Cyclocross bikes – Tac Bikes Fri, 11 Jun 2021 11:50:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cyclocross bikes – Tac Bikes 32 32 Future Growth of Cyclocross Bikes Market by New Business Developments, Innovations and Top Companies – Forecast to 2026 Fri, 11 Jun 2021 09:34:00 +0000

The report studies the global cyclocross bikes market and focuses on major manufacturers, market segment by country divided by product types (with sales, revenue, price, market share of each type), divided by applications. , this report focuses on Cyclocross Bikes sales, market share and growth rate in each application.

The Cyclocross Bikes market research report systematically presents all the important factors that positively and negatively influence the growth of this vertical, to guide stakeholders in making informed decisions. It also includes statistics relating to past and present business scenarios to validate the forecast figures present in the document. In addition, the document exposes the different segments of the industry and uncovers the opportunities that will guarantee strong profits for years to come.

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According to industry analysts, the Cyclocross Bikes market is expected to generate considerable returns during 2021-2026, registering a XX% CAGR throughout.

Moving forward, the business intelligence report assesses the COVID-19 footprint in detail in this area, highlighting the challenges facing businesses such as supply and demand flows, digitization of operations and management. costs. In this context, he recommends solutions that will ensure profitability in the years to come.

Important Cyclocross Bikes Market report pointers:

  • Implications of COVID-19 on industry compensation.
  • Estimates regarding the growth rate of the market and submarkets.
  • Predominant trends in the industry.
  • Business expansion opportunities.
  • Positive and negative points of the indirect and direct sales channel.
  • The best suppliers, traders and resellers.

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Cyclocross Bikes Market Segments Covered In The Report:

Regional bifurcation: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa

  • Review of the business landscape of each regional market at country level.
  • Global turnover for each geographic area.
  • Market share held by the main regional contributors.
  • Estimates of the growth rate of each regional market over the evaluation period.

Types of products:

  • Aluminum road bike
  • Carbon fiber road bike
  • Other
  • The turnover, sales and market share of each product segment.
  • Price model for each product segment.

Application spectrum:

  • Daily use
  • Professional game
  • Overall revenue and sales accumulated by each application segment.
  • Product pricing based on the spectrum of applications.

Competitive dashboard:

  • Hero cycles
  • IT cycles
  • Atlas
  • Avon Cycles
  • Giant bikes
  • GT bikes
  • Scott Sports
  • Haro
  • Micargi
  • Giant bikes
  • The razor
  • Subrosa
  • cube
  • Merida
  • hiking
  • Cannondale
  • Products and services offered by leading companies.
  • Manufacturing facilities of major companies in the areas served.
  • Records of summative revenues, sales, pricing models, gross margins and market shares of the companies mentioned.
  • SWOT analysis of listed companies.
  • New emerging competitors in the industry.
  • Breakdown of popular business strategies, along with a conclusive overview of rate to market and market concentration rate.

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Bicycle companies and events benefiting from Gravel Craze Wed, 09 Jun 2021 16:53:56 +0000

A new category is fueling the world of cycling, and it has nothing to do with increased participation in the pandemic. This is the category of gravel riding, or cross, a mix between mountain biking and road riding that takes place on long winding dirt roads.

The reason behind the boom is that cyclists can ride without fear of the traffic that often accompanies driving on the road.

“We see driving on gravel as a natural evolution from driving on the road,” said Andrew Hammond, Global Brand Manager for Pearl Izumi. “On the one hand, you have adventures off the beaten track with fewer cars and on the other, an event scene that reaches a wide range of personal goals and motivations of the participants.”

According to data from The NPD Group, year-over-year cyclocross / gravel bike sales increased 96% through March 2021, with the category accounting for 35% of the overall road bike category, just behind high-performance road bikes.

“Gravel designs have been a rapidly growing class of the road bike category,” said Dirk Sorenson, executive director of NPD. “Consumers buy more utility models of bikes instead of bikes designed for more specific needs. Cyclists can imagine gravel biking on trails, fire roads, and paved roads. The utility is very convincing for the cyclist looking for an all-round option.

In a Retail Channel study recently conducted by Cycling Industry News, 21% of bike shops surveyed said they plan to carry more gravel bikes to the store to meet the increased interest. “You know something is here to stay when Shimano dedicates a groupset to it,” said Paul Errington of, referring to Shimano’s recently launched gravel-specific GRX groupset.

The appeal of the category also brings consumers to the same retail stores. “The gravel category is booming everywhere,” said Jon Cariveau, marketing director of Moots, a Colorado-based gravel bike maker. “It is one of the fastest growing segments of the industry. Gravel bikes appeal to cyclists who come from the road and mountain bike side. It’s an excellent compromise to avoid traffic and go on an adventure, whatever the distance.

Which made Moots’ inventory stand out on its own. “Our growth in the category has been strong and steady over the past five years,” Cariveau continued, adding that Moots is nimble enough to respond to trends like the gravel category ahead of the big brands. He added that gravel sales currently represent about 50 percent of all its sales.

Like Moots, Italian bicycle maker Pinarello has also experienced robust growth in the category, internationally and nationally, and has added SKUs accordingly. “Over the past few years, we have experienced exponential growth in the gravel segment,” said Kim Rogers, senior director of marketing at Pinarello USA. “We have made significant investments to get our existing and new customers to embrace the gravel scene. As there are no signs of slowing down this segment for the foreseeable future, we will continue to innovate in the segment.

All of this has also led to an increase in sales of accessories.

Pearl Izumi’s Hammond said the brand has made significant changes to its product line to deal with the clothing boom to accommodate gravel runners. “We don’t see the trend slowing down and we have adapted by ensuring that our product line can cross goods between traditional disciplines so that runners can choose to tackle a gravel race in the tight equipment suit,” cowardly and relaxed they feel most comfortable, ”he said.

Add to that the general boom in cycling associated with the pandemic, and it has doubled its growth, spawning the rise of other product categories, ranging from apps to websites.

Gravel bike events are also seeing a boom in participation, including the 200 mile Dirty Kanza held in Emporia, KS; Garmin Unbound Gravel, founded in 2006 when grinding gravel was starting to spark interest in the endurance cycling community; the SBTGRVL, an event entering its second year in Steamboat Springs, CO, with runners competing for over $ 28,000; and the Roubaix Hell of the High Rockies, a pro-am race featuring 21 categories on 36, 53 and 70 mile gravel courses.

