Gear shift at the bike shop

New name same service. . . Former Cycle Ventures owner Rob Connolly is excited about the future of renowned boutique Hub and Sprocket Cycles. PHOTO: NIC DUFF

After 10 years guiding cyclists on the Waitaki trails, Cycle Ventures has shifted gears.

Oamaru man Rob Connolly has split his business in two, separating the travel agency from the cycle shop Wansbeck St.

Mr Connolly sold the name and rights to travel company Cycle Ventures, which had switched to Twizel, last month.

He would continue to run the cycle store under the new name Hub and Sprocket Cycles and was very excited about the future of the business.

”I’m thrilled to have a bit more brain space without actually having to run two businesses. So it will be good to focus on one thing,” he said.

The touring side of the business had been on the market for a few years and now seemed like a good time to sell, he said.

”The company is in a very good place.

“It’s growing every year, there are customers coming back all the time, so to sell it, it’s a good time to sell when it’s doing well.”

The store would now focus on repairs and retail, and offer rental services.

He reassured the travel agency’s customers that they would always receive high-quality tours.

“Most of our clients on the circuits are always away from Oamaru, so pretty much they will get the same service from Cycle Ventures, based wherever it is in the country. ”

The change has relieved his plate a lot and allowed him to open the shop more often.

”We had to close sometimes, because we were so busy on the trail that we couldn’t keep it open as well.”

The renamed name carries a clever double meaning, he said.

”Hub obviously meaning the hub of a bicycle, but also a meeting place.

“We meet a lot of people – a lot of rides start from here – so it’s a bit of a hub on that base as well.”