The best inexpensive exercise bike

Affordable exercise bikes

Finding the time to hit the gym can be a challenge, which is why buying a cheap exercise bike can be a wise investment. With an exercise bike tucked away in the corner of your house, the potential for cardio strength can get you up and moving. You’ll meet your fitness goals while saving money and taking the stress out of gym trips and monthly expenses.

What to know before buying a cheap exercise bike

With so many types of inexpensive exercise bikes on the market, you’ll want to study so you can choose the style that works best for you.

Rotary exercise bikes are often referred to as indoor cycling bikes. This style of bike gives you a road-like riding experience with a lower handlebar design. This allows you to squat forward and get up from the seat for a more intense cardio workout. The flywheel is weighted, providing a bike-like “on-the-road” feel.

What is a recumbent exercise bike?

Recumbent exercise bikes have a reclined position and backrests. It offers a more comfortable workout for those looking for longer sessions or who have lower back issues. With your upper body supported, your legs can carry the load.

What is an upright exercise bike?

Upright exercise bikes are the most standard of all indoor exercise bikes. Users are seated in an upright position and resistance is created using electromagnetic induction or magnets. This makes pedaling slightly different from other styles. Basic upright exercise bikes tend to be the most affordable.

Features of the inexpensive exercise bike

You will find that even the most basic models come with a heart rate monitor. As you pedal, keep an eye on your heart rate as it is a valuable clue to your level of exertion. As with any exercise, be sure to get permission from your doctor before you begin.

Seats are adjustable on exercise bikes and fit most adult sizes. The recommended height range is 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 3 inches. If you are excessively tall or short, note that using a stationary bike may extend or underextend your knees, causing unwanted strain.

Maximum weight limits apply to most workout equipment, and exercise bikes are no exception. Be sure to check the details of a stationary bike, as it should be rated based on your weight. Weight limits generally vary between 220 and 300 pounds. Some recumbent models offer higher maximum weight limits.

Recumbent and upright exercise bikes tend to fall into the lower price brackets. Recumbent bikes can range from $ 130 to $ 250, while upright exercise bikes can cost as little as $ 70 to $ 120 for the most basic models.

Can I use my heart rate monitor while using my exercise bike?

A. If tracking your heart rate during your workout is a priority, but the exercise bike you bought has a lower quality monitor, you can use your own heart rate monitor. The only downside is that you won’t be able to view it on the bike’s LCD screen.

If I’m recovering from an injury, which inexpensive exercise bike is best?

A. First of all, you should always consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine again. That said, recumbent bikes tend to force riders to use fewer muscle groups, are the softest exercise bikes, and provide a higher level of comfort.

Which inexpensive exercise bike should i buy?

The best of the best inexpensive exercise bike

YOSUDA ​​Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike: available at Amazon

Our opinion : This versatile exercise bike pedals quietly and offers a tablet holder for users to watch videos while working out.

What we like: Thanks to its belt (as opposed to a traditional chain design), the YOSUDA ​​is a great choice for those looking to keep things quiet. It has a non-slip handlebar and a padded seat for added comfort.

What we don’t like: Although it has a display, it is only shown in metric measurements.

Cheap exercise bike for the best value for money

Marcy recumbent exercise bike: available on Amazon

Our opinion : With a clear design and straightforward instructions, this is an ideal option for those who want to get started and embark on the path to better health.

What we like: It displays easy-to-read information on the screen, including speed, distance, time, and calories burned. The pedals offer straps to prevent your feet from slipping.

What we don’t like: Although it offers seat adjustments, it can be difficult to maneuver.

Honorable mention inexpensive exercise bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling exercise bike: available at Amazon

Our opinion : This model features an adjustable handlebar, padded seat, and LCD monitor to track workout productivity.

What we like: This inexpensive option provides the necessities for a solid stationary bike experience. It has an LCD screen that displays your speed, distance traveled and calories burned, as well as a water bottle holder.

What we don’t like: Inaccuracies have been reported regarding numbers of calories burned and longevity issues.

Honorable mention inexpensive exercise bike

XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike: available at Amazon

Our opinion : The Quiet XTERRA exercise bike features a heart rate monitor on the handlebars and an easy-to-use console that keeps you up to date with your workout progress.

What we like: The model has an easy folding function and is convenient to carry. It has a heart monitor, LCD screen and oversized seat cushion.

What we don’t like: Assembly can be difficult. Lacks an option to enter your stats for a more accurate total calories burned.

Honorable mention inexpensive exercise bike

Lightbulb 2 in 1 Slim Cycle stationary bike: available at Amazon

Our opinion : This 2 in 1 exercise bike model maximizes your workout with a feature that enables upper body strength training as you pedal.

What we like: You can sculpt a lean upper body as you pedal with BulbHead’s built-in weight bands. Its unique design allows you to use the bike in a supine position or in a stationary upright position.

What we don’t like: Tall people may not find this the most comfortable option. Some may find that the recumbent back pad option lacks the support they need.

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