“Gravel riding is very conducive to races and other group rides, with a great community of cyclists making everyone feel welcome,” said Owen Gue of The Cycling House. “The gravel sections are great, the scenery is beautiful, and the community of runners, volunteers, business owners and residents make participants feel welcome and a part of something special.”

SBTGRVL co-organizer and former professional racing driver Amy Charity, whose event sold out on day one, adds, “I think this new market segment is going to exist for a while. It’s such a natural addition to the road biking scene.

Event planner Life Time echoes this, fueling his push for events like Garmin Unbound Gravel, which he produces, “Gravel has been booming around the world, but especially in North America, since its birth. across the Midwest to Front Range, Pacific Northwest, and even the South, “said Michelle Duffy, director of marketing.” The roads are safer than paved roads, the traffic is minimal and it takes you to places you you would never have seen it otherwise, on less intimidating terrain, and its culture is rooted around community ties.

Photos courtesy of Garmin Unbound Gravel, SBTGRVL

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Specialized’s latest XC gear promises light weight and high-speed performance Tue, 08 Jun 2021 16:00:46 +0000

Specialized has released what it claims to be its lightest off-road shoe of all time, the Exos, along with a host of revamped XC MTB tires, all aimed at riders for whom speed is key. the performance.

Cross-country really seems to be the most popular ticket in town right now, and with the World Cup season kicking off sparkling, the off-road world with lean tires and shaved legs is enjoying their time under the snow. the limelight.

Specialized also has a long history in the XC, with the Epic HT, the Epic full-sus and the Epic EVO all being some of the most sought after bikes on the scene.

Specialized S-Works Exos shoe details

In profile, the Exos is Specialized’s latest, largest (and lightest) XC shoe to date.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

The S-Works Exos MTB shoe is considered the lightest all-terrain shoe the brand has ever produced, and on our scale it weighs 516g per pair, which is about 100g less than the S-Works Recon.

We will start with the fairly classic sole. It’s carbon fiber, as you would expect, with a series of non-replaceable lugs. At the front of the shoe is a pair of removable crampons – something cross country and cyclocross runners will appreciate in more muddy racing conditions.

The middle of the shoe has a fairly long stud channel, allowing the studs to fit far enough into the shoe, with markers to help with alignment.

Specialty toe nails

A FACT carbon sole maintains high stiffness and pedaling efficiency.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

As seen on the Recon and Specialized road shoes, the sole has a stiffness index of 13, which is as stiff as Specialized shoes – with the aim of transmitting as much power as possible to the pedals, via a rubber sole. FACT carbon.

The sockliner features the brand’s Body Geometry profile concept, which adds arch support and helps tilt the foot to maintain optimal knee and hip alignment. Although we are not physiologists, previous experience with Specialized shoes suggests that they should be comfortable.

Towards the front is a toe box which provides protection against impact from rocks and stumps.

Exos Specialized Body Geometry

Specialized’s Body Geometry fit is loved by our testers.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

It’s the rod that’s the most interesting, however.

It uses its Dyneema material, which is a super thin, super light and super soft material. This helps reduce that weight, and its flexibility should help keep the shoe in good contact with the foot – improving comfort, in theory.

It has an almost wrinkled feel and, while thin, doesn’t feel flimsy or stretchy. However, it does provide additional protection along the lower edges of the foot.

Specialized Exos heel

The thin material means the heel tab is a practical addition, not seen on the Recon shoe.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

The design means there is no traditional heel pad, but Specialized claims that vertically it has the right properties to grip the heel when you pull on the pedals, while also having the flexibility to ensure a hold of the heel. heel to height.

Therefore, when I first tried on my pair, I had to use the tongue on the back of the heel to prevent the shoe from collapsing under my foot.

Specialized Exos Toe

A slightly smoother toe area differs from the crisper material around the rest of the foot.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

There is a sleeve over the toe area that the foot also seems to slide easily.

The shoe is secured with a single Boa Li2 dial, which has a fairly fine level of adjustment, and a pull-up to release. This allows the tongue to be pulled up and out of the way relatively easily, to remove the shoe.

BOA Exos specialized

The latest Boa dial offers plenty of precision settings.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

The shoes will be available in sizes from 38 to 49 and will cost (a frankly rather staggering price) £ 400 / € 499.90.

Additional international prices will be added when we receive it.

Specialized XC Tire Line

Specialty XC tires

Specialized’s updated XC tire lineup.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

It’s not just the shoes that get you going fast, but the tires too.

Specialized’s XC rubber line has been renewed with modified tread patterns and updated casings and compounds. All three tires – Renegade, Fast Trak and Ground Control – are meant to cover everything from dry hard snow to rain and mud.

After its larger tires, the rubber is now coded with a “T” number: T5 and T7.

Specialized grid T7

The carcass and compound are detailed on the sidewall of the tire.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

T5 rubber is designed to roll quickly and wear a bit slower, with a little extra tear protection, so there will be less grip on hard surfaces.

The T7 rubber is designed for what Specialized calls “Alpine XC” conditions, with a more cushioned feel that should increase grip and control, as well as absorb trail vibrations a bit more.

S-Works tires benefit from a T5 / T7 blend, for a faster center tread and a more controlled, smoother shoulder tread.

The treads are called “Block in Block”, with sipes and, in places, a construction from two different rubbers. The outer rubber structures are designed to support the inner rubber blocks for a more planted and stable feel.

Three enclosures are also available. The S-Works is the lightest offering, with less puncture protection but a smoother feel, which in theory should help the tire roll faster with less weight improving acceleration slightly.

All three tires come with an S-Works option and all receive the combined T5 / T7 compound rubber.

Specialized renegade

The Specialized Renegade is its fastest rolling XC rubber.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

Next is the Control box, which adds a bit of weight but also some puncture protection to the mix.

This will likely be the most popular version for your everyday XC rider who wants extra durability and may want to reduce the risk of punctures.

The Renegade and Fast Trak get both a T5 version and a T7 version with the Control box, while the Ground Control only comes with T5 rubber.

Specialized Fast Trak

The Fast Trak is a versatile mountain bike.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

The strongest is the Grid case, which has added side protection. Specialized says it is ideal for riders on its Epic EVO downhill bike.

There are Grid carcass versions of all three tires, with the Renegade coming with T5 rubber and Fast Trak and Ground Control with T7 rubber.

Specialty tire menu

A complete overview of the Specialized tire line and their options.

