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Electric mobility company NIU has several interesting electric motorcycles and scooters heading to the United States and Europe this year, but the company’s new BQi electric bike has garnered just as much attention recently. And now we finally get the pricing and tech specs as NIU showcases the new electric bike models at CES 2022.

The BQi features a new frame design, incorporating step-by-step geometry that eschews the ubiquitous Dutch bike geometry in favor of a much more modern design.

Powered by a 500W continuous, 750W rear Bafang hub motor, the bike will reach a top speed in the US of 28 mph (45 km / h).

European versions will be more limited thanks to stricter regulations on e-bikes, requiring the bike to only carry a 250W motor and reduce power to 25 km / h (15.5 mph).

The American version will have both an accelerator and pedal assistance, while the European version will only work on pedal assistance.

The bike will be connected to an app and will include safety features similar to those already developed for NIU mopeds and electric scooters.

The new frame design allows for two locking, concealed batteries to be installed without creating an overly bulky or bulbous frame.

NIU had previously said a range of up to 60 miles (100 km) would be achievable, but had not released any information on the battery capacity. Now, NIU has confirmed that each battery will provide a capacity of 480Wh (48V and 10Ah), for a total of 960Wh.

The batteries will be built with 21700 format cells supplied by LG, and the bike will have a five hour recharge time.

A belt drive setup makes the e-bike a single speed, which is either a plus or a minus depending on your own cycling needs. The belt drive will take any maintenance out of the chain or derailleur and will likely last much longer than a chain. However, some cyclists in hilly areas prefer to have multiple gears to achieve a low gear ratio for climbing.

Or at least it was before. Many riders now find that e-bikes can climb hills even at a single speed, as power assist helps compensate for less than optimal low-speed pedaling cadence.

BQi models on display at NIU’s CES 2022 booth feature mechanical disc brakes, but NIU representative confirmed Electrek that production bikes would actually be fitted with hydraulic disc brakes.

The 67.5 lb (30.6 kg) e-bikes have a load capacity of 360 lb (163 kg), including passengers and cargo. With an integrated rear rack, transporting cargo should be easy on the BQi.

NIU announced that the BQi would be priced at $ 1,499 in the United States. This price is lower than many of the other major e-bike options for e-bikes for commuters.

Although this is the first time that NIU has presented the BQi in North America, we got a glimpse of the electric bike at the Milan Motorcycle Show at the end of last year. NIU took the opportunity to present several new models such as the MQi GT EVO 60 mph (100 km / h) electric scooter and the upcoming RQi electric motorcycle. You can see them all and more in our video below.

The innovative design of the NIU BQi, combined with NIU’s impressive manufacturing capabilities and an attractive price, could help NIU shake up the electric bicycle industry in the United States and Europe.

The company recently announced its sales figures for 2021, which showed NIU had sold more than one million electric two-wheelers worldwide last year. This type of fabrication cannot be ignored.

While NIU’s major expertise began in electric mopeds and sit-down scooters, the company has now expanded into electric scooters.

These upright electric scooters incorporate much of the technology developed by NIU, but in a smaller, more portable package.

Lighter devices are also lighter on the wallet, with the latest edition of NIU’s KQi1 electric scooter priced at just $ 349.

While we watch videos, below you can see my review of NIU’s first electric kickscooter.

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Do you want to buy ATV, UTV and off-road motorcycle parts in Canada? Here is a guide https://tacbikes.com/do-you-want-to-buy-atv-utv-and-off-road-motorcycle-parts-in-canada-here-is-a-guide/ Wed, 05 Jan 2022 12:00:10 +0000 https://tacbikes.com/do-you-want-to-buy-atv-utv-and-off-road-motorcycle-parts-in-canada-here-is-a-guide/

This tutorial will start by helping you select which fixes for your vehicle have been replaced with aftermarket parts, as well as showing you how to determine which options are right for you and, most importantly, how to select the most cost-effective payment plan. for your budget.

Suppose you live in Canada and are looking for the perfect dealer where you can buy the right accessories for your needs and taste. With the wide range of alternatives available in the market, purchasing ATV UTV and Dirt Bike Parts Canada can be difficult. In that case, you need to do extensive research, read reviews online, pay close attention to pricing, and more – the list is too long. Read on and you can have a great buy with the help of our guide.

If you are in love with these bikes, you can understand how much you would love to keep them in pristine condition. There are a lot of things you need to consider when it comes to getting your hands on the best parts. The market is big and the variety you get is endless, but you have to decide what features you want and at what price. So let’s move on and understand everything in detail that will help you grab the best quickly.

