Folding bikes – Tac Bikes Sat, 12 Jun 2021 01:19:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Folding bikes – Tac Bikes 32 32 Rize Bikes crisscross the streets, trails and mountains with a range of 15 person e-bikes Fri, 11 Jun 2021 16:37:07 +0000

Rize Bikes of Canada is a newcomer to the e-bike market, just over a year old, and with the 2020 model limited to the latest models available, the company has launched its 2021 e-bike line – which appears to include a model for just about any need.

Rize has divided its 2021 lineup into six categories, which cover everything from city rides to retro moped-style trail and roller adventurers to folding commuters, with prices ranging from US $ 1,399 to just over three thousand.

The Bolt X can be folded up for transport between trips, but at 70 lbs, it’s not lightweight

Rize Bikes

Itemizing the 15 models on offer can be a bit too much, so we’ve picked a few that caught our eye – starting with the $ 1,899 Bolt X folding commuter. This city ride can fold up to dimensions of 109 x 58 x 73 cm (43 x 23 x 29 inches) and weighs 32 kg (70 lbs), which is almost twice as heavy as the Gocycle G4, so it won’t be quite as easy to transport on public transport to get to work. But it is much cheaper.

It can be used with a single 672 Wh battery for approximately 45 miles (70 km) of range per charge, or with dual 1,152 Wh batteries for 80 miles (130 km) or more, depending on riding style and field. The Bafang 750-W motor can produce 80 Nm (59 lb.ft) of torque and offers a default top speed of 20 mph (32 km / h), which can be unlocked up to 28 mph.

Elsewhere, there’s a thumb throttle available for pedal-less riding, 7-speed Shimano Acera gears with a Rapid Fire shifter, Tektro hydraulic braking, front fork suspension with adjustable lockout, front LED lighting, and rear (with the tail light double as a brake light), double-wall rims wrapped in 20 x 3.3-inch puncture-resistant Kenda K-Shield tires, as well as a rear rack and fenders.

Designed for the road or trail, the Rize MD features a 750W (peak) Bafang motor and optionally can be fitted with two batteries for a charging potential of over 120 miles

Designed for the road or trail, the Rize MD features a 750W (peak) Bafang motor and can optionally be fitted with two batteries for a charging potential of over 120 miles

Rize Bikes

Next up is the $ 2,399 Rize MD Track / Road Electric Bike, which can be used with a Samsung 50E frame built-in battery at 48 volts / 15 Ah (720 Wh) for approximately 60 miles (96.5 km). per charge, or a dual battery configuration for 1440 Wh and 120+ miles (193+ km).

The 500W Bafang BBS02 mid-drive motor produces 120 Nm (88.5 lb-ft) of torque, peak power of 750 watts, and a default top speed of 20 mph (which can be unlocked at 28 mph) . This model also comes with Acera 7-speed gears and Rapid Fire shifting, but toggles a shift sensor that very briefly turns off motor assistance when shifting so that the rider enjoys a smooth switching.

Other features to note include on-demand throttle power, five levels of pedal assistance, an 18.5-inch aluminum alloy frame for a total weight of 66 lbs (30 kg), a Suntour suspension fork, Tektro hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors, 27.5 inch Kenda K-Shield tires, luggage rack and rear fender and Selle Royal gel saddle.

Our final pick is the Rize 2021 Model Tree Top, the big-tire $ 3,099 track monster known as the RX Pro. As this ebike is equipped with a 1000 W (1500 watts peak) Bafang M620 mid-drive motor producing 160 Nm (118 lb-ft) of torque and capable of accelerating up to 56 km / h ( 35 mph), it is for stop-road use only. Torque and cadence sensors are used for pedal assistance, with five levels available. Again, there are single or dual battery options available, but this time it’s either a 52-V / 15-Ah version or two Samsung 50E 52-V / 30-Ah flavors, the latter offering more than 145 km of autonomy for five hours in charge.

The RX Pro features a 1500W (peak) mid-drive motor and can be used in a dual battery configuration for up to 90 miles of range per charge

The RX Pro features a 1500W (peak) mid-drive motor and can be used in a dual battery configuration for up to 90 miles of range per charge

Rize Bikes

This performance-looking electric bike features 9-speed Alivio gears with smooth shifting thanks to a speed sensor that disengages the motor for a few milliseconds when shifting, the 17-inch aluminum alloy frame inch offers a 29-inch (73cm) height, locking suspension fork and Suntour hydraulic suspension seat post would almost make the RX Pro a dual-suspension electric bike, and the adjustable handlebar post allows for a more riding position. right.

The off-road rides on big 4-inch Kenda tires, stopping power comes from Tektro hydraulic braking, and it contains a Selle Royal gel saddle for a more comfortable ride, a rear rack to carry most of the gear. trail and mudguards to keep spray out.

All Rize 2021 e-bikes are available for pre-order now, with shipping expected to begin next month.

Source: Rize Bikes

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Bermuda’s “Perfect” Electric Bikes and Microcars – The Royal Gazette Thu, 10 Jun 2021 11:00:00 +0000

Head circumference: the Bermi Bully electric bike has a battery that can be fully recharged in 2h30. It is estimated to travel between 30 and 40 miles fully loaded on a flat course, or further if the rider is also pedaling (Photo by Blaire Simmons)

Electric vehicles make perfect sense for a place like Bermuda, and they can add a touch of style and comfort.