Renegade Specialty Tire Details

The Renegade is the fastest rolling tire, with a low profile and a fairly close tread. The S-Works (29 × 2.35 inches) weighs 583g on our scale, while the Control T5 weighs 652g.

Fast Trak Specialty Tire Details

The Fast Trak has a slightly deeper tread, with a bit more space between the blocks, as well as a more pronounced shoulder. Our Fast Trak Control T5 weighs 677g (29 × 2.35in), while the S-Works version weighs 611g.

Specialized Ground Control tire details

The Ground Control is designed as a front tire for wet XC conditions, but in our experience it also performs well as a general trail bike tire, especially in the rear.

The tread is pronounced, with a design that promotes grip in softer conditions and the Grid T7 we used weighs 858g in its 29 × 2.35 inch form.

Specialized ground control

Ground Control covers the line between the XC and the trail.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

Specialty tire pricing

Specialized is one of the most economical tire brands.

Control Renegade, Fast Trak and Ground Control carcass tires are priced at £ 40 in the UK, while S-Works and Grid carcass tires are £ 45. We are currently awaiting international prices.

First impressions of Specialized Ground Control Grid T7 and Fast Trak Control T5

I had the chance to briefly ride some of the new tires on a Specialized Epic. I ran a Ground Control in the front and a Fast Trak in the back on varied terrain, with some rather long efforts.

In an XC context, I’m a fan of both tires. Ground Control is confident up front, with decent bulk on wider rims, which means a lot of grip and confidence.

The Grid case offers a good mix of stability and compliance, so you can really push it around corners with confidence, while still being flexible enough to handle high-frequency chatter well.

The tread has enough grunt to handle smoother conditions and while there isn’t a hint of mud, on an XC bike I think the trade-off between grip and rolling speed is just.

It’s not the fastest rolling XC tire on the market, especially in the softer T7 compound, so I would be wary of using it on the back of a real XC racing bike because I think it would lose some snap from the ride of the bike.

And in dry conditions I probably wouldn’t up front either – I think the Fast Trak has enough bite in the dry to be a safe racing option. However, for wet and downcountry XC exploits, I would love to throw Ground Control up front.

Another tire I have had a lot of experience with is the Fast Trak. It drives fast, thanks to its carefully chamfered tread, and seems to have a reasonable bite in dry to slightly soft conditions.

In an XC racing situation I would run it up front if it got wet, but provided that in the soft maybe I should be a little more careful around the corners.

The lack of a pronounced shoulder tread means you have to be a bit more careful. However, in the dry the tire leans happily on its shoulder and sculpts well-rounded turns in most drier conditions.

At the rear, that’s more than enough for Ground Control at the front. It takes turns well, doesn’t drag too badly, and manages to bite enough into the dirt to provide decent traction in all but sloppy conditions.

On wet rocks I’m not convinced the T5 compound has quite the same grip as similar spec Maxxis tires, but I haven’t tried S-Works tires in these conditions yet.

With their lighter casing, I avoided using the S-Works rubber in my testing, as I was on more marathon feats where I was happy to carry the extra weight for the peace of mind of the puncture resistance.

We will bring full reviews in due course.

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CyclingTips Digest: Gravel suspension forks, Silca’s phallic computer mount, a bike weighing less than 4 kilograms and more Mon, 07 Jun 2021 07:08:10 +0000

June 7, 2021

through Sarah moore

What’s going on in the world of curly bars? Cycling Tips Digest presents articles from our sister site, Cycling tips. In each installment, you might find endurance blanket, power-to-weight ratios, gravel bike tech, and of course, lycra.



It was to be the most difficult stage of this year’s Giro d’Italia. Over 5,500 meters of positive elevation over 212 km, with four monster climbs and the climax of the race. While Stage 16 was ultimately shortened due to bad weather, we still had an epic day of racing.

Passo Fedaia and Passo Pordoi were eliminated from the course, but Passo Giau still brought a lot of drama. Not that we got to see it on television. With helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft unable to fly, host broadcasters relied on 4G coverage to broadcast footage of the race to the world.

(Read more.)



Silca’s all new 3D printed titanium computer stand seems to have started the world of online biking. Some hate the way it looks, others think it should be lighter, many want accessories underneath, and then there’s the price. Ah the price!

And while it may seem like Silca is trying to pull an S-Works and bill whatever dentists are willing to pay, the reality is that the manufacturing method chosen directly results in an astronomical price tag. This is an extremely expensive technology with high cost raw materials. Bastion, the titanium 3D printing veteran of cycling, produced similar mounts three years ago but never brought them to the market because the price would be offensive.

(Read more.)



In this week’s Nerd Alert episode, tech editor Dave Rome chats with amazing Australian custom builder Mark Hester of Prova Cycles.

Hester adopted MTB-style geometry on gravel bikes early on, incorporating things like long front centers and shorter stems when most other brands – especially consumer labels – still used dimensions primarily. borrowed from road racing machines. Yet, as with anything else biking, if a little of something is good, surely a lot more makes it even better, doesn’t it? Hester has some interesting thoughts on the idea, and you won’t want to fail to hear where he thinks things are going from here.

(Read more.)



Welcome to the fourth and final gallery covering the best bikes from the 2021 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia. And what a spectacle it was!

This latest gallery takes a look at the bikes of a few manufacturers and brands that are perhaps less well known globally, but certainly no less interesting and / or qualified. Here we look at new designs from Gellie Cycles, Geisler Cycles, Bossi Bicycles, Egress, Curve Cycling and a little Irish creation from FiftyOne. Make sure to check out all past and present HBSA coverage through the link.

(Read more.)



The Handmade Bicycle Show Australia is not just a gathering place for the country’s small builders. The show has become a showcase for a number of local suppliers of components and accessories.

Among the likes of SRAM, Enve, Rapha, Schwalbe, DT Swiss, Syntace, Ale, Ortlieb, Abbey Bike Tools and many more were a handful of locally made and designed offerings.

(Read more.)



Colorado-based suspension brand MRP isn’t as big or well-known as Fox, but its Baxter gravel bike suspension fork follows a similar path. Originally released in 2017 as a shortened mountain bike suspension fork – much like the Fox 32 Step-Cast AX – the Baxter has been relaunched as a second generation model that is not only lighter and sleeker, but also More compatible with modern drop bar components, while also providing better tire clearance.

