Podcast: Terra One and the new vintage bicycle tire

We sat down with Terrance Malone to talk about vintage mountain bikes, the Terra One, and how he came to design a new tire for your old bike. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Terrance knows a thing or two about the bicycle business, product design, and custom tire development. In his spare time he is also actively involved in the vintage mountain bike community here in Switzerland, not only as a collector himself, but also through Fascination Ferraroli, a blog dedicated to the legendary Swiss brand. Naturally, our conversation touches on Terrance’s many experiences in the world of mountain biking, his professional background, the eureka moment for Terra One, tire designs, durability and transparency, family, hiding places, his collection, but also his own conduct here. in Switzerland, both on vintage mountain bikes and on more modern mountain bikes. Terrance also had a little surprise in store for us by reversing the roles and closing the show with questions inspired by the Uncommon Deeds podcast.

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