Bike shop sees sales surge amid soaring gas prices and pandemic

BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) – As gas prices rise across the country and throughout ArkLaTex, some are considering different modes of transportation to save money. For Craton Cochran, owner of Bikes Etc., that means more business for him.

bikes etc. has been part of the Cochran family for over three decades. He tells KSLA that even before gas prices started to skyrocket, bike sales were on the rise. He attributes the first impetus in business to the pandemic, when life was quarantined and many were looking for something to do.

Cochran says sales have increased 25-30% over the past few years. But with the price at the pump only rising, he expects bike sales to move in the same direction.

However, Cochran is also facing supply chain issues, like many businesses across the country, as lockdowns have been lifted and life has returned to normal. He says he struggles to access parts and equipment that historically have never been difficult for him to obtain. It also drives up the price of the bikes.

Indeed, according to a report by Marletbikes cost 15-25% more, with high demand.

Still, Cochran thinks switching from getting behind the wheel to jumping in the saddle is a cost-effective option with no end in sight for high gas prices.

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