The new chassis still features a conventional telescoping arrangement with 32mm diameter aluminum uprights on top and cast magnesium lower legs. But as the next AX seems to do, the new Baxter sports a slightly narrower stance and a more gracefully tapered shape on the lows for a more appealing aesthetic. The claimed weight with an uncut steerer has dropped from 1590g to 1420g, which is more reasonable, despite the steer tube length being reduced from 250mm to 300mm.

(Read more.)



Remember the gravel suspension fork that Fox introduced in 2017? Officially it was called the 32 Step-Cast Adventure Cross (or 32 AX for short), and with up to 40mm of travel it was considered the next big thing in gravel riding. But in reality, it was little more than a scaled-down version of a cross-country mountain bike suspension fork that was bluntly obsolete with the increased Boost hub spacing. While it certainly gained a few dedicated followers, its average performance just wasn’t enough for most people to make up for the substantial increase in weight and cost over a good stiff carbon fork and tires. soft at high volume.

(Read more.)



Ratio Technology – the company that created a way to turn your SRAM 11-speed mechanical shifter into a SRAM Eagle 12-speed shifter – has launched two more closely related products.

First, Ratio developed its own spool of shift cable that can be used as a spare, which now also opens up the conversion of SRAM 10-speed mechanical road shifters (in addition to the previous 11 speeds) for use with the Ratio 12-speed. gear kits.

(Read more.)



Can’t say I saw this one coming. The American manufacturer of carbon frames, Allied Cycle Works, entered the chain lubricants game with a wax-based drip product. And best of all, the lubricant is marketed as a lubricant ideally suited for driving on gravel and racing. The golden age of gravel bikes and chain lube has arrived. What a time to live.

Named Grax (short for “gravel wax”), drip chain lubricant was designed and tested by Dr. Samuel Beckford, postdoctoral fellow at the University of Arkansas Nanomechanics and Tribology Laboratory. Meanwhile, Allied Cycle Works rider Colin Strickland was the actual tester of the product and its development iterations. And like many of today’s new chain lubricants, Grax comes with a number of lofty claims.

(Read more.)



As professional bikes focus more and more on disc brakes and aerodynamic integration, in large part thanks to the UCI minimum weight limit remaining at 6.8 kg, the little ones among us can be forgiven for feeling a bit marginalized or forgotten in the world of modern bicycle technology. Good news though: for some, weight is still the number one metric, and one of those bands is Berk Composites.

Berk Composites is a Slovenian company specializing in anything lightweight including frames, saddles, seatposts and even shoes. Berk has now combined their light weight expertise and brought in a few companies of similar weight to create a superb under 4kg bike that is practical enough for everyday use.

(Read more.)



DT Swiss hubs have an enviable reputation for reliability thanks to the superb design and engineering of the brand’s star ratchet freewheel mechanism. But now that the patent has expired and several other hub companies have adopted the system for themselves, the Swiss brand had no choice but to move on to something better. According to DT Swiss, the new Ratchet EXP system is not only lighter, but also improves bearing durability and is easier to maintain.

Sounds good, right? DT Swiss was obviously relying on the fact that its new Ratchet EXP system was just as reliable as the old design. Except that’s not the case, at least intermittently, anyway. Numerous consumer reports have surfaced online describing how their new Ratchet EXP rear hubs have started to coast back and forth, which needless to say is no good.

(Read more.)



Who doesn’t like #newtoolday? Obviously, the folks at Pedro’s Bike Care are big fans as they’ve continuously released new tools since the start of the year. And as is often the case with yellow tools, most come at mid-market prices, accessible to both amateur and professional mechanics.

Below are some of the more notable new releases. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the recently revised Pedro’s Vise Whip II as well.

(Read more.)

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The Cyclocross Legend Made His Mark on the Booming Sport »Albuquerque Journal Sun, 06 Jun 2021 05:02:00 +0000

Copyright © 2021 Albuquerque Journal

Like cyclocross trophies, Laurence Malone collected nicknames.

At the start of his career he was known as “the technician” and later, “the king of the cross”. In Europe, thanks to his rabbit-jumping exploits which allowed him to overcome obstacles that others had to dismount to pass, he was called “Der Springer” or “The American Kangaroo”.

And in the 1990s, he got the nickname “The Grandfather of the Cross”.

A man with many nicknames, Laurence Malone will be remembered as a cyclocross legend. (Courtesy of Shaheen Rassoul)

From 1975 to 1979, Malone dominated the burgeoning sport of cyclocross, winning five consecutive US National Championships. It’s a feat that stands alone and remains a goal for today’s runners.

………………………………………….. ……………. …………..

Perhaps best described as mountain biking on a handful of steroids, cyclocross pits riders against the elements in the most devious and careless way.

And Malone, a resident of Santa Fe since 1987 who then moved to Chimayo in 2003, was able to negotiate those elements with a practiced ease that has left him unmatched in the annals of cyclocross.

Malone, 68, and a member of the American Cycling Hall of Fame, died on May 17 in a head-on collision with a truck near Lancaster, Calif.

Since he was a youngster, local public defender Shaheen Rassoul knew Malone as a coach, mentor, coach, father figure and sometimes as that endearing but unconventional uncle that every family has and loves.

“Laurence has been a big part of my life. He has become a kind of father figure and accomplice, ”said Rassoul. “Back then, cycling was a bit more eccentric sport than it is today. Previously it was an individual pursuit with long hours alone on a bicycle. New Mexico was a great place for this. All kinds of eccentric guys, mavericks, people who fight their demons and turn to the bike to exorcise them.

You go to the races, sleep on the side of the road, camp, eat dirty food, jump into the races if you didn’t have entrance fees.

That, he said, pretty much sums up Malone’s youth.

“He was known for it on the west coast,” said Rassoul. “He avoided the rules and set the standards. He had a finesse and grace that belied his size. He weighed 6-2, 160-170 pounds, but he had a certain grace and elegance that filled his compatriots.

But to think of Malone as a mere cyclist with a wacky, freakish streak specializing in some obscure form of riding would be doing him a huge disservice.

From 1982 to 1986, he coached the United States national cyclocross team, but also competed as a professional mountain biker. He had stints as a road racer and nearly clinched a coveted place in the Tour de France in 1981.

A prolific writer, Malone has covered all manner of cycling events and provided how-to articles for magazines, displaying a thoughtful style that went to the heart of the matter. He also brought that same prose to other subjects and genres, Rassoul said, putting a deft hand in poetry, history, historical myths and lore, commentary on popular culture.

“Very poignant writings,” he said. “He sees it from an incredible point of view.”