ATV, UTV and Off-Road Motorcycle parts are expensive to repair
Another option is to purchase ATV UTV and Dirt Bike replacement parts directly from the manufacturer, but expect a premium. On the other hand, used off-road motorcycle components can save you a lot of money while still running, as well as new ones. Moreover, when you buy used motocross parts online from a reliable source, you can get high quality parts at a lower price.

How to buy used motorcycle parts
For off-road riders on a budget, used components make the most sense. Buying used parts over the Internet is like buying something else from a catalog. It is a motorcyclist’s dream to be able to search component inventories anywhere in the world using a computer. It’s much better than going to a dump and hoping to find everything that matches.

  • You will need to go online and research the exact make and model of the part you are looking for.
  • Check that the Internet service provider has enough contact information for you to ask questions.
  • Compare prices from multiple internet providers to make sure you receive the best deal.
  • On off-road motorcycle forums, company review websites, and other places, look for tips, reviews, and opinions.
  • Please contact the company if you have any issues with the component, ordering, shipping, or returns and exchanges.
  • Place your order and sit back and wait for it to be delivered.

There is no doubt that used parts for dirt bikes, ATVs, and UTVs are less expensive than new parts. As long as you do your research to find a reliable source, you will appreciate the savings associated with used offroad motorcycle components.

You can get it quickly, inexpensively and trustworthy used motorcycle parts, atv parts and atv parts on the internet for a fair price. Of course, nothing beats the off-road bike, but postponing expensive maintenance is not an option. If you love to ride off-road motorcycles, then settle for nothing less than high quality used bike parts when the time comes to fix them.

Things to consider when purchasing components for these bikes
You might want off-road motorcycle, ATV, or UTV parts for a variety of reasons, but unless you’re a seasoned mechanic, you probably don’t know where to start. How do you know you are getting a good deal on the parts you need? How do you know if you’re getting a fair price on a durable item? Here are some things to consider when purchasing UTV parts.

UTVs and ATVs are mainly used for business purposes, such as racing. Because they are employed on farms, logging operations, tough construction sites, forest reserves, campsites and other remote areas. UTVs are sometimes considered recreational vehicles because they are well suited for pioneer hunting expeditions and pleasure vacations. UTVs can now be ordered online which is one of the most exciting developments in the industry. Your selected UTV will be delivered to the desired location when you make a purchase. UTVs, like any other vehicle, can break down.

To begin with, how much money should you spend on your vehicle? Keep in mind that the price listed for a part is not always the price you will ultimately pay. You may also be responsible for shipping, assembly, and insurance charges, so include those in your budget. If you don’t know how much something will cost, remember that it’s always better to overestimate than underestimate.

If you don’t know where to start when looking for off-road motorcycle, ATV, and UTV components and accessories, check the manufacturers people recommend online. Which companies have been in business the longest? Which one has received the most favorable reviews from consumers like you? Even if you are buying from a company other than the reviews, reading their brand reviews can provide you with a frame of reference and a starting point for your research.

When it comes to brands, many UTVs require specialized components from their manufacturers. So, if you are shopping for a UTV, make sure it isn’t from a niche manufacturer that uses expensive or hard to find aftermarket parts.


photo by Martin jaroš to Unsplash

What parts do you need for your UTV or off-road motorcycle?
Riding through the mud in your Mercedes when you have the money isn’t worth it. Accordingly, you should buy a utility vehicle. In cases where a typical route is not passable, a UTV can help. While changing terrain, a trip that can handle the environment is essential. You cannot afford to destroy your car’s shock absorbers when a UTV can maneuver the area without causing damage. Maintaining the UTV can be difficult if you can’t find the right provider.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose Dirt Bike, ATV and UTV Canada Parts. The first step in getting the best custom UTV parts is figuring out what you need. You need to have a clear idea of ​​what you want before you start your search online or at a local dealership. If you don’t make a list of the unique components you need, you can’t get everything you need all at once.

Check if you are working with the right person
Parts for dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs are easily accessible. It is possible to obtain counterfeit and natural items. It is entirely up to you to choose the most acceptable choice. You must have a good time when driving your utility vehicle. Therefore, you need to find the most suitable reseller for your purchase. Unlike bad merchants who just want your money and don’t care about your UTV, a good merchant will give you a discount on the parts you buy and focus on customer satisfaction. Only the appropriate stores can offer great prices because they value their customers and want to keep them for a long time.