That’s the opinion of Mike Swan, who has worked in the electric vehicle business for four years.

He is the Founder and CEO of Localmotion Ltd, which operates Bermi Cars on Happy Valley Road, Pembroke. It has a growing fleet of electric cars that can accommodate a driver and passenger side by side.

The last electric transportation to arrive at Localmotion is the Bermi Bully – a bicycle with an electric motor to assist the rider.

“It turns heads. It’s a statement about who you are,” Mr Swan said.

The electric bike is made in Italy by Moto Parilla and can be powered by a 250W or 750W motor – the smaller motor meets the upper limit allowed for electric bikes in Europe.

On paper, the e-bike has a range of 40 to 50 miles on a charged battery, depending on the grade of the road, the amount of throttle used, and the amount of pedaling the rider has to pedal.

Mr Swan estimates that the electric bike could travel 35 to 40 miles on a flat course using only the electric motor. The battery takes 2.5 hours to recharge when empty.

The bikes have big street tires and there are three different frame designs. They cost $ 10,500 or $ 11,500, depending on the delivery option used to have them imported.

With regard to electric microcars, Bermi Cars has a rental fleet of 10 Bermis. He sold 17 more to private owners.

Eight more Bermis are expected to arrive in July, including four for the rental fleet, and the others on sale.

Mr. Swan’s rental company has an allowance for up to 34 cars. He lightly calls the Bermis “golf cars on steroids”, but they come with air conditioning, stereo, Bluetooth technology, heated folding mirrors and even a rear view camera.

A resident who owns a Bermi and who was at the store when The Royal Gazette visited, excited about the rear view camera and said a much more expensive gasoline car he still owned didn’t even have one.

Mr. Swan said: “Customers are very satisfied with our cars.”

There are a few electric microcars rental operations on the island, but Mr Swan believes Bermis stands out as being above the rest. It also plans to bring in a new “fully equipped” electric microcar in the near future.

He said: “People say our cars are the best in the market for comfort. We are trying to position ourselves as the Rolls-Royce in the rental market.”

It does not compare microcars to Rolls Royces, but does refer to the higher specs offered compared to similar cars, as well as Localmotion’s “best quality of personalized service”.

Mr Swan said electric vehicles made sense for a place like Bermuda and he believes the government, which has already pledged to electrify the bus fleet, could help with wider adoption of electric vehicles on the road. ‘Isle.

“Why not create a new [licence] class lower than class A, something like a microcar class, ”he said.

“Bermuda is a perfect test bed for electric cars. The average commute is about 20 miles per day.

“Charging electric vehicles is not a problem. You can get 70 miles on one charge, so you don’t need charging points around the island as you can charge them at home.”

Mr Swan said the service component for an electric car is less than that of a gasoline car, and he estimates the cost of operating an electric car to be between one-sixth and one-tenth the cost of an electric car. ‘a traditional car.

He added: “We have pressured the government to authorize a second car on an evaluation number, as long as the second car is electric and a microcar.

“You are reducing the number of motorcycles on our roads; we have a lot of people who are educating about these cars for their kids.

“There’s a good chance people won’t use both cars at the same time, and they can choose the small car by default.”

Mr. Swan is pleased with how his business has been going and the team around him, which includes Debbie Araujo, Sales and Leasing Manager, and Service and Fleet Manager Bernell Gibson.

Mr Swan said: “When you have an idea driven by passion and you study your market, you kind of know it’s going to happen.

“It’s the best job I’ve had in my life. I love it.”

Localmotion can be reached by calling 519-9255, or by visiting the website at

Compact tour: The Bermi electric microcar has been a success as a rental vehicle option and for private ownership (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Bermi Bully bikes have big street tires and there are three different frame designs (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

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Electric bikes are good for the environment and for you too Wed, 09 Jun 2021 02:58:39 +0000

Global warming is a serious problem affecting the environment in the world, mainly due to the excessive consumption of fossil fuels for transport, which represents a fifth of global carbon emissions. As a result, many environmentally conscious people are looking for sustainable alternatives to replace fossil fuels.

Enter electric bikes. They have shown great promise as an efficient and environmentally friendly transport solution. Not only are they affordable, but they are also easily transportable.

They also cost a lot less than cars. The cost of purchasing a fossil fuel vehicle is just one of many expenses. As soon as you buy a car, insurance costs, daily fuel expenses, and routine maintenance costs quickly start to add up.

Through comparison, electric bikes are much cheaper and you don’t have to worry about other running costs. By the time you hit 18 months of use, the bike would most likely have been depreciated. In addition to the financial benefits, folding electric bikes are much more portable, easier to store, and require virtually no space.

Yet the biggest advantage of e-bikes is that they allow you to significantly reduce your fossil fuel consumption. By owning an electric bicycle, you can minimize greenhouse gas emissions and your overall carbon footprint.

Of course, electric bikes need to be recharged regularly, but even basic e-bikes offer a range of 20 to 30 miles on a single charge. This is more than enough for people to move around the cities. However, you can also find options that give higher ranges. Midrange electric tricycles or bikes offer a range of 50 to 70 miles on a single charge, while high-end bikes offer a range of around 100 miles.

