bike below the £ 1,000 mark), but it’s the weight that makes the Pure Flux particularly appealing.

Electric bikes are notoriously heavy – in large part because of the weight of their high capacity batteries – and that’s a real problem.

Many bicycle facilities are designed with the premise that you will be able to lift your bicycle with relative ease. The storage of bicycles in trains and buses, for example, is intended for the last part of their journey on two wheels, but often takes the form of hooks mounted six feet in the air.

For anyone with limited upper body strength or mobility – exactly the type of people who will benefit the most from an e-bike – this will be extremely difficult with a heavy bike.

Pure Flux One

The Pure Flux One is light enough to be easily carried over the shoulders, even with the bottle-shaped battery connected (Image credit: Pure Electric)

Folding e-bikes may seem like a good solution because they are small and easy to store, but they are often even heavier than their large counterparts due to the need for a very solid construction with strong joints. They are also surprisingly difficult to transport, as their geometry means you can’t shoulder them like a diamond frame bike when unfolded.

Lightening the load

Fortunately, things are starting to change and there is a growing line of everyday electric bikes that are as easy to transport as they are to ride.

The Ribble Hybrid Al e, for example, is a hybrid bike that weighs just 13.1kg, although it’s double the price of the new Pure model, starting at £ 1,999 (around $ 2,500, 3,600 AU $). The Amplifier Curt is also super light at 13.5kg – 14.3kg, and for runners who want to think outside the box, the Ribble CGR AL e weighs just 13.8kg.

Another important factor is how the weight is distributed. The Cowboy 4, which currently ranks number one in our guide to the best electric bikes, is a bit heavier than the Ampler, Ribble and Pure models at 18.9-19.2 kg, but is much more difficult to transport due to of its battery under construction. in the seat tube. This makes the rear of the bike much heavier than the front.

Standing man holding a Pure Flux One electric bicycle

The Pure Flux One’s battery is mounted on the down tube, which means the bike is well balanced for transport (Image credit: Pure Electric)

Ribble and Pure both opted for power packs on the down tube (the Ribble is integrated and the one in Pure is removable) which gives a much better center of gravity and means the Ribble is much easier to carry on. your shoulder.

Hopefully the design and weight of e-bikes will continue to improve over the next few years with improvements in battery technology, opening up roads and bike paths to even more people.

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