Take a look at your customer service
Customer service is something you ignore. A large trader listens to consumer requests regardless of the number of pieces in the basket. They treat all customers fairly and place customer satisfaction above profit. Discussion and negotiation of products is not the end of customer service. The packaging is included in the customer service. You need to select a company that offers good service and that you are willing to patronize and buy again. Find a place where you can confidently suggest others.

Find promotional codes
Make sure to take a look at the various discount codes available so that you can try them out. These codes will help you make your purchases for a lower amount. This will help you get the right parts within your budget.

Look for ways to trade in your old items
You don’t have to buy everything to get the right portion. Experiment with the exchanges to see what happens. Rather than leaving your product to rust in the garage and buying a new one, it is advisable to exchange it for a new one. Some people like second-hand products because they are more durable. It is crucial that you have the right parts for your service. You can customize your UTV if you go to the right dealership.

This was a comprehensive guide to understanding everything there is to know about buying offroad motorcycles, ATVs, and UTV parts. If you are not from the United States, don’t worry. Keep in mind that the majority of UTVS are designed for off-road use.

Buying ATV, UTV, and Dirt Bike parts can be confusing, but the vast array of options and possibilities can be exciting too. There are various aspects to consider when looking for ATV, UTV, and Dirt Bike parts, including models, features, purpose, pricing, and financing options. This tutorial will start by helping you select which fixes for your vehicle have been replaced with aftermarket parts, as well as showing you how to determine which options are right for you and, most importantly, how to select the most cost-effective payment plan. for your budget.

Main photo by Timothy Fröbel to Unsplash

Mike’s Bike Shop opens second store in Huber Heights https://tacbikes.com/mikes-bike-shop-opens-second-store-in-huber-heights/ Mon, 03 Jan 2022 18:12:59 +0000 https://tacbikes.com/mikes-bike-shop-opens-second-store-in-huber-heights/

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – Mike’s Bike Park will open its second bike store in Huber Heights in the first quarter of 2022.

Mike’s Bike Park in downtown Dayton is a 50,000 square foot indoor bike center as well as Dayton’s only full-service bicycle sales, repair and maintenance shop, according to Mike’s Bike Park.

The second store will open at 4782 Fishburg Rd. Which is a few blocks from the recently opened Huber Bike and Skate Park at Monita Field.

“We have worked very hard to train our bicycle repair specialists, develop relationships with bicycle distributors and satisfy customers with their bicycle repair and sales needs over the past five years. Expanding to a market that can use our services makes a lot of sense at this point, ”said Michael Bisig, owner of Mike’s Bike Park. “With Huber Heights’ recent development of their BMX pumping track and skate park just down the road, the timing couldn’t be better.”

Bisig said not only will they sell and repair BMX bikes, but also offer full service and sales on all mountain, road and fitness bikes in the new store, in addition to skateboards. , scooters and specialized bikes.

According to Mike’s Bike Park, they plan to open the new store in February. They are planning to throw a big opening party for the whole family with food trucks, specials, a DJ and more.

For more information visit Mikesbikepark.com.

It’s all about the customer – Top tips for bike store sales – Features https://tacbikes.com/its-all-about-the-customer-top-tips-for-bike-store-sales-features/ Thu, 30 Dec 2021 07:17:49 +0000 https://tacbikes.com/its-all-about-the-customer-top-tips-for-bike-store-sales-features/

By Jake Voelcker, Owner, Bicycleworks

A customer looking for a new bike walks through the door … How is the conversation going? What does your sales process look like? Ask yourself what they are going to use the bike for? Award yourself 10 points! Are you asking a little more about themselves? 20 points! Or do you show them a range of shiny new bikes and tell them how great they all are? Uh-oh… You lose 50 points!

The theme is: always ask questions. The customer doesn’t want to hear about your road bikes if they come to buy a folding bike. They also don’t care about the quality of this year’s electric mountain bikes … but how do you know if you don’t ask? It’s not about you. It is not about the store. It’s not even the bikes. Everything revolves around the customer.

Consultation and diagnosis
Think of yourself as a doctor. The client is showing symptoms – he wants to exercise, or he is unhappy with his current bike, or he needs to start commuting – and he may already have some idea of ​​the medication which he says him, would work, that is to say the bike he wants.