You also don’t have to wait hours for your bike to be fully charged. Due to the rapid advancements in battery technology, you can achieve faster charging speeds. Another plus is that an e-bike charges if you pedal on easy roads rather than using the accelerator.

Reduce CO2 emissions and decongest traffic

Big cities attract many people looking for new opportunities from different places. As the population grows, so does the number of cars and motorcycles on the road. This ultimately leads to traffic jams, extending the time it takes you to reach your destination.

Heavy traffic also increases the consumption of fossil fuels, as cars have to keep going at much slower speeds and for longer. This translates into more carbon monoxide (CO) emission, which pollutes the air and harms our health.

Instead, you can take advantage of battery-powered bikes to get around city traffic with ease. Electric bikes can drastically reduce traffic on the roads, reducing the time it takes to get there. Therefore, you can also help reduce air pollution and protect the environment.

As people are increasingly aware of the consumption of fossil fuels, electric bikes and adult tricycles are gaining popularity. Not only are they a more sustainable option for our environment, but they also help you adopt a healthy lifestyle despite a sedentary routine.

Overall, e-bikes are one of the best and most viable transportation solutions that allow you to reduce your environmental footprint and tackle climate change on an individual level.

Some countries around the world still consider an electric bicycle to be a bicycle. If you want to avoid the tedious and time-consuming process of registering a vehicle, obtaining a license plate, or insurance, e-bikes are a great choice to consider.

Unlike a gasoline car or motorcycle, you can go to your local bicycle dealer or store and buy it without worrying about paperwork.

As e-bikes become more accessible, cities around the world are planning to expand infrastructure for public charging stations encourage mass adoption.

And there’s more.

By owning an electric bike, you can also adopt a healthy lifestyle by reducing the side effects of a lifestyle confined to the office. E-bikes allow you to ride long distances, allowing you to build endurance and exercise your muscles regularly.

Other health benefits of riding an electric bicycle include better heart health, ltheir stress levels, Iincreased metabolism, better core muscle strength, better coordination and Iincreased blood flow.

The pedal assist function on the bikes allows you to adjust the level of assistance of the electric bike motor, so that you get a good workout even after using the throttle.

All age groups can easily use an electric bicycle, even the elderly. If you want to stay active despite your old age, you can do so by jumping on three-wheel bikes for seniors. The travel speeds of these bikes are relatively easy to control, but you can also restrict the speed limit if the elderly and children need to use them.

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This is your official ‘The Bachelorette’ rose ceremony tracker for Katie Thurston Tue, 08 Jun 2021 14:01:00 +0000

Katie thurstonthe season of The bachelorette bred with 30 hopeful super stallions all competing for his attention. (The principal lady herself judged them all therefore handsome.) After a few ~ memorable ~ entries (Box guy and cat man in one night?), Katie gave away the prize the first impression passed to Greg Grippo and sent seven other guys to pack.

There was drama, street hockey, a pasta necklace, and a few glimmers of love in the first episode. Just when you thought The bachelorette couldn’t be more exciting, two guys got into a fight out of nowhere. Hoping the beef runs out as quickly as some previous Bachelor engagements.

The bachelorette the producers also blessed fans with Katie’s very first rose ceremony. No cliffhangers on who gets roses or not, 23 lucky men were given a bloom. If you’re curious who got stiffened, here are the latest candidates to be sent home:

Week 1:

Jeff Caravello

After embarking on a bachelorette road trip, Jeff, a 31-year-old surgical skin salesman, turned around in his camper van and returned home to Cranford, New Jersey. He did not receive a rose from Katie. “I just didn’t feel the vibrations of the RV,” she said. Maybe it was the dirty underwear lying around on the couch, who could blame him?

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin – Getty Images

Brandon torres

For Automotive Parts Manager Brandon, The bachelorette was just a quick pit stop. He wasn’t able to knock Katie down on his motorized scooter, so the 26-year-old made it home to Mokena, Ill. As quickly as he arrived.

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin – Getty Images

Marty hargrove

” Why not us ? 25-year-old dancer Marty asked Katie, but that wasn’t enough to keep him going. She sent him home to Reno, Nevada, even after he showed her his crystal collection. Guess that’s not the vibes she’s looking for.

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin – Getty Images

Austin tinsley

Katie must not have seen this 25-year-old real estate investor as a good investment for her future. The native of Mission Viejo, Calif., Did not receive a rose or even chat with her.

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin – Getty Images

Gabriel Everett

Even the perfect embrace of Gabriel, 35, couldn’t stop Katie from sending him back to her home in Charlotte, North Carolina. The entrepreneur may have come back empty-handed, but maybe he felt more relaxed after all those deep breaths.

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin – Getty Images

Landon Goesling

Blonde curls and a pink suit made a 25-year-old basketball coach stand out from the crowd right away. Unfortunately, he didn’t grab Katie’s attention quickly enough to spend time with her, so no one will ever really know why she sent him home in Bakersfield, California.

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin – Getty Images

Marcus Lathan

Marcus and Katie had a lot in common, Bachelorette standards: they are both from Washington and they are both 30 years old. But Katie won’t live a Sell ​​the sunset fantasy with this realtor anytime soon, as she sent him back to Vancouver without a second thought.

