Local Custom Bike Shop offers FREE assembly for ANY bike

Local Custom Bike Shop offers FREE assembly for ANY bike

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Epic Bike Shop in Springfield says they don’t care where you bought your bike, they’ll assemble or inspect it for you for FREE. (OFFER EXPIRES JANUARY 20, 2022.)

Store owner Daniel Mosser told Smokey Barn News he doesn’t sell new bikes. Epic bikes are all custom rebuilds with an array of features and colors that will make everyone stand out in the crowd.

Mosser said it can be difficult to build a bike if you only do it once a year, let alone put everything together without scratching the paint. Mosser’s team will assemble (or if it’s already built) give it a thorough safety inspection absolutely free.

The Mosser store is located at 2650 Old Hwy 431 S., Springfield, TN CARD. Don’t hesitate to call his store at 615-881-2798.

“It doesn’t matter where you got it, we’ll have it ready the next day!” Epic Bike Shop is a small, full-service, family-friendly bike shop specializing in bike repair, parts, and tune-up! We also carry out complete restorations and create motorcycles! We recycle unwanted bikes and make them new! Donations of unused bikes under all conditions are welcome! Next year, we plan to donate one free bike per month to someone in need! We are happy to assist and are honored to serve Robertson County! Call for an appointment or visit our website at OurEpicJoy.com. “

Here’s a look at some of Epic’s custom creations.

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