But would a good doctor give the patient any old medicine he asks for? You need to check if they have described all of their symptoms. Are they only going to use the bike in town? Or would they like to try longer rides on the weekend if they have a good enough bike? Then you need to check if the medicine will cure the symptoms. The customer may want a folding bicycle because it is easier to store. But what if they have a 20 mile daily commute and need to carry heavy luggage? Is a folding bicycle always the right option? In the long run, the customer won’t thank you for selling them the wrong bike even if it’s the bike they requested! But if you listen carefully to their demands, make recommendations, and then sell the right bike, you have a satisfied customer for life.

“… and what else?”
Always ask for more, dig a little deeper. Jane Doe has come to buy a commuter bike, but if you ask a few more questions, she might reveal a plan to cycle around Europe next year. So now you know that she is in the market for a touring bike as well. Joe Bloggs says he needs a basic bike to get to his new job. But if you ask him, he can tell you that he works nights. Now you can show him the model with dynamo lights and ask if he needs hi-vis gear as well. He’s happy because he’s never heard of dynamo lights and thinks it’s a great idea. You’re happy because you’ve just sold £ 150 worth of upgrades.

Logic or emotion?
It’s not just smart upgrades like dynamo lights. Much of the customer’s selling decision is based on emotion, so work with that. Sell ​​them an idea, a dream. How will this bike make them feel?

For for example, if they have told you that they are looking for a bike as part of a weight loss plan, start your sentences “Once you cycle regularly …” or “As soon as you reach this level fitness… ”It shows you understand them, you believe in them, you buy into their dream.

If they’re interested in the prints of touring bikes on your walls, reveal that these photos were taken by customers who rode the same model of bike around the world last year. Even though your customer buys the bike to get to work, they now feel like they’re buying into the dream of being able to cycle around the world – who knows, maybe they will!

Don’t fall at the last hurdle
Finally, don’t waste the sale at the last minute by forcing the customer to do all the work. Don’t leave an awkward silence, which forces the customer to say “I can’t decide now, I could come back” and definitely don’t go for it and say nothing as blunt as “So, do you want it? Make it easy for them to say yes, straighten the road. At the right time, say something like “I’m so glad you like it” or “From what you’ve told me, it’s just perfect for you, what do you think?” “

A three-step consultation
Prepare some opening questions. For example: “Where do you work? “And where do you live?”
These are great questions to get to know the client better and to gather clues about their personality, life, likes and dislikes.

2. Create a simple consultation process. Be open with the customer about this. For example: “I would like to ask a few more questions, this will help us narrow down the options and show you exactly the right bikes. Are you okay with that? ”Then ask questions like,“ Why are you going to use your new bike? Nothing else? And what else? What don’t you like about your current bike? “

3. Once you’ve got to know the client and roughly defined their needs, you’ll need a simple menu, or palette of options, so that you can make your recommendations. In Bicycleworks stores, we support the customer through the relevant options and accessories from our online bicycle builder, after first having largely chosen the model that best suits their needs.

After implementing this system we saw our average sale value drop from £ 650 to £ 800 just because we ask the right questions and offer some really useful and interesting upgrades and upsells.

Uncle from bicycle shop changes life of wayward teenager https://tacbikes.com/uncle-from-bicycle-shop-changes-life-of-wayward-teenager/ Sun, 26 Dec 2021 20:09:13 +0000 https://tacbikes.com/uncle-from-bicycle-shop-changes-life-of-wayward-teenager/

Lianne Chia and Eileen Chew

SINGAPORE (CNA) – For Chen Jun Wei, 18, what made him fall in love with cycling was the wind in his hair and the euphoria of riding fast on deserted roads at night.

But it is also an escape. He doesn’t see much of his parents – a truck driver and a convenience store assistant. “I do my best to spend time with them, but I think they are very busy,” he said.

Almost every night he got on his bike – a gift from his parents to avoid trouble – and roamed the roads of Singapore. He remembers an “epic” island tour, when he cycled from 5 pm to 6 am.

He had friends who liked to ride a bike, but he usually rode alone. Also, he said, his friends mostly rode road bikes – faster and easier to pedal on roads and sidewalks – and his mountain bike couldn’t keep up with them.

In July, one of them, Shaun, told him about Team Garcia, young cyclists who took part in local competitions. It piqued his interest: maybe he would find some new buddies to ride with – after all, it finally got lonely to ride alone.

He asked Shaun if he could join the team.