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin – Getty Images

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Global Electric Bicycle (20 Inch Diameter Wheels) Market 2021 SWOT Analysis, Future Growth, Top Key Players, Opportunity and Forecast 2026 – KSU Mon, 07 Jun 2021 15:34:00 +0000

Global Electric Bicycle (20 Inch Diameter Wheels) Market Growth 2021-2026 presents a meticulous investigation of the current market scenario which contains far-reaching information about the industry. The report throws light on the dedicated credentials and strategic functionality of various elements of the global market. The report explores the practical growth strategies and recommendations related to the global Electric Bicycle (20 Inch Diameter Wheels) industry. It also contains useful and important facts and figures, expert opinions and the latest developments around the world. To calculate the size of the global market, the report takes into account the revenue generated from the sales of Electric Bikes (20 inch Diameter Wheels) globally.

The report helps readers assess specific growth probabilities going forward, as well as an in-depth assessment of key growth initiators and targeted elements that increase growth revenue generation, aligning with the goals of appropriate growth. It highlights exclusive and relevant factors related to this market. Major players in the world and major regions are assessed and the market is categorized by product and application / end industry. The report throws light on several sections of the report including global Electric Bicycle (20 Inch Diameter Wheels) market size and forecast, drivers, challenges, trends, etc.

NOTE: COVID-19 has had a major impact on the global economy in addition to that on public health. This particular pandemic has caused serious economic destruction and no country has been spared. The virus has forced businesses around the world to change the way they operate. This report gives an analysis of the consequences of COVID-19 on the electric bicycle market (20 inch diameter wheels).


In this comprehensive report, the competitive landscape is analyzed in terms of markets, applications and geographies. Competitive analysis helps suppliers know their capabilities and opportunities for future growth prospects. The report then incorporates an in-depth assessment of market participation presented by curious market players, followed by an assessment of their overall position in the competitive landscape. The size of the global electric bicycle industry (20 inch diameter wheels) is defined and forecast based on type, application and region.

The major players listed in the market report are:

Accell Group, Yadea, E-Joe, AIMA, Benelli, Alton, Incalcu, BESV, XDS, VOLT, SOHOO, Solex, Ancheer, GOnow, JIVR,

Depending on the type, the report is divided into:

Ordinary electric bicycle, folding electric bicycle, the two types of electric bicycles are about half of the market, and ordinary electric bicycles are more popular.,

On the basis of the application market, it is segmented into:

Distribution, Direct Sale, Distribution is the main application which represents 80%.,

Market segmentation, by region:

Americas (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil), APAC (China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Australia), Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia), Middle East and Africa (Egypt, South Africa, Israel, Turkey, GCC countries)

Important figures measured in this report:

The report incorporates the financial implications of various developments including patterns of production and consumption. The expert research opinion also ensures that stunting is a significant concern which should also demonstrate a suitable indication in the times to come. Additionally, successive merger and acquisition strategies of vendors, geographic expansion, research and development, and new product introduction strategies are highlighted in the global Electric Bikes (20 Inch Diameter Wheels) report ) to help them continue their expansion and business growth.


Highlights of the report:

  • The report explains in detail the current market conditions
  • The report focuses on the major companies of the global Electric Bikes (20 inch diameter wheels) market covering the technological intervention, production processes, business models, product offering, structure of price, etc.
  • The strategically relevant initiatives required in the market to maintain the competitive landscape of market players are mentioned in the report.
  • The production and distribution structures and respective business models in the global Electric Bicycle (20 inch Diameter Wheels) market are studied in the report.

Customization of the report:

This report can be customized to meet customer requirements. Please connect with our sales team (, who will make sure you get a report that matches your needs. You can also contact our leaders at + 1-201-465-4211 to share your research needs.

Contact us
Brand Pierre
Head of Business Development
Call: + 1-201-465-4211
The Web:

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Weekly Recap: North County Community News Fri, 04 Jun 2021 16:30:34 +0000

Jeffrey Brosbe

MEMORY OF JEFF BROSBE: The community is invited to an artists reception at the Off Track Gallery of the San Dieguito Art Guild from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on June 19, celebrating the handmade works of art by members of the San Dieguito Art Guild .

A cash scholarship for a promising photography student will be presented in memory of Jeffrey R. Brosbe, board member of the San Dieguito Art Guild who died in April.

THE CHARITY PROVIDES TRANSPORTATION IN AFRICA: DoSomethingNow donated 30 bikes to St. John, a community health service in Cape Town, South Africa, in April. The 30 bikes were made possible thanks to a matching grant from the Tour de France Foundation in collaboration with Qhubeka, a South African NGO.

The bikes were specially developed by World Bicycle Relief who designed the bikes to match the terrain where the bikes would be used. With these bikes, health workers will be able to visit up to four times as many patients per day by bike rather than on foot. Typically, health workers see patients who are suffering from HIV, COVID-19, and other health issues.

SALE OF BOOKS AT HALF PRICE FROM THE ENCINITAS PUBLIC LIBRARY: It’s time to stock up on summer reading. Encinitas Friends of the Library will be holding their half-price sale from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on June 19 at 540 Cornish Drive, Encinitas. Visit

FIND WAYWARD TURTLES: The San Diego Humane Society and the San Diego Turtle & Tortoise Society have teamed up for a special microchip event on World Turtle Day, May 23. , while promoting adoptions. The San Diego Humane Society receives an average of 156 stray turtles and tortoises each year.