Across Santa Fe, “he was known as a cyclist in town, and he sold foil-wrapped tabuli lentils and burritos which he put in his locker and sold to gallery owners,” Rassoul said.

“He was very affable, chatty,” he added. “He sold burritos and stationary bikes. He was a bit of a bicycle evangelist. He viewed America as backward and stagnant when it came to bicycles.

Malone also enjoyed making unannounced appearances at local races.

“He was known in Santa Fe for going in numberless races, like the Santa Fe Century, and sneaking and meandering, talking to anyone who had the time,” Rassoul said with a chuckle. “He would ride an old steel bicycle, pants rolled up and no helmet. On his way up Heartbreak Hill, he was just chatting.

For a while, he bought and repaired bikes, then took them to Mexico – where Malone’s 8-year-old son lives with his mother – for poor young people to own.

It was just his way of doing things, says Rassoul.

Tim Rutledge, who created the Redline cyclocross line and was a former old guard racer as Malone summarized in an in-depth CycleCross magazine article from August 2012 by Robbie Carver.

“What I love about Laurence is that he’s’ American Cross,” Rutledge said in the magazine. “The American cross is about boys, girls, moms and dads, everyone goes out to have a good time. We are not exclusive, we are inclusive. It is the spirit of the American cross, and Laurence is its father.

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Weekly women’s cycling: issue 28 Fri, 04 Jun 2021 16:52:33 +0000

Hello! Welcome to issue 28 of Women’s Cycling Weekly 🚴‍♀️

When it rains, it pours! From new contracts to race news, to a busy UCI post-meeting press release yesterday, it’s been a pretty busy week.

In addition, we finally have news from the Giro Rosa, and it looks promising. I won’t be holding my breath just yet, but the ‘under new management’ sign is in place and the renovation looks pretty cool through the window so far.

Elsewhere, the Olympic selections follow one another and live women’s races resume this weekend during the very first Women’s Tour de Suisse. There is a lot to do, so let’s go …

  • As mentioned, the new organizers of the Giro Rosa (now Giro d’Italia Donne), PMG / Starlight, made a presentation yesterday to outline their plans for the race and outline the stages. They then released a full media kit with a provisional start list (!!) and details of each stage. The promise of live coverage has been reiterated, with more details expected to arrive in the coming weeks. For now, you can see a preview here.
  • Buried in all this news from the Giro d’Italia Donne was the revelation that Annemiek van Vleuten is “undecided” on whether to race in Italy or not. She had previously named running as a goal this season, but said Cycling news that she now seeks to concentrate on preparing for the Olympic Games.
  • In other calendar / race news: as part of a large press release following a meeting of the Management Committee, the UCI set the schedule for 2022 who understood the news that Ride in London will now become a three day event, Ceratizit challenge by La Vueltagoes from three to four stages, the 6 days Battle of the North is on, and the Tour de France Women is official at eight days starting just after the Men’s Tour. Much to look forward to!
  • It was a meeting in its own right since the UCI also announced that it would give sanctioning powers to its ethics commission (without having to wait for a decision of the disciplinary commission at the the case of Marc Bracke) to combat abuse in sport. This follows a series of recommendations made by The Cyclists Alliance.
  • Last of the Busy Bees in Aigle: The 2022 team selection process for WWT races will include the 15 WWT teams (there should be 15 next year) that will be automatically entered, as will the top two continental teams. An approach which, according to the UCI, “will stimulate the development of women’s teams”.
  • Brand Lucinda has re-signed with his two road teams, Trek-Segafredo and cyclocross team, Baloise Trek Lions, for another two years.
  • In other contractual news, Monkfish Kopecky signed a three-year contract with SD Worx until 2024.
  • This week Drops-The Col s / b Tempur officially confirmed that their rider Joss lowden will attempt an hour-long record in Grenchen, Switzerland, in September, after unofficially breaking the record in training in February.
  • The transcontinental race ultra-endurance has even been postponed again due to the Covid-19, the race will now be postponed to 2022.
  • Marlen Reusser was selected to represent Switzerland on the road at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The 29-year-old finished second at the ITT World Championships last year and will therefore be one to watch next month.
  • Liv racing announced this week that the team will separate from the ex-pro and the performance manager Lars Boom with immediate effect after Boom signed a contract with a different, unnamed team for 2022.
  • Barbados National Champion Amber Joseph will be a guest for L39ION in Los Angeles. She will make her Armed Forces Cycling Classic debut in Virginia this weekend.
  • Two for two in the Stakes Stripping Dictatorships of Track Events. After the UEC championships were moved from Minsk last week, the 2021 UCI Track Cycling World Championships – which is to be held from October 13 to 7 – have been transferred from Turkmenistan to Glasgow. Even if this time the reason given was that: “at the request of their organizers, the health constraints and restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic making it impossible to organize the event in the country” – which is strange coming from from the home of a dictator who denies the existence of the Covid.

  • Steps five and six of the Internationale LOTTO Thüringen Ladies Tour were taken by Brand Lucinda and Lorena Wiebes respectively with Brand continuing to retain the general classification ahead of Monkfish Kopecky(0:09) and Emma Norsgaard (0:18).
  • Jolanda Neff took the Swiss National Mountain Bike XCO title sunday before Alessandra keller and Sina Frei. Jacqueline Schneebeliwon the under 23 race while Monique Halter won the junior title.
  • the Austrian mountain bike XCO the title was won by Mona mitterwaller in front of Laura Stigger and Anna spielmann. Claire Sommer won the junior title.

Lots this weekend!

Tomorrow June 5

  • The new two days Tour of Switzerland Women 2.1 starts tomorrow with a hilly 114 km stage. The race will be broadcast live from 1:30 p.m. CET. Show preview here. See the provisional starting list here.
  • Elsewhere, Dwars wears het Hageland 1.2 starts at 10:45 am CET with 122.3 km to go. No live streaming, unfortunately. Provisional start list here.
  • Tomorrow is also XCO Mountain Bike German Championships, as good as Peru and Ecuador ITT Championships.
  • Unbound gravel will also be held tomorrow and will be broadcast live for the first time. More info via the race site.

Sunday 6 June

  • The second and final stage of the Tour of Switzerland Women. A 97 km flat race broadcast live from 11:00 am CET.
  • Westhoek Dwarven Gate 1.1. No live but a provisional start list here.
  • Honduras XCO MTB nationals.
  • Ecuador and Peru national road racing championships.