This is how he walked into a neighborhood bike shop in Bishan and met the man who changed not only his life, but the lives of others like him through a combination of loving care and of an opportunity.

Chen Jun Wei and Melvin Lee, the man who gave him a new purpose in life. PHOTOS: CNA
Part of the Garcia team during a training session in Seletar


The owner of RNE Bike Shop and founder of the Garcia team is Melvin Lee, 54 years old. He too was once a teenager who lacked the care he now so willingly offers.

He saw his sailor father once a year, while his mother, who did odd jobs – from sewing military clothes to selling laksa in the streets – struggled to make ends meet for Lee and her two sisters. .

Left alone at home, he walked through his neighborhood of Circuit Road, a place he describes as infamous for gang activity. It wasn’t long before he joined a youth gang himself. “We could bully a guy for a whole year,” he recalls.

His results dropped and he was about to be kicked out of school.

Around this time, when he was 14, a police officer approached him to join the MacPherson Boys’ Club. The Boys’ Club, run by the police, was a network of clubs that provided at-risk teens a safe place to relax in the housing estates.

Lee agreed, drawn to the activities and free games on offer. What kept him there, however, were the mentors – the police.

It was tough love, he said, and they demanded respect.

“They always said, ‘I can handcuff you – don’t play the fool’,” he said. “But they took care of us. They saw that we were hungry; they would say, ‘Go buy some food’. I will pay.'”

They sometimes insisted that he join events and excursions like a trip. “They were like, ‘I’ve already put your name down. It’s an order – you better go, ”he said. He has never regretted going there.

He mostly clicked with one of the mentors, whom he knew as Uncle Tang. “He’s a Cantonese, I’m a Cantonese,” Lee said. “He is very close to me.

Uncle Tang basically raised him, gave him “a lot of support” and even spoke to his mother sometimes to say that “actually Lee is not that bad.”

That’s why, when he failed his O levels and decided to enroll in a machining apprenticeship course with a three-year obligation, he asked Uncle Tang to be his surety.

“When he read the contract he was shocked,” Lee said. It wasn’t until the signing that Uncle Tang found out that he would have to pay SGD 32,000. But to Lee’s relief, Uncle Tang signed the contract. “He said, be a good person, okay?” Do not let me down.

With the opportunity, Lee graduated with honors and began his career as a machinist.

Over the years, he rose through the ranks in different companies, earned an engineering degree and traveled the world, helping to oversee projects. Eventually, he started his own plastic injection molding business.


In 2013, Lee decided it was time for a change. After selling his business, he was spending his time fishing when a friend approached him about the idea of ​​starting a bicycle shop.

“I just wanted to pass the time,” he said. “Every day I was just at the fishing pond… until one day my wife told me that I would lose touch with the world if I continued like this. “

At the time, he had no cycling experience. But he learned to serve them and began to enjoy the process. Two years later he launched his own brand of bikes, Garcia.
One day in 2018, two teenagers walked into his shop.

Miguel Mitch Pacheco and his friend Yanda saw an Italian racing bike outside the store.

Curious as to why such a bicycle – which they had been eyeing on Carousell – was parked in the heart of the country, they stepped inside.

Lee immediately caught their attention, and not in a good way. “He looked very fierce,” said Pacheco, now 21. But they were quickly surprised, for he was “the nicest uncle you could meet.”

Even though they didn’t know their way around a bike shop, Lee sensed their interest while chatting with them, so he invited them to join a recreational cycling group formed by him and his friends.

Over time, the relationship grew. Lee thought the boys had “potential” and they started spending more time with him, helping repair customers’ bikes and learning the ropes.

In 2019, he thought it would be a good challenge for them to compete in a national individual time trial championship.

He covered their competition costs and roped a client’s son – Ting Chun, 38, who had racing experience – to train them for free. The boys were scared but accepted.

They had six weeks to train, compared to the three to four months that serious riders usually take. But they trained hard, and Lee told them to do their best and “have fun” no matter where they are placed.

But the results stunned them. Pacheco placed 13th out of 18 riders, while Yanda placed fourth out of 16 in a category where he faced national cyclists.

Yanda, now 20, was selected for the national development team, which was the first step towards the goal of joining the national team.

He eventually gave up, but that’s when Lee realized there was potential to take the team further, and the Garcia team was officially formed.


Indeed, the character at the heart of the team is Lee, or Uncle as the runners call him.

“Without him, you can’t really call Garcia, Garcia,” Pacheco said.