OCEANSIDE NAMED THE MOST WATERFRONT TOWN: The town of Oceanside won first place in the Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation 2021, earning it the designation of the most water-wise city among cities of similar size for the coming year.

The annual competition was held during Earth Month to raise awareness of the importance of efficient water use, especially as California enters its second consecutive dry year. Mayors across the country entered the competition by challenging their residents to pledge to conserve water, reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste and take other sustainable actions on behalf of their communities. .

SAN MARCOS AGENCIES OFFER ASSISTANCE FOR RENTAL COSTS: San Marcos tenants whose incomes have suffered from COVID-19 restrictions can now obtain temporary financial assistance from a new joint short-term rental assistance program launched by two North County nonprofits. For more information or to determine eligibility, residents of San Marcos should call (760) 736-6734.

SALE OF THE BALDESSARI ENDOWS COLLEGE ART GALLERY: The Palomar College Foundation is building a large endowment fund after the Boehm Gallery at Palomar College sold a long-standing work, “Painting and Drawing,” in a private sale last fall.

Created in the late 1960s and considered an important example of post-war conceptual art, the Baldessari was purchased for less than $ 2,000. The artist, it seems, was a friend of Boehm’s first director, Russell Baldwin.

The Palomar College Board of Trustees approved the sale last summer, and funds were transferred to Palomar in two installments, with final payment recently received. The Board of Trustees also approved the establishment of an endowment fund, managed by the non-profit Palomar College Foundation, which will provide significant annual funding in perpetuity for the Boehm Gallery.

BALLET STUDIO BOUNDS WITH ‘SWAN’ LAKE ‘: Encinitas resident Sayat Asatryan admits it’s been a long road for Encinitas Ballet and companies like them since March 2020.

“I knew the pandemic would continue, but anyway, I never gave up on giving hope to children. Most of our students have been able to return thanks to the incredible dedication of children and parents, said Asatryan.

The result was an outdoor performance of the classical ballet “Swan Lake” on May 22nd. The performance was reserved for a small audience for security reasons, asking only for donations. They made sure that each group had its own place to change and enter. Each family had their own folding chairs and parasol. The choreography was adjusted with the distance, so everyone on stage felt safe, Asatryan said.

PRAISE FOR THE MIRA COSTA NURSING PROGRAM: Kudos to MiraCosta College’s RN program, it shines a light on its students, who have spent the past three months saving lives by administering some 10,000 injections at COVID-19 vaccination centers in North County.

42 students from the second and third semesters of the Associate Degree in Nursing program and 15 students from the Licensed Vocational Nursing program volunteered at the Palomar Health vaccination site in Escondido. Licensed professional nursing students also attended a vaccination center operated by Sharp Healthcare at California State University, San Marcos, a center where Shelby Miller, a former student of the MiraCosta College Nursing Program, served as a nurse. main.

And some two dozen fourth-semester nursing students have secured critical clinical hours at health centers across the region, providing care to the underserved and homeless.

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Column: Pedal power is so important for a green future Fri, 04 Jun 2021 10:00:00 +0000

Column: Green activist Laurel Spooner says cycling is clean, healthy, sociable, environmentally friendly and saves money. She thinks more people should turn to it to go from A to B

THIS column begins with a thank you to the Colchester Cycling Campaign.

His manifesto for cycling and walking, presented in conjunction with Walk Colchester, was accepted by all four major political parties, as the Gazette reported in early May.

This means that our new borough council is committed to implementing it.

There are plans to link pedestrian and cycling networks, secure dangerous intersections, clarify signage and limit speeds to 20 mph.

This is already a proven success in Brighton, for example, and many measures reflect what we have learned from the Dutch.

Nowadays we have such a range of pedal machines that there is no age limit.

The nineties are on e-trikes and parents take their babies and toddlers on cargo bikes.

Folding bikes have increased the possibilities for mixed transport, such as cycling to the station to catch the train or driving halfway to work and cycling the rest.

Electric bikes have increased autonomy and avoid a sweaty arrival.

They too come in a collapsible form.

A folding bike means you can take public transport if the weather changes but, remember, “there is no bad weather, just bad clothes”.

And now there are electric scooters for adults.

Colchester is testing a fleet, as well as the many flashy children’s scooters that even toddlers can use.

So more of us should leave the car at home.

Apparently, even for distances of one to two miles, over 60 percent of trips are made by motor vehicles, and about 80 percent of trips by car are less than five miles, to work, schools and to stores, for example.

Doctor Laurel Spooner at his home in Colchester

Perhaps a better option than owning a car is to rent one.

If your annual mileage is around 7,000 miles or less, it is financially worthwhile.

With home deliveries so popular, owning a car just for shopping in the supermarket makes no sense.

The organizers of the Colchester Cycle Campaign have devoted years of hard work to advocating for a safer cycling network.

But cyclists also have a responsibility to ensure their safety and that of the pedestrians they encounter.

Everyone should consider taking advantage of the best safety gear, including significantly improved helmets, high visibility clothing, lights, bells, mirrors, and flags.

Helmets can even have webcams!

Cycling lessons and bike maintenance courses are available for all ages in Colchester. Just search online.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a silver liner was a chance for families to cycle together on quiet roads. Let’s see this continue.

Colchester already has miles of safe cycle paths and an excellent cycle map available online.

