Life Electric Vehicles’ St. Patrick’s Day e-bike sale coming soon

The Phantom XR mountain e-bike is on sale

Life Electric Vehicles (Life EV), a local manufacturer praised for its high-quality e-bikes and exceptional customer service, will be offering customers a bargain this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Bike enthusiasts won’t want to miss this sale of Life EV’s premier Phantom XR trail e-bike at a deep discount.

the Ghost XR is a customer-favorite electric mountain bike due to its sleek design, impressive durability, and great versatility. The bike is perfect for city commuters and off-road mountain biking.

Customers praise Life EV’s Phantom Series with a five-star rating for its impressive quality and performance. The bike features a tough yet lightweight design and customizable components, making it the ideal choice for street use. The bike travels up to 20 MPH and is legal in all 50 states. The bike’s battery offers an impressive 35 miles of life per charge.

Versatility takes center stage with the Phantom XR’s triple aluminum rims and 26″ x 1.95″ all-terrain tires. These components allow the bike to perform exceptionally off-road for mountain bikers.

The Phantom XR is available in two color options, including a sleek matte black or silver brushed aluminum frame. The Phantom XR, worth $1,499, will be offered at a discounted price of just $1,099.

This deal won’t last long. Bike enthusiasts can take advantage of the discounted price March 17-20 using code LUCK100 at checkout. Life EV offers customers free delivery on all e-bikes.

Life EV is proud to provide bike enthusiasts in South Florida and across the United States with high-quality, well-built e-bikes at affordable prices.

Learn more about Life electric vehicles

Life Electric Vehicles was founded in 2018 and is a fast-growing US-based electric vehicle developer, manufacturer and marketer. Life Electric Vehicles is home to a team of highly skilled and skilled people who make continuous improvements in the industry, already earning numerous trademark and patent approvals.

Life Electric Vehicles is proud to provide consumers with innovative, high-quality light-duty electric vehicles (LEVs) for recreational use and short-distance travel. They are revolutionizing industries with their electric vehicles, battery-powered electric vehicle transmissions, and future marine electric propulsion systems.

Life Electric Vehicles stands behind the quality of its LEVs with a mission to reduce our carbon footprint while helping consumers save on transportation costs. Learn more about their quality innovative lightweight vehicles at

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