Pacheco remembers being very shy when he first met Lee. But it’s hard to tell he was introverted the way he behaves now: confidently as he gives advice to the younger boys in the store.

“(Uncle) told me to talk more, even at work or school, just go to (people) and talk to them if you want to talk to them,” the young man said. “He’s basically like a consultant.”

Over the years, Pacheco has noticed how Lee has an intuitive way of getting runners, especially newbies, to open up to him. And the advice he gives them is “70% on life, 30% on the bike”.

“That’s what made this team a little more family friendly,” added Pacheco. “We have that sense of belonging here.”

He himself asks Lee for advice on everything from relationships to finances. “I was tasteless in high school and had no idea what I wanted to do,” he said. “But uncle gave me the spark to be in business.”

He is currently studying accounting at the Institute of Technical Education. In his spare time, he helps make bicycle wheels for a business Lee started with him and two others.

He also mentors other boys like Chen, who is now the proud owner of a Garcia road bike in black and purple.

Chen’s parents contributed about SGD 500 out of the SGD 3,000 cost, and the teenager worked as a warehouse assistant almost every day for two months to pay the rest. Lee sold him the bike at almost cost price, he recalls.

At that time, he had only known Lee for a month. Chen still remembers what his uncle told him when he was introduced to the bike: “Just (take a) shot. “


Chen has since taken a hard hit. The team trains on Thursdays and Saturdays, and they never miss a session.

In his free time he always rides on his own, enjoying the speed of his new bike and putting into practice the skills he learned from the team.

As if to make climbs. During a practice, the team took him to Mount Faber, and he remembers laughing on the way up when most of his teammates fell behind.

“I felt like it was easy for me, but I looked back and saw most of them struggling.

It was pretty funny, “he said.” I felt like I had a lot of power. “

He’s always happy to lend a hand to his teammates and he knows how to fix bikes.

He loves his bike, too – it shows by the careful way he wipes it down and his detailed explanation of how he takes care of it. “It’s like my girlfriend,” he said with a smile.

Today, he dreams of representing the country, or of riding in Europe. And career-wise, he wants to “be the best engineer (he) can be.”

His newfound confidence doesn’t just come from the team but from Lee, who pushed him out of his shell.

“I always tell him, talk more. The more you hide, the more you suffer. Maybe when you’re talking someone can help you, ”Lee said.

Within just a few months, Chen even started mentoring new boys, teaching them how to ride as a team. “I’m so proud of him,” Lee said. “He was telling me he was very weak and couldn’t keep up with the team, but now he has the ambition to represent Singapore.”

Seeing that young people like Chen have flourished under his care, as he did at the Boys’ Club, he knows he is leaving a legacy.

And just as he keeps in touch with his former mentor, Uncle Tang, he hopes the boys will stay in touch with him even as they grow rich and famous.

“I always tell my boys, (when) you are famous and successful, you have to remember my uncle,” he said with a chuckle. “Anyone who can be a minister, please take a picture with me.”

For him, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.

Once a temperamental teenager, this uncle from the bike shop changed his life. Now he pays forward https://tacbikes.com/once-a-temperamental-teenager-this-uncle-from-the-bike-shop-changed-his-life-now-he-pays-forward/ Fri, 24 Dec 2021 22:04:29 +0000 https://tacbikes.com/once-a-temperamental-teenager-this-uncle-from-the-bike-shop-changed-his-life-now-he-pays-forward/

Lee agreed, drawn to the activities and free games on offer, like snooker, which he would never have had the chance to play otherwise. What kept him there, however, were the mentors – the police.

It was tough love, he said, and they demanded respect.

“They always said, ‘I can handcuff you, don’t play the fool’,” he recalls. “But they took care of us. They saw that we were hungry; they would say, ‘Go buy some food’. I will pay.'”

They sometimes insisted that he join events and excursions like a trip to Haw Par Villa. “They were like, ‘I’ve already put your name down. It’s an order – you better come, ”he said. He never regretted going there.

He mostly clicked with one of the mentors, whom he knew as Uncle Tang. “He’s a Cantonese, I’m a Cantonese,” Lee said. “He is very close to me.

Uncle Tang “basically” raised him, gave him “a lot of support” and even spoke to his mother sometimes to say that “actually Lee is not that bad.”

That’s why, when he failed his O levels and decided to enroll in a machining apprenticeship course with a three-year obligation, he asked Uncle Tang to be his surety.

