A new bike shop is coming to Leechburg

Market Street in Leechburg continues to grow as a new store has made its way along the street.

Allegheny Township resident Tim Carson opened his new bike shop, Spokes, in February.

Customers can browse a range of bikes, ranging from trail, mountain, women’s, kids’, and electric bikes. Bike repairs and accessories are available. Service is available for all bikes except those that run on gas.

Bicycle donations are accepted.

“It’s been a goal of my life,” Carson said. “I have always loved bicycles.”

A grand opening is scheduled for April 30.

Opening a bike shop was natural for Carson, who grew up to be an avid cyclist. He has been competing in mountain biking for 40 years.

The freedom of cycling is what drew him to this hobby.

“No one can stop you, and that’s all you do,” he said. “I think without bikes I wouldn’t be here.”

Before finding a storefront, Carson ran a mobile bike shop from his sprinter van, selling and delivering bikes to people for eight years. The mobile store temporarily shut down as the pandemic began.

To continue selling bikes, Carson considered opening a store near his home, but the logistics behind that proved too cumbersome.

Instead, an opportunity opened up when Twisted Thistle’s event space became available. Jamie McCluske, Carson’s wife, said her mother, owner of Twisted Thistle, asked them to take over the space to open the bike shop.

Carson jumped at the chance in March last year to kick off renovations, bringing Spokes to life. He chose this name because he worked on bicycle wheels and the spokes are the main connection on the bicycle.

It’s been an overwhelming time since the shop opened for Carson, who said it’s been busy with many customers coming in to buy bikes or have their bikes repaired. Five to 20 people come a day, he said.

He is working on hiring a few more employees to help ease some of his responsibilities. Despite the busy days, it is worth it for him.

“I feel great. I’m super excited about everything,” he said.

McCluske is happy to see her husband living his dream. She said the community has received the store with open arms.

“The best part is every time you tell someone about the store, they get excited. Everyone gets pumped,” she said.

Carson intends to expand the store.

He is slowly working on renovating the courtyard to make it a stage for live music and for people to sit and drink. Group rides, a drink bar and bike parking rack are also on its radar.

Tanisha Thomas is the editor of Tribune-Review. You can contact Tanisha by email at [email protected] or via Twitter .