Mountain bikes – Tac Bikes Wed, 11 Aug 2021 21:48:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Mountain bikes – Tac Bikes 32 32 Podcast: Terra One and the new vintage bicycle tire Wed, 11 Aug 2021 21:13:23 +0000 We sat down with Terrance Malone to talk about vintage mountain bikes, the Terra One, and how he came to design a new tire for your old bike. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Terrance knows a thing or two about the bicycle business, product design, and custom tire development. In his spare time he is also actively involved in the vintage mountain bike community here in Switzerland, not only as a collector himself, but also through Fascination Ferraroli, a blog dedicated to the legendary Swiss brand. Naturally, our conversation touches on Terrance’s many experiences in the world of mountain biking, his professional background, the eureka moment for Terra One, tire designs, durability and transparency, family, hiding places, his collection, but also his own conduct here. in Switzerland, both on vintage mountain bikes and on more modern mountain bikes. Terrance also had a little surprise in store for us by reversing the roles and closing the show with questions inspired by the Uncommon Deeds podcast.

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Test: Knolly Warden LT – Pinkbike Mon, 09 Aug 2021 15:00:00 +0000 Descending

Navigating trails at a slower speed it kinda feels like the bike is giving you nothing in return and sometimes it is a bit difficult to keep a line. The bike also barely got out of the slack setting, mostly trying to lower the bottom bracket shell to avoid the feeling of being heavy and tipping around in the corners. Increasing the speed on the trail causes the manager to give more back. It’s a bike that can go really fast and attempt to keep up with some of the more common 29-inch enduro bikes today. But there is a small window to where the manager feels best on the trail, as at the jagged edge it starts to get a bit wild on board.

It’s also not a bike that pushes you to go faster and push harder. As you ride around at low speed, you don’t feel like you’re being pushed by the bike to pick up the pace a bit. You tend to end up riding faster and then find out that it’s in the mid-zone that it’s best.

The operating window has started to become more noticeable on much rougher sections of track which are best touched at high speed and with a lot of aggressiveness. In these sections, the Warden LT started to feel less precise and more unstable. While he can move through those difficult and fast parts, I really had to pay less attention to what was going on under you and keep going. If I paid it too much attention, I would probably reduce speed to put it back in its comfort zone. So while it can go really fast, you need to ignore the chaos that is going on a bit and focus on the work at hand. At these speeds and levels of aggression, it didn’t seem like this is where the Warden LT excels.

When the trail is a little smoother and a little less demanding, the director starts to shine and everything starts to fall into place. In the Alps there are a few trails that really have a Canadian feel, these secret trails around the Sea to Sky area being my go-to. They’re soft, loamy, rippling, and start to get a bit more rooty and rocky as the loose soil breaks up and exposes them. Although I call them a little corner of Canada here in Switzerland, they are sort of replicas of Knolly’s playground and that was the light bulb moment with the Warden LT.

Give him something like that, and he’s in his element. Not absolutely at the jagged edge, but still creaking over terrain that ripples so smoothly up and down as well as left and right that you’re not all twisted and tossed around. All the while needing to absorb the constant crackle of those roots and rocks that just broke through the ground, as well as supporting yourself in the ripples as the trail descends the hill.

Despite the angular contact bearings, the bike exhibits some flex. You may notice that the rear of the bike shifts when you really ride in particularly rough sections of track that has a lot of terrain and rider twist. The pivots are very small in diameter and the rear tube sections are very thin. This increased flexibility doesn’t lend itself well to inspiring the utmost confidence on jagged edges and when you need to be precise but powerful and aggressive with your ride. But then again, that doesn’t seem to be where the director is good at.

That slightly larger than normal bottom bracket shell and low bar height can also contribute to the recommended 30% sag, and the Warden LT feels better with more sag in the rear, as well as a setup. fork much stiffer than recommended. I even experienced near 35% sag to lower the bottom bracket shell and counter some of that deadlift feeling, but it got too far in a corner of setup and the negatives of the big sag started to kick in. outweigh the positives. But, even with 30% sag in shock, the Warden LT didn’t hit the bumper hard all day. While I could melt it down with a few good flat hits, I felt like there was a good dollop of bottom support in there and the increased sag didn’t make it feel too sluggish in it. suspension.

On that note, it’s an easily maneuverable bike, partly attributed to the slightly shorter reach in real life than on paper with the tower of stem struts and high amounts of sag. It’s a bike that likes to play on the track. A manual here, a bonk nose there are welcome, possible and encouraged.