The pedal power is clean, healthy, sociable, environmentally friendly and saves money.

It’s amazing how the very young feel older and the old feel younger when they ride a bike.

Essex County Council organizes velocity course for adults and children.

Also take a look at and

Re-Cycle, meanwhile, is a big charity here in Colchester.

She repairs and sends donated bikes to African countries.

It is also a good place to buy a used bike.

For more information, visit HERE.


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Folding Bicycle Market Grows at a CAGR of 8.5% and Sees Robust Expansion by 2021-2027 Fri, 04 Jun 2021 06:52:24 +0000

“” “The information made available in the Folding Bikes report will certainly facilitate the increase in the knowledge and decision-making skills of the company, thus providing a huge opportunity for growth. This will finally increase the rate of return and boost the competitive advantage within it. Being a personalized market report, it provides services tailored to the exact challenge. Whether it is investigative work, in-depth interviews, or a combination of several methods, the marketing report will match the methodology and personnel appropriate to the needs of the business. A skilled team of analysts gathers, analyzes and synthesizes data to accomplish difficult tasks while not setting unrealistic expectations.

The Folding Bikes market is valued at USD 508.36 million in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 899.87 million by 2025 with a CAGR of 8.5% over the forecast period.

The report focuses on the key players operating in the market and their competitive landscape present in the market. The report includes an inventory of initiatives taken by companies in recent years. The report mentioned the growth parameters in the regional markets as well as the major players dominating the regional growth such as North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India. .

Download a free sample of an exclusive report (PDF of 200 pages): to know the impact of COVID-19 on this industry @

Folding Bikes Market Scenarios

The report throws light on the competitive landscape, segmentation, geographic expansion, and revenue, production and consumption growth of the Folding Bicycles market. The Folding Bikes market size, growth analysis, industry trend, and forecast, offer details on factors influencing the scope of global business. This report provides future products, joint ventures, marketing strategy, developments, mergers and acquisitions, marketing, promotions, revenue, import, export, CAGR values, the industry as a whole and the particular competitors encountered are also studied on a large scale. market.

Folding Bikes Market competitive landscapes provide details by competitor. Details included are company presentation, company finances, revenue generated, market potential, research and development investments, new market initiatives, production sites and facilities, company strengths and weaknesses, product launches, product testing pipelines, product approvals, patents, product breadth and breath, application dominance, technology lifeline curve. The data points provided are only related to the direction of the company in the folding bicycle markets. The major players and manufacturers in the Global Folding Bikes Market are studied to give a brief idea of ​​the competitions.

The following manufacturers are covered in this report:

DAHON North America, Inc., Brompton Bicycle Ltd., Cyclecentric Ltd., Bobbin Bicycles Ltd., Decathlon SA, Dawes Cycles Limited, Montague Corporation, Citizen Bike Inc., Mobility Holdings, Ltd., Hummingbird Bike Company, Ltd., and Biketec AG, among others.

Segmentation of the global folding bicycle market:

By product:

By size:

By application:

  • Sports
  • Aptitude
  • Commercial

By distribution channel:

Highlights of the report:

  • A comprehensive market analysis including parent industry
  • Important market dynamics and trends
  • Market segmentation opportunities and disruptive technologies, company overview, revenue shares, strategic overview of market supply and demand
  • Statistical data in value (US $) as well as Volume (units) until 2027
  • Historical, current and projected market size based on value and volume
  • Market shares and strategies of the main players
  • The data analysis presented in the report is based on the resource combination of historical and current growth metrics
  • Recommendations for companies to strengthen their presence in the market

The latest industry news and developments in terms of market expansions, acquisitions, growth strategies, joint ventures and collaborations, product launches, market expansions, etc. are included in the report. The report focuses on the operation and their competitive landscape present in the market. Identifying many key market players will help the reader to perceive the means and collaborations that players will need to understand the competition within the global folding bicycle market.

The Folding Bikes market report provides an in-depth analysis of recent market developments and the comprehensive competitive landscape created by the COVID19 / CORONA virus pandemic. The Folding Bikes Market report is useful for strategists, marketers, and senior executives as well as key players in the Folding Bikes industry.

Market dynamics of folding bicycle markets

Global Folding Bicycles Market report contains the best research offerings and critical information required to research new product trends or competitive analysis of an existing or emerging market. Companies can further and further strengthen their competitive advantage with this activity report. The report includes expert information on global industries, products, company profiles and market trends. Users can gain unlimited company-wide access to a comprehensive catalog of industry-specific market research from this industry analysis report. The market report examines industries at a much higher level than a sector study.

Methodology request for this report:

Table of Contents: Global Folding Bikes Market Research Report

Chapter 1: Overview of the Global Folding Bikes Industry

Chapter 2: Global Economic Impact on Folding Bicycle Markets

Chapter 3: Competition on Global Market Size by Industry Producers

Chapter 4: World Productions, Revenue (Value), by Region

Chapter 5: Global Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import, Geographically

Chapter 6: Global Productions, Revenue (Value), Price Trend, Product Type

Chapter 7: Global Market Analysis, Based on Application

Chapter 8: Folding Bikes Market Industry Value Chain

Chapter 9: Folding Bicycles Market Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers

Chapter 10: Key Distributor / Supplier / Dealer Strategies and Policies

Chapter 11: Key Economic Indicators, By Market Vendors

Chapter 12: Analysis of Market Effect Factors

Chapter 13: Forecast period of the Global Folding Bikes Market

Chapter 14: The Future of the Market

Chapter 15: Appendix

Global Folding Bicycle Markets: Regional Analysis

The research report includes specific segments by region (country), company, type and application. This study provides the sales and revenue information over the historical and forecast period 2021 to 2027. Understanding the segments helps to identify the importance of various factors that are driving the market growth.

