Dixon’s Bike Shop: A family repair business has been keeping Park Slope moving for over 50 years

NEW YORK (CBS New York) – At Dixon’s Bike Shop in Park Slope, fixing bikes is a family tradition.

Chris and David Dixon inherited the business, which was founded by their father Harold in the 1960s. Their mother Marie remains a fixture.

“You can come here and tell my mom your problems. If she’s here, she’ll be sitting here for five hours. It’s free therapy all day,” Chris said.

Harold’s cousin Tony, in his fourth decade on the job, sees benefits in working alongside relatives. Faced with a challenge, each member of the family has specific knowledge to contribute.

“We sit and think until we get it,” Tony said.

Dixon’s has earned a reputation for accommodating special requests, from customizing old models to building new wheels.

“I enjoy looking for the parts and putting them back together. I feel a pride when the customer comes in and they don’t even recognize their own bike,” Tony said.

Sometimes referrals come from close competitors who are unwilling or unable to tackle the trickiest repairs.

“I appreciate that I have people going through other bike shops to come here,” Chris said.

Most important to the Dixons is maintaining the trust of their community.

“The formula my dad established years ago still works today,” Chris said. “Just be good to people, be fair with your prices, and do a great job. Be the best at what you do.”

Dixon Bike Shop
792 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 636-0067

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