It’s technically not this week, but I came across the link to this webinar. You may remember the book Revolutions through Hannah ross from a few weeks ago. It’s a fascinating and inspiring tale of some of the most impressive female figures in the cycling world past and present. Now, as part of York Festival of Ideas, you can hear her talk about the book and the aforementioned women in a free live webinar.

I’m so determined to save Free wheel that, to do this week’s podcast, I sat on a bed swinging my microphone to my chest in my friend’s guest room while poor Abby and Loren had to stare at my double chin.

So if that doesn’t get you listening, I don’t know what will (other than the usual high level talks and discussions about women’s cycling …)

He even manages to tie up dogs and bicycles …

If you didn’t know, (why should you?) Singer Ariana Grande recently married and, as a wedding gift, animal charity PETA sent him… a “vegan tandem bike”. The association did not explain what makes a bicycle vegan but they said: “Grande has spoken openly about animal rights since becoming a celebrity, and at the end of last year she launched Orange Twins Rescue, an effort to sterilize, sterilize and find homes for dogs and cats in the Los Angeles area PETA was thrilled to see that while the happy couple’s ceremony only included a few close friends and family, they sure made room for Grande’s own adopted dogs.

Unfortunately, there was no picture of the dogs or the bicycle.

Thanks for reading Women’s Cycling Weekly.

If you like what you see you can support WCW on Ko-Fi. And a big thank you to everyone who has already done so!

Have a good week-end!

Till next time,

Amy x

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Cyclocross Bikes Market Overview and Outlook 2021 – Hero Cycles, TI Cycles, Atlas, Avon Cycles, Giant Bicycles, GT Bikes – The Manomet Current Fri, 04 Jun 2021 07:28:37 +0000

Global Cyclocross Bikes Market 2021 provides detailed research and analysis of Impact of COVID-19 has provided detailed information on growth drivers, restraints, challenges, trends, and opportunities to offer a comprehensive analysis of the global Cyclocross Bike market. Market players can use the analysis of market dynamics to plan effective growth strategies and prepare for future challenges in advance. Each trend in the global Cyclocross Bike market is carefully analyzed and researched by market analysts.

Click on the link for a sample copy of the report:

Best companies in the global cyclocross bike market: Hero Cycles, TI Cycles, Atlas, Avon Cycles, Giant Bicycles, GT Bikes, Scott Sports, Haro, Micargi, Giant Bicycles, Razor, Subrosa, Cube, Merida, Trek, Cannondale, etc.

A cyclocross bike is a bike specially designed for the rigors of a cyclocross race. These are specially designed for traveling both off-road and on-road. Cyclocross has gained popularity among non-racers due to its ability to ride over multiple terrains. It has also helped athletes improve their physical condition. These bikes are generally heavier than a road bike; however, they are lighter than a touring bike. The introduction of innovatively designed cyclocross bikes and their use for riding as touring bikes is expected to increase the popularity of cyclocross bikes among users. Additionally, cyclists have found cyclocross bikes to be efficient due to their light weight and offer the experience of traditional European cyclocross.

Market segmented by Types:

Aluminum road bike

Carbon fiber road bike


Market segmented by Applications:

Daily use

Professional game

Regional analysis:

For a complete understanding of market dynamics, the global Cyclocross Bike market is analyzed into key geographies, namely: United States, China, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and others. Each of these regions is analyzed on the basis of market findings in major countries in these regions for a macro-level understanding of the market.

Important features offered and highlights of the reports:

– Detailed market overview

– The evolution of industry market dynamics

– In-depth market segmentation by type, application etc.

– Historical, current and projected market size in terms of volume and value

– Recent industry trends and developments

– Competitive market landscape

– Strategies of key players and product offerings

– Potential and niche segments / regions showing promising growth

Find the report description and table of contents:

Take a look at some of the important sections of the report:

Market Snapshot: It begins with a product overview and scope of the global Cyclocross Bike market and later gives comparisons of consumption and production growth rates by application and product respectively. In addition, it provides statistics related to market size, income and production.

Market share of production by region: Besides the production share of regional markets analyzed in the report, readers here are informed about their gross margin, price, revenue, and production growth rate.

Company profiles and key figures: Each company profiles the major players operating in the growth of the market taking into consideration the vital factors of the markets served, production locations, price, gross margin, revenue, production, product application. , product specifications, production sites and product introduction.

Analysis of manufacturing costs: Readers receive detailed manufacturing process analysis, industry chain analysis, manufacturing cost structure analysis, and raw material analysis.

Market dynamics: Analysts explore critical influencing factors, market drivers, challenges, risk factors, opportunities, and market trends.

To finish, Cyclocross Bikes Market Report is the credible source for obtaining market research that will exponentially accelerate your business. The report gives the main regional settings, economic situations with item value, advantage, limit, generation, supply, demand and market development rate and figure etc. This report also presents the SWOT review of the new task, the speculation feasibility survey and the business return survey.

We also offer customization on report based on specific customer requirements:

– Free country-level analysis for everything 5 countries of your choice.

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– Release 40 analyst hours to cover any other data point.

About Us:

MarketInsightsReports provides syndicated market research across industry verticals including healthcare, information and communication technology (ICT), technology and media, chemicals, materials, energy, industry heavy, etc. includes statistical forecasting, competitive landscape, detailed segmentation, key trends and strategic recommendations.

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Irfan Tamboli (Sales Manager) – Market Analysis Reports

Telephone: + 1704 266 3234 | + 91-750-707-8687 |

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World Tour cyclocrossers and racers converge in Kansas Thu, 03 Jun 2021 19:46:35 +0000

Formally named the Dirty Kanza, it is now known as Garmin Unbound Gravel and is promoted as the world’s premier gravel event.

The bumpy name change process is now a thing of the past, and bumps and climbs are now reserved for participants waiting to line up at Emporia.

This year is packed with riders from all disciplines of cycling, including round-the-world, mountain biking, cyclocross, triathlon and ultra-distance athletes.

The start line of the 2017 Dirty Kanza 200 gravel race. © Christophe Nichols

Starting this Friday, June 3, they will launch a weekend of several distances ranging from a 25 mile jaunt to the breathtaking XL 350 miles!

You can follow the runners here: Live tracking:

The complete start list of runners is here, but here is a shortlist of some of the well-known and lesser-known or recognized athletes who will be taking the start on Saturday. Of course, we tried to call out some big name mudders when starting out. With the unpredictable nature of long gravel races, we wouldn’t be surprised if the winner came from someone not on our list!