  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Turkey, etc.)
  • Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam)
  • South America (Brazil etc …)
  • Middle East and Africa (Egypt and GCC countries)

Thank you for reading this article; you can also get a section by chapter or a report version by region, such as North America, Europe or Asia.

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Best 2021 commuter bike – Thu, 03 Jun 2021 13:41:32 +0000

2021 Commuter Bikes

Getting to work is better for the environment than driving a car and allows you to exercise in the morning. Folding bikes are a popular choice for anyone commuting to work because they are easy to store once you get to your destination. If you’re looking to cut your commute costs, a commuter bike might be the perfect solution for you.

If you are considering investing in a commuter bike, you might be wondering what features to look for. The best choice is the Babamua 7-speed folding bike for adults. With its compact and lightweight frame, it is ideal for commuting.

What you need to know about commuter bikes

How commuter bikes work

A commuter bike works like a traditional bike, but you’ll generally find that it has a lighter, more compact design to meet the demands of city life. The most popular style of commuter bike is the foldable design, which allows you to shrink your bike down to a compact size for storage in your home or office.

Benefits of commuter bikes

Having a commuter bike means you can go anywhere without having to wait on public transport. If you buy a folding bike, you will get the added benefits of easy storage and transport. As a health benefit, your daily bike to work will also serve as exercise, helping to improve your overall health and well-being.

What to consider when buying a commuter bike in 2021


Weight can make or break your commuter bike purchase. You want it to be light enough to be easily transported while still being durable. You may need to carry your commuter bike on stairs or on public transport. While the lighter weight commuter bikes have a higher price tag, you’ll generally appreciate the investment when it comes to transporting your bike around town.


Just like the weight, you’ll want to consider the overall size of your commuter bike, especially if it’s not a folding bike. A smaller bike will be easier to take with you, store or secure.

How much can you expect to spend on a commuter bike?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $ 100 to $ 4,000 for your commuter bike. Personal preferences will determine which model you choose. A mid-range commuter bike will set you back between $ 300 and $ 600. These models are durable enough for everyday use and often have foldable functionality.

Commuter bike faq

Can I take my foldable commuter bike on public transport?

A. You never know when you need to take your bike on public transport, and that might be how you’ll cover most of your commute to work. Most buses and subways have strict rules for boarding bicycles. It’s worth checking out what the rules are on your specific suburban route before you start.

Will a commuter bike stay folded on its own?

A. If you leave your folded bike alone, it should stay folded. If you carry it when it is folded, it may slide out of its folded position. You can use a strap or cord to keep it secure. Even though it usually stays folded, it’s a good idea to keep your commuter bike wrapped in a lanyard or strap.

What’s the best commuter bike to buy in 2021?

Best commuter bike

Babamua 7-speed folding bike for adults

What would you like to know: This folding bike offers everything you need, with added stability and comfort. It improves your cardiovascular fitness and strength.

What you will love: It is affordable and uses a seven-speed system for a smooth ride. The rare stand gives you plenty of space to add a backpack or satchel.

What you should consider: It can be difficult to get used to folding the bike. The frame is also a bit fragile, especially for heavy users.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best commuter bike for the money

HUUH folding bikes for adults

HUUH folding bikes for adults

What would you like to know: This lightweight commuter bike is easy to fold up, making it ideal for taking with you on the go. It folds in seconds and can even slip under your desk.

What you will love: It has a comfortable seat that you can adjust to fit many different riders. It has a seven-speed fixed freewheel quality.

What you should consider: It has a maximum weight of 220 pounds, with the frame specifically designed for city use rather than a rural commute.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

To check

Schwinn Discover the hybrid bike

Schwinn Discover the hybrid bike

What would you like to know: If you’re on a bigger budget, it’s worth checking out this Schwinn hybrid bike. It features a durable steel frame and adjustable seat post to keep you in a comfortable upright riding position.

What you will love: The shift levers offer 21 speeds with rotating levers, so hills are easy to climb on your ride. The rare carrying stand is ideal for carrying your backpack or your groceries.

What you should consider: As a hybrid bike, this model is not foldable and is more suitable for tall people.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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Forestal builds four more electric bikes around its ultra-light EonDrive motor Thu, 03 Jun 2021 10:40:11 +0000

Crushed between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains lies the 16th smallest country in the world, a magnificent landlocked microstate covering a third of the area of ​​London, called the Principality of Andorra. It is known for its calf and its valleys, for its status as a tax and tourist haven, and for its almost total absence of crime.

It is also the home of a relatively new high-end e-bike company called Forestal, run by French mountain biking legend Cedric Garcia. After debuting with its Syrion enduro electric bike last year, Forestal has launched a range of four more bikes for 2021 – a trail bike, a downhill beast, and foldable and non-foldable versions of a city dweller. .

