Opening of a Pedego electric bicycle store in Naperville

A year after opening an e-bike shop in Wheaton, the owners are already expanding.

Jeff Alvis and Bill Budicin recently opened their second Pedego e-bike store in Naperville, hoping to capitalize on the industry’s rapid growth and enthusiastic customer base.

Located at 513 87th St., the South Naperville location opened in early April. Although the weather hasn’t cooperated with trying out the e-bikes, foot traffic is expected to increase as temperatures rise and people stop for test drives on nearby trails.

“Traffic was good, but people couldn’t get out and ride because of the weather,” Budicin said. “But I think it’s going to be fine. The location is nice and close to the DuPage River and the trails.”

The Wheaton location, which opened in March 2021, was Pedego’s first in the western suburbs, and Naperville is the fourth in the Chicago area. The company started in 2008 and opened its first store in 2010.

Alvis and Budicin, former retired colleagues, were intrigued by the concept of e-bikes that can ride like normal bikes or take advantage of a battery for more power. Budicin hadn’t even heard of e-bikes when Alvis approached him with the idea of ​​opening a Pedego store, but he quickly saw the appeal.


“Pedego really saw the benefit of having brick-and-mortar locations so customers had that personal touch and they could actually try out the bikes,” Alvis said. “It’s a great place to open a store like this.”

The Naperville location offers sales, service, and rentals of the many styles of Pedego e-bikes. Purchase points range from $2,000 to $4,500, while rental fees are $25 per hour and $100 for an entire day. If you choose to buy after the rental, the rental price is applied to the cost of the electric bike.

Budicin said about 80% of its sales are for people 55 and older, but the demographics are younger due to the many apps. In addition to taking e-bikes on trails and paths, they’re great for city dwellers who don’t want to drive a car to work or anywhere else.

As more people in Naperville and the surrounding area discover their store, Alvis and Budicin are confident that the success they enjoyed at Wheaton will continue.

“It feels like we’re really at the start of the adoption period here,” Budicin said. “We thought it was the right place and the right time. Everything is going in the right direction for e-bikes to do well here.”