Angry Brexiteers contacts Dutch bike parts website which has stopped shipping to UK; Nail trap found on a popular ATV trail; Beryl Burton graffiti mural; Cycling can improve your chances of employment by 12%; The professional cycling baby boom + more on the live blog

Over the weekend, we reported that cycling advocate David Hembrow’s website, Dutch bike bits, now shipping to all countries in the world except UK. Yesterday it was included in a BBC story of companies that stopped shipping to the UK due to a Brexit tax that went into effect on January 1. made the switch until after Brexit his website was inundated with messages from Brexiteers …

One of them wrote: ‘I see you have removed UK from your list of countries you supply to. asses during the war and as soon as it gets a little hard for you, you turn around and run. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Another said it would be “your [the Netherlands] Then turn to get out of the corrupt clutches of the EU! “While someone else simply wrote,” Stick your bike bits. “

The changes made on January 1 mean that VAT is now calculated at the point of sale rather than at the point of import. Dutch Bike Bits stated on its website: “To provide this service, [HMRC] intend to charge a fee to all companies in the world in all countries in the world that export to the UK. Obviously this is ridiculous for one country, but imagine if every country in the world had the same idea.

“If each country decides to behave the same, then we will have to pay 195 fees each year, monitor the evolution of tax laws for 195 different countries, maintain accounts on behalf of 195 different countries and submit payments to 195 country. offices in 195 different countries, and jump through all the hoops necessary to prove that we were doing it all honestly and without any mistakes. “