“When he read the contract he was shocked,” Lee said. It wasn’t until the signing that Uncle Tang found out he would have to pay S $ 32,000 – a huge sum at the time – if Lee broke the bond.

But to Lee’s relief, Uncle Tang signed the contract. “He said, ‘Ho ho zho lang (be a good person), okay?’,” Said Lee. “Do not let me down.”

With the opportunity to make a success of his life, Lee graduated with distinction and began his career as a machinist.

Over the years, he rose through the ranks in different companies, earned an engineering degree and traveled the world, helping to oversee various projects. Eventually, he started his own plastic injection molding business.

Local Custom Bike Shop offers FREE assembly for ANY bike https://tacbikes.com/local-custom-bike-shop-offers-free-assembly-for-any-bike/ Fri, 24 Dec 2021 19:36:34 +0000 https://tacbikes.com/local-custom-bike-shop-offers-free-assembly-for-any-bike/

Local Custom Bike Shop offers FREE assembly for ANY bike

Local Custom Bike Shop offers FREE assembly for ANY bike

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Epic Bike Shop in Springfield says they don’t care where you bought your bike, they’ll assemble or inspect it for you for FREE. (OFFER EXPIRES JANUARY 20, 2022.)

Store owner Daniel Mosser told Smokey Barn News he doesn’t sell new bikes. Epic bikes are all custom rebuilds with an array of features and colors that will make everyone stand out in the crowd.

Mosser said it can be difficult to build a bike if you only do it once a year, let alone put everything together without scratching the paint. Mosser’s team will assemble (or if it’s already built) give it a thorough safety inspection absolutely free.

The Mosser store is located at 2650 Old Hwy 431 S., Springfield, TN CARD. Don’t hesitate to call his store at 615-881-2798.

“It doesn’t matter where you got it, we’ll have it ready the next day!” Epic Bike Shop is a small, full-service, family-friendly bike shop specializing in bike repair, parts, and tune-up! We also carry out complete restorations and create motorcycles! We recycle unwanted bikes and make them new! Donations of unused bikes under all conditions are welcome! Next year, we plan to donate one free bike per month to someone in need! We are happy to assist and are honored to serve Robertson County! Call for an appointment or visit our website at OurEpicJoy.com. “

Here’s a look at some of Epic’s custom creations.

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What qualification to put in a CV – Bike Hacks https://tacbikes.com/what-qualification-to-put-in-a-cv-bike-hacks/ Fri, 24 Dec 2021 18:37:39 +0000 https://tacbikes.com/what-qualification-to-put-in-a-cv-bike-hacks/

All over the United States, people ride their bikes for commuting and fun. It is therefore quite common to find bicycles nearby. This means that you will also find several bicycle shops in the surrounding area, as people will need to repair and maintain their bikes from time to time.

As a bicycle mechanic, that means you have a skill set that is in demand across the country. So if you find yourself looking for a new job at a bike shop for whatever reason, you must be able to show your resume.

What qualification to put in a CV

However, having a CV to show off is one thing, while having a compelling CV is quite another. For many, their resume skills are good enough, but they don’t have the help they need to make it compelling enough for an employer.

Each bicycle shop would only be willing to hire a mechanic who has the professional expertise and qualifications to handle bicycle repair and maintenance. So you need to be able to prove it and show that you understand the different types and models of bikes.

And there is no better way to do it than your CV. This means that you may need to work with professional resume writers to polish your resume to meet the requirements of the position you are looking for.

Make sure you get the most out of your resume by discussing your experiences providing different types of services for different bike owners, the types of bikes you’ve worked on, and the type of repair you’ve acquired your bike with. expertise.

If you’ve taken specialist cycling training from some manufacturers, be sure to add it to your resume. This information makes your CV more attractive and increases your chances of being hired at the bicycle repair shop.

You can choose to write your CV in different ways, but the focus should be the same, which means the principles behind it are the same. For example, you try to sell yourself to a potential employer by showing them your qualifications in your resume.

Obligations to be included in the curriculum vitae

According to several resume writing services, as a bike mechanic, you are responsible for repairing and maintaining different types of bikes. So, the typical tasks that you should list on your CV are

  • Identify problems with other bikes.
  • Suggest and develop solutions to the problem.
  • Replace parts and make repairs.
  • Listening to customers.
  • Provide customers with quotes.
  • Participation in cycling events
  • Make the paper work.