All are built with lightweight carbon frames, custom-designed around Forestal’s mid-drive electric powertrain. Yes, these are Euro bikes so they are limited to 250 W. But Forestal designed their EonDrive motor (in collaboration with Bafang) to deliver high performance in their own way, keeping it under 2 kg (4.4 lbs). using a magnesium housing and titanium components, and very narrow at 170 mm (6.7 in) while producing a healthy torque of 60 Nm (44.2 lb.ft) at its highest setting. The company says this qualifies the EonDrive as “the lightest and most compact high-performance engine today.”

Forestal’s EonDrive motor, developed in collaboration with Bafang, is a super compact motor weighing less than 2 kilos 250 watts producing an impressive torque of 60 Nm for its size.


Unlike some e-bike motors, Forestal says that this motor disengages completely once you turn it off or hit the EU-prescribed maximum cruise control of 25 km / h (15.5 mph), do creating more noise and friction to make your life more difficult. This will make the relatively small battery easier to take; the company has designed its own 360 Wh, 52 V battery (again in collaboration with Bafang) which weighs slightly less than the motor and fits well into the frames.

That’s not a lot of battery, and it won’t offer a ton of battery life – but if you want more, there’s an extra accessory battery that you can stick in the bottle cage for an additional 250 Wh. Forestal sins here on the weight reduction side, trying to create fun and upgradeable e-bikes. So it doesn’t charge you with cells you might not be using – indeed, the batteries aren’t even removable.

The new bikes also use the same smart dashboard as the Syrion – a next-level, scratch-resistant, all-season color touchscreen system that handles all of the usual e-bike functions and adds GPS navigation, geolocation and anti-theft, the ability to record and record your outings, an altitude tracker, g-force sensors, heart rate integration, training modes and statistics. It lacks the built-in edge cameras found on something like the Greyp 6.1, but it’s still bristling with smart tech and it looks a lot better integrated. Oh, and it’ll measure and record your airtime when you skip the thing. Mondo.

The instrument panel is a high-resolution, all-weather touchscreen beauty

The instrument panel is a high-resolution, all-weather touchscreen beauty


So let’s take a quick look at the new bikes.

The Cyon is the track bruiser of the lineup, designed to take a hit like the Syrion but to be faster, more agile and responsive in smoother stuff. It uses an “alpha box” frame similar to the original Siryon, with its unique “twin levity” pivot swingarm. The wheels are 29 inches, and the suspension, brakes, drivetrain and wheels depend on the model you choose, from the Halo at € 8,299 (approx. $ 10,100 US) to the magnificent Diode model fitted with Ohlins at 12,599. € ($ 15,370). Forestal’s weight loss regimen reduced the Cyon to just 17 kg (37.5 lbs), which is quite a feat.

The Hydra will be close to the heart of Cédric Garcia; it’s a downhill-focused beast for riders who don’t find enduro or trail bikes hardcore enough. It is designed for serious downhill riders who ride World Cup level trails, but with the added ability to climb back up without disturbing your heart rate. Again, this is an alpha box frame with a dual light weight suspension linkage, although this time it uses a coil damper and a full-length asymmetric fork with 170mm and 180mm of travel respectively, so that you can do big jumps with confidence. Again, there are different levels of specs, with the Halo costing € 9,999 ($ ​​12,200) and the high-end diode at € 12,099 ($ ​​14,750). The heavier suspension contributes to a slightly higher weight starting at 19.2 kg (42.3 lbs), which is still very low for an electric mountain bike.

The Hydra is a flat downhill trail blaster with full-length forks and coilover damper

The Hydra is a flat downhill trail blaster with full-length forks and coilover damper


The Arryon and the Aryon SC stand out completely from the rest of the range. They’re urban machines with 20-inch street wheels, carbon belt drives, cordless dropper posts, built-in front and rear lighting, tasty built-in fenders, and compact commuter frames. The SC is the base model here, at € 8,599 ($ ​​10,500) with a stiff frame and carbon fork. Unfortunately, no weight figure is specified.

The regular Aryan, on the other hand, is a flagship of Forestal, adding full short-stroke suspension as well as a folding design that stores the swingarm, seatpost, and handlebars very neatly for storage if you need to. are not blessed with a shed to stick it. The company calls it a crossover, a “mini mountain bike in disguise” that is truly capable of off-road shenanigans as well as city rides. Then again, he also calls the Aryan “a masterpiece of design and engineering” in which “every detail looks like a work of art … which could belong to the most exclusive art galleries”, he It is therefore clear that Forestal is not the kind of company to sell itself. The Aryan sells for € 10,399 ($ ​​12,700).

The Aryan is a foldable urban commuter - but with dual suspension and a few off-road track chops

The Aryan is a foldable urban commuter – but with dual suspension and some off-road chops


These are indeed mind-blowing prices for bikes, next to the cream of European two-wheeled butt jewelry. There are plenty of motorcycles, and probably a few cars too, that you could buy for less, not to mention a plethora of unrestricted e-bikes that would go much further and faster. But these are premium machines, light and beautiful and adorned with high quality components and smart technology. They look like they’re built to handle serious riding and take a decent beating, and for the right rider they might be worth the money.

Watch a short video on the Cyon Track Bike below.

Cyon – the all new Ultimate trail bike from Forestal

Source: Forestal

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