Over the past few years I have ridden a lot of bikes so focused on the speed and aggressiveness of the trail. Of course too, because there are so many out there right now that need to be tested. But having ridden in that part of Canada, the idea of ​​a big pedal to ride a big tech line, maybe not at the top speed, seems to be what the Warden LT is for, and therefore excels. If there is a stopwatch, the Knolly prefers to go have a beer. This is also something Knolly was referring to when we were discussing the setup of the test bike. While the Warden LT could take part in an enduro race, that’s not really my forte.

It’s a bike that will haul you up a hill in an unhurried way, then put a smile on those technical, steep, and challenging descents where your riding satisfaction will come from removing a section of tech rather than dropping it off. death grabbing her and hitting her as fast as humanly possible. And in these gentle, winding trails, often described as silty, it’s actually a pleasure to ride. There are many ways to have fun on a bike and with all those ridiculously fast but sometimes determined 29ers, I might have forgotten some of the other ways to have fun on a bike other than scare myself with speed. .

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Wheel Family Fun: 24 Hours of Great Glen – what a difference a day makes! | Cycling Fri, 06 Aug 2021 22:00:00 +0000

Twenty-four hours, what can you do in a day? The basics – sleeping, eating, exercising / working, doing the dishes, building relationships, paying your bills, running errands, cleaning the house, etc. – you can do it all in one day. Could you go mountain biking for 24 hours? Yes, it is also possible if you have registered for the 24 Hours of Great Glen, scheduled for this weekend, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th August. You can pack it all in one day!

Twenty-three years ago some older runners decided to do just that. They formed the “Half Century Golden Cranks” team. In 1998, these “more than 50” cyclists entered the 24 Hours of Great Glen (24HOGG). This first team consisted of four guys from the valley with a lot of cycling experience between them: Steve Swenson, Phil Ostroski, Peter Minnich and Steve Burdette. Somehow I was forced to be their support team.

The Cranks settle in the Great Glen field. They had tents, food, grills, lawn chairs and coolers – the job! Bicycle accessories were strewn over the pop-up tent and vans. Steve Swenson brought the banner his wife Sally made, declaring them the “Golden Cranks”. He proudly hung it on the tent.

I doubt any of them have ever done a race like this. After registering and receiving their race records, they had a quick team meeting to work out the race strategy and starting order. Who knows who went first? The first runners take part in a “Le Mans” start. Bikers walk a certain distance before getting on their bikes. During this weekend’s race, participants will walk around the pond before getting on their bikes. The best strategy is to put your fastest runner first.

In the “old days”, team riders did not have their own race numbers with timing chips. They had a numbered short stick that each rider had to carry and pass to the next rider. The trick was not to lose it in the woods!

Some of the team previewed the course, while others made sure their headlamps were charged and that they had batteries and emergency lights. The race requirements for night riding are that each rider has a primary light source on their bike or helmet, with a secondary light source in the event of a breakdown. Doing this route in the dark without light would be dangerous.

Once the cannon shot at noon, the riders got into rhythm. Race, rest, hydrate, eat and race again when it’s your turn. For team riders, they had to complete at least one lap, before changing riders. They could do more laps if they felt up to it. Peter thought the laps in 1998 were about 7 miles long. This year’s tours are 9 miles long on challenging drivable roads and singletracks, with a significant amount of uphill. I think one turn at a time would be enough for me.

After sunset, the headlights and lights were ready. Those who weren’t next to run took some time to take a nap. My job was to support the runners. I wasn’t a mechanic, but I could go get snacks, tools, and water if they needed it.

This year’s rules state: “Teams can bring as many support people as they want, but their support is limited to the start / finish area or the teams pit area (not on the course. ). “

My other job was to be a “wake-up call”. As the start time of the next rider approached, I had to wake them up. It’s no fun getting tired old people out of bed in the middle of the night! There were quite a few moans and protests. I have often heard: “Should I do this?” and “I don’t want to.” Eventually the runners got out of their warm sleeping bags and got the job done. As soon as their turns were over, they came back to them.

The weather that year was good for the runners. It was neither too hot nor too cold and it was not raining! When the sun rose the next morning, the sky was clear. Little by little, the runners woke up, stretched out and called for coffee. Everyone was happy to have survived the night. Now all they had to do was survive the morning – six more hours!

At the end of the 24 hours, the last cannon shot. No new round starts after this. Many teams and riders waited just before that to start their final laps. Their strategy was to do as many laps as possible before the final end. If you were “running” when the cannon fired, that round still counted.