Essential skills to include in the curriculum vitae

While these are some of the tasks you should list on your resume, there are some essential skills you should also highlight to improve your chances of being hired by an employer. Some of these skills are:

  • Problem solving
  • Know-how
  • Mechanical aptitudes
  • Dexterity
  • Time management skills
  • Customer service
  • Attention to detail

According to a resume writer, these skills can also be assessed as part of your qualifications as a bicycle mechanic.

You don’t need a formal education to be eligible for a bike mechanic job at a bike shop. However, it does give you a competitive edge if you have proven bike repair and maintenance qualifications on your resume.

To be successful as a bicycle mechanic, you need specific skills, qualifications and experience. So, when you apply for a bike mechanic job, you should refine your resume in a way that highlights those skills and expertise to show that you are the right fit for the job.

There are several CV examples online from many professional CV services that you can follow while creating your CV. However, you need to make sure that the one you choose can highlight your skills and qualifications appropriately.

Professional summary of your CV

As a professional bicycle mechanic and avid bicycle enthusiast, you should have comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge in the construction, repair, maintenance and overhaul of bicycles. You need to be able to work on all kinds of bikes ranging from adult bikes to children’s bikes, tricycles, e-bikes and tandems.

You should also have an excellent knowledge of major international brands and models of bikes. This goes hand in hand with a thorough knowledge of the different materials used in modern bicycle technology, such as titanium and carbon fiber. This means that you need to be up to date in your knowledge base, the bikes, and the cycling industry.

It is also important that you become familiar with the different sets of components such as Campagnolo and Shimano, and you should know which one to use and when to use them.

Problem solving skills are an important qualification as you need to diagnose complex faults and repair them. Dressing and building wheels is another skill that you should have and be an expert in front and rear bike suspension systems.

As a person, you need to be strong and extremely fit physically and be able to test the bikes on the road on your own to make sure you’ve done a great job. In addition, you must be a team player and have the ability to cope with a high workload and work under pressure without compromising on quality.

South Street Ministries Bike Shop wins Millennium Fund grant https://tacbikes.com/south-street-ministries-bike-shop-wins-millennium-fund-grant/ Sat, 11 Dec 2021 10:47:45 +0000 https://tacbikes.com/south-street-ministries-bike-shop-wins-millennium-fund-grant/

Every summer, Joe Tucker discovers how a bicycle can change a child’s life.

He witnesses how riding with friends helps them develop a sense of community and how riding alone promotes independence.

“It gives them a larger reality with a world view,” he said. “It transforms their world from 4 blocks to 20 and it expands where and how they live.”

Through South Street Ministries’ Bike Shop program, Tucker, the executive director of the nonprofit Summit Lake / South Akron, also sees around 100 children each summer developing relationships with caring adults while learning to mend. broken bikes and ultimately earn a living. own.

The Bike Shop was recently named one of 24 organizations that received a total of $ 40,300 in grants under the program. Millennium Fund for Children, a partnership between the Akron Beacon Journal and the Akron Community Foundation.

Following:STARS program celebrates achievements of host youth and wins Millennium Fund grant

Donate to the Millennium Children's Fund.

South Street plans to use the award to expand and improve the program by attracting people who can train volunteers in high-end repair, which will give children a better education on repairing and maintaining bicycles.

Joe Tucker, Executive Director of South Street Ministries, hangs a bicycle stored in the Bike Shop's bicycle shed.  The Bike Shop is one of South Street Ministries' oldest programs and is a recipient of the 2021 Millennium Fund grant.

They also hope to expand their free bicycle rental programs at community events such as Kenmore First Fridays and Summit Lake Farmers Market and improve their sales of fully refurbished locks, pumps and bicycles.

The program, one of South Street’s oldest initiatives, was started around 20 years ago and is currently hosted at the South Street Founders’ House, where children meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings during the been to fix a shed full of broken bikes in the driveway.

Joe Tucker, Executive Director of South Street Ministries, gestures when talking about The Bike Shop.  The Bike Shop is one of South Street Ministries' oldest programs and is a recipient of the 2021 Millennium Fund grant.

Children have to help repair bikes or clean and organize the store for a certain number of hours depending on their age in order to win a bike.

“When it works, and it doesn’t always work, you get a kid who learns how to use the tools and can say ‘I fixed this myself,'” said Tucker, who first started training. volunteering with Bike Shop as part of his Eagle Scout. project. “I tell the volunteers that if it takes them two hours to change a flat tire, that’s fine. They have time. It’s two hours spent learning something together.”