LiveWire: Bike Sales Forecast Hits 101,000 Despite Limbo-Low 2021 Numbers

In keeping with the major about-face that has been the norm for Harley-Davidson in recent years, comes a startling set of predictions for their EV brand, LiveWire – and despite selling just 387 EV machines in 2021, they’re anticipating a jump crazy into six-figure territory over the next half-decade for the electric brand.

This is an interesting turn of events, especially given the ONE’s slowing sales performance. OWhy is Harley estimating these exorbitant numbers when their ONE-and-only faces selling specs in limbo for the recent year?

VisorDown says HD definitely anticipated a tough market when they decided to launch a high-end electric motorcycle in a booming EV space whose technology has developed almost faster than brands (and regulations) can keep up .

A view of the LiveWire ONE electric motorcycle

Yet those numbers have to come from SOMEWHERE – and the answer could very well be found in the soon-to-be-launched new Arrow platform.

Keep in mind that the ONE is a luxury machine – a unit designed to sell to the people that HD knows what they are doing when it comes to creating clean emissions motorcycles. With the launch of the Arrow platform, we not only envision several bikes that will be compatible with a (hopefully durable) system, but they will also sport affordable price tags.

A view of the LiveWire ONE electric motorcycle

Ideally, cheaper bikes from a luxury brand (EV) mean more bike sales, hence the six-figure bar on HD’s record.

Above all else, Harley-Davidson is an iconic brand determined to stay in the motorcycling community despite poor emissions compliance and higher gas prices. The numbers appear to be in line with Harley’s plans to phase out fossil fuels over the next fifteen years, though much will depend on the success of the Arrow platform (enabled by a few partnerships struck along the way).

A view of the LiveWire ONE electric motorcycle

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Stay tuned for this investor presentation for HD and LiveWire which is scheduled for May, and as always, stay safe on the twisties.

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