The Golden Cranks finished the race. No one remembers how many laps they did and I don’t think they won any awards but they brought home some powerful memories.

Steve Swenson remembers driving through the woods at 3 am “The moon was out and it was beautiful! “

Peter Minnich recalled being followed by the hoots of an owl on his nighttime stroll – a surreal experience.

Somewhere in the forest, he encountered a horsewoman trying to find her way in the dark when her lights went out. He doesn’t remember if he helped her, but I suspect he lent her his extra light.

In 1999, another Golden Crank team was formed, consisting of Peter, Marc Jenks, Chuck Brooks and Mark Barlow. Mark was replacing Phil O., who broke his ankle just before the race. This time they had a better strategy. They didn’t need to run all night. Each runner only had to make a night trip. After their nightly turns were over, everyone went to bed, reserving for the morning.

There was a thunderstorm that night and things crept in quickly! Mark remembers walking on slippery parts, his glasses misting up and finishing his knees as muddy and sandy as they’ve ever been. He asked himself: “Are we having fun? “

The Golden Cranks held on. They did as many laps as they could and managed to beat the only opposing team in their class. Finally, they won a trophy!

This Saturday and Sunday the Great Glen 24 Hours is back after a six-year hiatus. This year’s “Return to the Land of Oz” program will share some of the same elements as these past races, but there are also many changes. There will still be night riding, solo and team competitions, field camping and lots of riding, 24 hours for some or 12 hours for others. Families are now involved, there is a “24 minute” option for the kids, great music, food trucks and Moat Mountain drinks. It will be more of a 24 hour mountain bike festival than a 24 hour race.

What started as a race with a modest 11 teams in 1995, the 24 Hours of Great Glen (24HOGG) has evolved and grown. This year’s event is sold out with a field of 500 runners. It will be an even bigger festival as everyone celebrates both the return of 24 HOGG in its 21st year and the 21st anniversary of Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewing Company. They all happen in 2021!

Head over to Great Glen Trails this weekend to join in the celebration.

On the horizon is the 48th Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb, scheduled for Saturday, August 21. It benefits the Tin Mountain Conservation Center. For more information on the race or to register, please visit the race website:

Sally McMurdo is a bicycle safety instructor and cyclist who lives in Conway.

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Is the Bicycle Company UK Britain’s biggest bicycle scam? Fri, 06 Aug 2021 13:42:19 +0000

Although it seems their days are numbered, there is always a chance that they can still catch people. Thanks to our forum members, this ‘business’ has come to our attention. The Bicycle Company UK has seemingly appeared out of nowhere and over the past few months has been ripping people off, offering bikes at discounted prices when no one else had stock.

By using a dormant business as a cover and trying to sound legitimate using existing business addresses, they managed to fool a few people. The scam site uses the addresses of two real companies, Bicycle Richmond and PGR Construction. They did everything they could to look like a real business. Built a website, tried to pass a Companies House profile as theirs, and created profiles online. But there is more to the story.

To prevent “The Bicycle Company UK” from defrauding someone else, here’s what we found in our investigation.

The Bicycle Company United Kingdom

It appears that The Bicycle Company UK website appeared around May 2021. Their Facebook page uploaded the first photo on May 20. Their Companies House profile is actually not theirs at all, a dormant business they’ve taken advantage of.

The current directors are Steve and David Wilcock and Rory Canning. People who wanted to start a business but never did. The crooks took advantage of this. He even went so far as to create a Facebook profile for Steve Wilcock and appoint him director of The Bicycle Company. In a Google search, one of the listings displays’Steve wilcock छ ‘, it looks like the profile may be from Nepal.

The addresses on the scam site are legitimate businesses, 6 The Old Quarry, Nene Valley Business, Park, Oundle, Peterborough, PE8 4HN. This is in fact the address of PGR Construction. The other, 120a Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1UR is the address of Bicycle Richmond. If you search for the company number on Companies House, you will get Bicycle LTD, the company information for those who own Bicycle Richmond.

We spoke to PGR Construction and Bicycle Richmond to find out more.

Their so-called store. Excerpt from Facebook. Can anyone name the real store?

RPG construction

Speaking to PGR Construction, it was revealed that they share company premises with an accountant. Many of the Accountant’s clients use the address to register their business with Companies House. Speaking to Lee Jinks of PGR Construction, he revealed that “The Bicycle Company (UK) LTD” incorporated into Companies House in 2018 was legitimate. The directors had every intention of starting a business, but that did not happen. The crooks saw the opportunity to use the dormant company as part of their scam. This is why the company is now dissolved.