UNBOUND 200 Male:

HAUSWALD, Youri (Petaluma, CA.) Yuri Hauswald was the 20th winner of the DK 200 and was recently given the nickname; the “Gandalf of gravel”. Hauswald raced in all off-road disciplines, including cyclocross and mountain biking, and was instrumental in the growth and popularity of gravel racing. Hauswald turned pro at the age of 36 and is currently focusing on everything serious.

KING, Ted (Richmond, VT.) Ted King retired from professional cycling in 2015 after riding for Cannondale-Garmin only to enter the gravel scene and quickly become one of the sport’s top competitors. King now resides in Vermont with his wife Laura who will also be participating in the Unbound 200 event.

MCELVEEN, Payson (Durango, CO.) Payson McElveen is originally from Texas and now resides in Durango, Co. A five-time National Collegiate Mountain Bike Champion for Fort Lewis College, and two-time national XC champion, he also hosts the popular podcast The Stache adventure speak with a variety of athletes from different disciplines. He has also recorded FKT numerous times. Other notable results include 1st place at the Mongolia Bike Challenge 2016 and 1st place at Raid Tucuman Argentina UCI C3 2018. In 2020, McElveen won the Mid-South 100 mile event by beating Colin Strickland and Pete Stetina. McElveen comes to the event on antibiotics and some unwanted reduction time:

SIMMONS, Quinn (Durango, CO.) Quinn Simmons of Durango, Co was signed by Trek Segafredo at the age of 19 after winning the Jr. World Road and Time Trials Championships in 2019. Simmons would be the best chance at it. an American to win the coveted pavement of Paris Roubaix. Sadly, due to this year’s ‘Hell in the North’ being canceled due to Covid-19, we haven’t seen what could have been. The controversial runner has a lot of kilometers in the legs, including a few kilometers of gravel from Strade Bianche.

STETIN, Pierre (Santa Rosa, Calif.) Peter “Pete” Stetina is another former round-the-world racer turned “gravel cowboy”. After several seasons with Trek Segafredo, Stetina focused on off-road adventure racing where he found his new vocation. Stetina even now has her own event, Stetina’s Paydirt, and has a busy schedule for 2021.

STRICKLAND, Colin (Austin, TX.) Colin Strickland grew up on Texas farmland and actually turned down a world touring contract to focus on his love of gravel and off-road cycling. Go from single-speed lane races to Redhook live review races and then climb the runner seems like an unusual path, but as the defending Unbound champion he has a lot to prove.

TEN DAM, Laurens (Oudorp, NH.) Laurens Ten Dam is another rider in the world who has raced at the highest level of professional cycling, the Tour de France, while finishing 8th overall in the 2012 edition Vuelta of Spain. After a very respectable career with several professional teams including Rabobank, Giant Alpecin and CCC, Ten Dam retired as a professional in 2019 and moved to Northern California where he competed in several local events such as cyclocross racing. Rock Lobster Cup and the Grasshopper. Series, where he placed fourth. Ten Dam was clearly stung by the “gravel bug” and now even has its own event, the Gravel Raid LTD in September in Hellenthal, Germany.

Road pro Laurens ten Dam sampled the local racing scene during the 2016 Rock Lobster Cup © Revue Cyclocross

Road pro Laurens ten Dam sampled the local racing scene during the 2016 Rock Lobster Cup © Revue Cyclocross

WELLS, Jake (Avon, CO.) Former National Single Speed ​​Cyclocross Champion and retired pro, Jake Wells has been a personal trainer and trainer for over 10 years. After several years of competing in several disciplines of cycling including gravel, mountain biking, road and cyclocross, Wells moved away from elite racing and traveled as much as possible to spend more time with his family, however. , he’ll be lining up this weekend. for the unbound 200.

WHITE, Curtis (Delanson, NY.) For cyclocross fans, Curtis White doesn’t need to be introduced. The two times Pan American Under 23 Champion, and 2018 Elite Pan American Champion, White has been a major force in the North American cyclocross scene for quite some time. In 2019, it was a Curtis White versus Kerry Werner battle in almost every race. White raced professionally for four seasons on the road with Optum p / b Kelly Benefits Strategies, Rally Cycling and Jelly Belly, as well as seven seasons with Cannondale p / b Cyclocrossworld.

Gravel 200 unbound, female:

CHARITY, Amy (Steamboat Springs, CO.) Amy is a professional cyclist, trainer, published author and speaker. Her racing record is impressive and includes 1st in the 2013 Colorado State Road Race Championship, 5th in the 2015 Tour de Feminin stage race, 3rd in Rebecca’s Private Idaho 2019, 4th in the 2019 Crusher in the Tushar and 7th in the Dirty Kanza 2019. Look for Charity to have a good ending this weekend.

CROMWELL, Tiffany (Chinnor, OXF.) Tiffany Cromwell is a professional UCI Women’s World Tour cyclist for the Canyon // SRAM Racing team. His racing record is extensive to say the least. However, apart from the competition in Strade Bianche ‘, gravel is a new challenge for the Australian.

DILLON, Olivia (Fairfax, CA.) Originally from Ireland, Dillon worked in the financial world before becoming a racing cyclist and is currently Sales Director at Velocio Cycling Apparel. Dillon won the Lost and Found gravel race in 2018, then migrated east to tackle the Kansas race in 2019. Dillon suffered several punctures in 2019, allowing Amity Rockwell to claim the victory. She will undoubtedly seek to improve this finish.

DVORAK, Andréa (Longmont, CO.) Dvorak, a former professional road racer who finished 2nd at the U.S. National Road Championships and was part of the 2012 Long Olympic Team, now retired Dvorak helps create of the NICA program in Virginia while training to face 200.

FAHRINGER, Rebecca (Bend, OR.) Becca Fahringer is one of the best female cyclocross racers in the United States and is obviously very comfortable when it comes to running on dirt. Fahringer posted some of the best results of any North American rider in international cyclocross competitions, taking a very respectable 8th place in Namur on one of the toughest courses on the World Cup circuit. The Unbound Gravel is a bit longer than the 40-50 minute cyclocross events it tackles in the fall and winter, but “Go Fahr” should have no trouble going the distance in Kansas.

