NIU BQi Electric Bike Price and Specs Revealed Ahead of US and EU Launch

Electric mobility company NIU has several interesting electric motorcycles and scooters heading to the United States and Europe this year, but the company’s new BQi electric bike has garnered just as much attention recently. And now we finally get the pricing and tech specs as NIU showcases the new electric bike models at CES 2022.

The BQi features a new frame design, incorporating step-by-step geometry that eschews the ubiquitous Dutch bike geometry in favor of a much more modern design.

Powered by a 500W continuous, 750W rear Bafang hub motor, the bike will reach a top speed in the US of 28 mph (45 km / h).

European versions will be more limited thanks to stricter regulations on e-bikes, requiring the bike to only carry a 250W motor and reduce power to 25 km / h (15.5 mph).

The American version will have both an accelerator and pedal assistance, while the European version will only work on pedal assistance.

The bike will be connected to an app and will include safety features similar to those already developed for NIU mopeds and electric scooters.

The new frame design allows for two locking, concealed batteries to be installed without creating an overly bulky or bulbous frame.

NIU had previously said a range of up to 60 miles (100 km) would be achievable, but had not released any information on the battery capacity. Now, NIU has confirmed that each battery will provide a capacity of 480Wh (48V and 10Ah), for a total of 960Wh.

The batteries will be built with 21700 format cells supplied by LG, and the bike will have a five hour recharge time.

A belt drive setup makes the e-bike a single speed, which is either a plus or a minus depending on your own cycling needs. The belt drive will take any maintenance out of the chain or derailleur and will likely last much longer than a chain. However, some cyclists in hilly areas prefer to have multiple gears to achieve a low gear ratio for climbing.

Or at least it was before. Many riders now find that e-bikes can climb hills even at a single speed, as power assist helps compensate for less than optimal low-speed pedaling cadence.

BQi models on display at NIU’s CES 2022 booth feature mechanical disc brakes, but NIU representative confirmed Electrek that production bikes would actually be fitted with hydraulic disc brakes.

The 67.5 lb (30.6 kg) e-bikes have a load capacity of 360 lb (163 kg), including passengers and cargo. With an integrated rear rack, transporting cargo should be easy on the BQi.

NIU announced that the BQi would be priced at $ 1,499 in the United States. This price is lower than many of the other major e-bike options for e-bikes for commuters.

Although this is the first time that NIU has presented the BQi in North America, we got a glimpse of the electric bike at the Milan Motorcycle Show at the end of last year. NIU took the opportunity to present several new models such as the MQi GT EVO 60 mph (100 km / h) electric scooter and the upcoming RQi electric motorcycle. You can see them all and more in our video below.

The innovative design of the NIU BQi, combined with NIU’s impressive manufacturing capabilities and an attractive price, could help NIU shake up the electric bicycle industry in the United States and Europe.

The company recently announced its sales figures for 2021, which showed NIU had sold more than one million electric two-wheelers worldwide last year. This type of fabrication cannot be ignored.

While NIU’s major expertise began in electric mopeds and sit-down scooters, the company has now expanded into electric scooters.

These upright electric scooters incorporate much of the technology developed by NIU, but in a smaller, more portable package.

Lighter devices are also lighter on the wallet, with the latest edition of NIU’s KQi1 electric scooter priced at just $ 349.

While we watch videos, below you can see my review of NIU’s first electric kickscooter.

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