On July 6, The Bicycle Company (UK) LTD requested deletion from the companies register. On July 13, a notice was published in The Gazette stating that the company would be struck off the register.

UK bicycle company

Try to shut them down

It was a dormant business, they (the crooks) took their name and made a website. It has been a nightmare because people are calling us because they have seen our offices and we get about 4 to 5 calls per week. I had the website shut down once, but the host is now in the US. We contacted the police who referred us to Action Fraud but nothing seems to be happening. While the host was in UK within a few calls I could talk to them and they would pick it up. Now that the host is in America, the information they want will take forever and it has nothing to do with our business.

When I spoke to Action Fraud they told me it’s kind of the trend right now, scammers will look at Companies House, find a dormant business, set up a website and fraudulently take people’s money. . The people who wanted to start a business were legitimate, it never happened. Now they are doing all they can to crush it.

Lee Jinks, PGR Construction

Richmond bike

Bike Richmond is aware of the fraudulent information used on the fraudulent website. They get up to five calls a day from people who have been scammed by the site.

Bicycle LTD, have been made aware of the fraudulent website named. We have reported this issue to the Metropolitan Police, as well as to website domain administrators and Companies House. So far, none of these organizations have provided assistance in removing the website.

The Bicycle Company is currently using our address and company registration details to scam people online into accepting payment for advertised products that they don’t have. All bikes listed require a valid dealer contract, none of which have been recognized by the bike manufacturers. Additionally, many of the bikes advertised are older models that haven’t been in stock for months. Anyone who has been affected should contact the police and obtain a crime reference number. We have been told by the police that fraudulent use of our company details to open a website is not considered a crime, so I urge people who have lost money to report it so that they take action.

Pear Jamieson, Workshop Manager at Richmond bike

Photoshop not quite ready

A quick glance at their website reveals a photo of their business premises. At first glance, you might not see anything wrong with it. However, with a bit of digging, it looks like the photo used is actually a Google Street View screenshot from 2016.

UK bicycle company
The bicycle company
The bicycle company. The bicycle rack is a strong point.
Our own screenshot from Google Maps.


Singletrack reader Sarah Bug spoke about her scam experience on the site:

While I should be experienced and smart enough not to fall for a crappy website like this, I ordered an Early Rider bike for my daughter.

Obviously, I never had the bike. But as they were chatting to me using poor English and talking bullshit, finally my brain kicked in. So, pretty quickly, I reported them to the police (in Germany, where I’m based) and advised my bank to do a chargeback. I got the money back and I’m in contact with the police, it looks like they’re actually investigating. I reported them to the police, an English site, their chat system, and their vivawallet.

Strangest thing, last night they emailed me saying my order is canceled (after changing my order status to “delivered” a few days ago). They offered to refund my money but they also asked me for a second payment to place a new order.

Sarah bug

Looking at their Trustpilot reviews, it’s clear The Bicycle Company UK reacts badly to any bad feedback. To any mention of a scam, their response is to call the review bogus and say that it was left by competitors or “the crazy people who laugh at the internet”.

Do not buy with The Bicycle Company UK

We can only hope that this site will be closed for good soon for the sake of the people who have been scammed and the businesses it has an impact on. Yes, The Bicycle Company UK is a scam, don’t buy with them. Visit the Action Fraud website to report fraud or cybercrime on their website.

Scott Sports warns of scam sites: we’ll sue you

Could this be the last nail in the coffin of online crooks?

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Could this be the last nail in the coffin of online crooks?

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Bicycle store donates $ 5,000 electric bike to North Augusta Public Safety Tue, 03 Aug 2021 13:28:45 +0000

North Augusta Public Safety has a new set of wheels.

Pedego Electric Bikes in Aiken presented one of their Ridge Rider electric mountain bikes to the department as a donation Monday at a North Augusta city council meeting.

The bike can go up to 20 mph and store owner Coker Day said it can go 56 miles with pedal assistance. The battery takes two to three hours to fully charge. It is initially valued at $ 4,495, but the police bikes, also known as “The Patrollers,” received special upgrades such as sirens and red and blue lights valued at around $ 500.

Day said he donated bicycles to Aiken Town Public Security and the Ministry of Natural Resources and received positive feedback.

“What they told me is that when they are there they can hear things and see things and smell things that you don’t see when you are in your patrol car.” Day said. “Plus, it gives you the chance to be more one-on-one with the community rather than being in a car and having a wall around you. There are a lot more personal interactions. “