ROCKWELL, Friendship (Oakland, Calif.) Rockwell finished second at the 2018 150 Mile Gravel World Championships and is the reigning Unbound Champion. Rockwell, a former college cross-country racer, returns in 2021 to repeat her solo victory. This year, Rockwell will drive a Pinarello Grevil for the Scuderia and Easton Overland team.

TETRICK, Alison (Petaluma, CA.) A former road racing pro and self-proclaimed “Cowgirl,” Tetrick was the winner in 2017 and second in 2019 behind Rockwell. With a third place in the DK200 2018 and a third in the Belgian Waffle in 2018, Tetrick who seems in great shape, will undoubtedly seek to climb on the top step of the podium.

UNBOUND Gravel XL 350 mi Male:

STAMSTAD, John (Seattle, WA.) John is a legend in the ultra-endurance world. Having participated and won the Iditasport on several occasions, this will be his first attempt on the 350 mi Unbound XL, and according to him his first cycling event in 20 years.

VIKERY, Sam (Durango, CO.) Sam is out of Durango, CO, rides mountain biking, cyclocross and singlespeed for the Segment 28 team, in addition to being a coach for the Durango Devo program. This will be his first attempt on the 350 mi Unbound XL.

KERKOVE, Jeff (Buena Vista, CO.) Jeff is originally from Buena Vista, Colorado, and is an athlete and team manager for Topeak-Ergon team.

UNBOUND Gravel XL 350 mi Female:

CARELOCK, Ashley (Dolores, CO.) Ashley is originally from southwest Colorado and has competed in long distance cycling events since 2015. This will be her first attempt at the UNBOUND Gravel XL 350 mile event.

NAUMAN, Amandine (Lake Forest, CA.) Amanda “Panda” Nauman is a former winner of the 2015 200 mi event. This will be his first attempt at the UNBOUND Gravel XL 350 mile event.

WILCOX, Lael (Anchorage, AK.) Wilcox just might be the “queen” of ultra-endurance cycling. Known for racing events such as the 4,400-mile Trans-Am Bike Race and the 2,750-mile Divide Tour, Wilcox has decided to participate in the second edition of the DKXL as a “practice tour”!

Unbound gravel 100

Mountain bike legend David Weins, six-time winner of the Leadville 100 and 2000 Inducted into the Hall of Fame, Weins will compete in the Unbound 100 with his son Cooper in the Unbound 100.

Three-time national cyclocross champion Stephen Hyde, who intends to compete in more gravel events this year, will also be on the starting line of the Garmin Unbound 100.

All the runners are ready for a hot weekend and some lively races:


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Cyclocross Bikes Market Size, Key Company Profiles, Types, Applications and Forecast to 2027 – Renewable Energy Zone Wed, 02 Jun 2021 14:41:42 +0000

Credible Markets added a new key research report covering Cyclocross Bikes Market. The study aims to provide global investors with a revolutionary decision-making tool covering key fundamentals of the Cyclocross Bikes market. The research report will include the global total market revenue with historical analysis, key figures including total revenue, total sales, key products, instrumental drivers and challenges. The data for the report is derived from extensive primary and secondary information sources with a detailed and reliable overview of the Cyclocross Bikes market. The research report draws on global governing bodies as the primary data sources, with independent analysis of forecasts and objective estimates of growth.

the Cyclocross Bikes Research Report will also study the market shares of the main players in their overall capacity as transformers on a global scale. This qualitative and quantitative analysis will include key product offerings, key differentiators, revenue share, market size, market condition, and strategies. The report will also cover key global agreements, collaborations and partnerships soon to change market dynamics on a global scale.

Sample request with complete table of contents and figures and graphics @

Market segmentation

The Cyclocross Bikes market is segmented by Type and by Application. For the period 2016-2026, the growth among the segments provides accurate sales calculations and forecasts by type and by application in terms of volume and value. This analysis can help you grow your business by targeting qualified niche markets.

Market segment by type, covers

Aluminum road bike

Carbon fiber road bike


The market segment by application can be divided into

Daily use

Professional game

Main key players in this report

Hero cycles

IT cycles


Avon Cycles

Giant bikes

GT bikes

Scott Sports



Giant bikes







Cyclocross Bikes Market: Regional Analysis Includes:

Asia Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Australia)
Europe (Turkey, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.)
North America (United States, Mexico and Canada.)
South America (Brazil etc …)
The Middle East and Africa (GCC countries and Egypt.)

Direct purchase this market research report now @;utm_source=Akshay&utm_medium=SatPR

Some points of the TOC

1 Market overview

2 company profiles

3 Competition in the market, by players

4 Market Size Segment by Type

5 Market Size Segment by Application

6 North America by Country, Type and Application

7 Europe by Country, Type and Application

8 Asia-Pacific by Region, Type and Application

9 South America by Country, Type and Application

10 Middle East & Africa by Country, Type and Application

11 Research findings and conclusion

12 Appendix

Do you have a specific question or requirement? Ask our industry expert @

The report includes the competitor landscape:

➊ Main growth trends and projections by region and country
➋ Key winning strategies followed by competitors
➌ Who are the main competitors in this industry?
➍ What will be the potential of this industry during the expected duration of the mandate?
What are the factors driving the demand for cyclocross bikes?
➏ What are the opportunities that will contribute to a significant proliferation of market growth?
What regional and national regulations will hamper or increase the demand for cyclocross bikes?
➑ What has been the impact of covid-19 on market growth?
➒ Has the disruption of the supply chain caused changes throughout the value chain?

The report also covers, the business scenario, Porter’s analysis, PESTLE Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, Company Market Share, Segment Analysis.

Contact us:

Credible market analysis

99 Wall Street 2124 New York, NY 10005

E-mail: [email protected]

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Unbound Gravel Bounces With Starfields And Grassland Pain – Preview Wed, 02 Jun 2021 12:59:20 +0000

The Kansas Flint Hills take center stage Saturday and Sunday for Garmin Unbound Gravel presented by Craft Sportswear. The renamed DK race was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and regrouped for its 15th edition in 2021 with six race distances, including the signature Unbound Gravel 200.

Pioneering the wave of gravel events in North America, Unbound Gravel is aimed at off-road endurance fanatics, starting with just 34 riders in 2006. Emporia has 2,626 registered participants this year, the majority having marked an entry through a lottery. process and seeking to achieve the finish for a custom lanyard and window sticker. They will also seek the bragging rights to join the “Race the Sun Club” (to be completed before sunset), or the “Breakfast Club” (which end between 12:01 am and 3:00 am on Sunday, the official deadline).

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