Movies Anywhere’s lending feature is now available to more users

Movies Anywhere opens access to Screen Pass, just weeks after movie lending feature launched in closed beta. Anyone can request an invite to try it out today.

Screen Pass was supposed to enter open beta in May, but Movies Anywhere has moved that date forward. You can lend movies from your Movies Anywhere library to friends and family up to three times a month. They will have access to a movie for 14 days and must complete it within 72 hours of the start of the viewing. The feature is expected to roll out to all users later this year.

However, Screen Pass does not work with all movies on the platform as it stands. Over 6,000 titles (around 80%) will be shareable during the beta. But, according The edge, that doesn’t appear to include Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars movies despite Disney running the service. To share a movie, you must also have purchased a compatible copy or redeemed a DVD or Blu-ray code for a digital version of a movie within the last six months.

There is also no messaging option in Movies Anywhere. You’ll have to chat with your friends elsewhere to decide which movies you’ll lend or borrow. And, of course, you’ll need to have a beta invite. Those hurdles aside, it seems like a great way to share movies with your friends. You can even start a movie while FaceTiming so you can watch together despite the social distancing measures in place.

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