A car crashed into a Toronto bike shop and it must be a metaphor for something

Collisions between cars and bikes are all too common, but this latest accident is a bit too much. On Thursday, a car slammed into the window of Sweet Pete’s bike shop, a popular Toronto store.

Alex Maher tweeted a photo of the car, a black Volvo SUV, which had been run over by the driver in the storefront just after 5 p.m. Thursday.

“Toronto drivers crash into buildings on a semi-regular basis, but it’s a bit on the nose to crash right into a bike shop,” he commented.

Toronto paramedics said two people suffered minor injuries from the collision, but luckily no one was seriously injured. If there had been people in front or just inside the store, it would have been much worse.

It is not known how the motorist would have hit the bicycle shop, because there is even a “buffer”: a cycle path between the road and the sidewalk.

Although many Canadian cities continue to expand their cycling infrastructure, collisions between drivers and cyclists are on the rise. Sweet Pete’s shop was flabbergasted at how the collision happened, tweeting about it. “All of our staff are fine and it appears no one was hurt. I’ve always wondered how a driver hits a building? Now I can ask someone who has.

The store’s Twitter account also shed light on something that happens to cyclists who are hit by motorists: victim humiliation. Often when a vulnerable user is injured in a collision with a motorist, some people ask if the driver had a high visibility vest, bells or a helmet. “Of course, we sell reflective safety vests, but we won’t cover the store with them.”