Accell Bike Parts launches the online platform Bike @ Home – Business

Accell Bike Parts today launched its online platform Bike @ Home in the UK.

Bike @ Home is a knowledge platform with blogs, DIY videos and direct links to over 200 bicycle dealers across the country, as well as an online store with a wide range of bicycle parts and accessories .

The platform aims to meet growing consumer demand for online solutions around cycling and cycling. It is based on the belief that online cycling knowledge combined with local expertise is “the key to an unparalleled and unique customer experience”.

Working with brands of components and accessories, Bike @ Home offers its visitors precise and high quality content and advice throughout the site, whether a consumer needs maintenance advice, a assistance in choosing the right accessory or that he searches for a local recommended store for the maintenance of his bike. .

Pippa Wibberley, Managing Director of Accell Bike Parts, said: “Through a strong collaboration between the Bike @ Home team and colleagues at Accell Bike Parts, we are doing everything to ensure that consumers provide them with a fantastic cycling experience.

“This platform fits perfectly with our strategy to provide our European consumers with the same service information, bike parts and accessories offline and online. It delivers a smooth customer experience on any device or location that a customer wants to purchase in the best possible way.

“We are looking forward to deploying Bike @ Home in other European countries in the near future. “

Following the launch of the platform in the UK, Accell plans to introduce Bike @ Home to the German market later this year. Deployment in other European countries is expected to follow in 2022.

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