Park City Marketplace – Bike Shop Manager

The Bike Shop Manager is part of the management staff of JANS Park Avenue. This position is a salaried position ($45,000 – $55,000 DOE) year-round, full-time. The bike shop manager must oversee all aspects of the bike service shop, foster excellent customer relations, and instill the values ​​of customer service in all bike shop employees. The Bike Shop Manager is responsible for the following: o Overseeing all aspects of the bike repair service. o Staffing 0 Train all new employees. 0 Provide ongoing training for store employees. ° Organize regular staff meetings. ° Create a weekly schedule for employees and provide a copy to the store manager every Thursday. o Quality Control 0 Supervise the quality of work of all staff members. 0 Ensure that all products are manufactured to customer specifications and that the workmanship is satisfactory before the product is returned to the customer. 0 Retrain employees, as needed. o Bicycle maintenance procedures 0 Bicycle repair record protocol – properly record the bike, place the bike on the stand, check gears, brakes, wheels, etc. to give an estimate of costs. ° Contact the client if there are changes to the work estimate/costs, if necessary. 0 Proactive in ensuring that the customer receives a “better than expected” product. 0 Manage work schedule to ensure repairs are completed on time and as promised. o Bicycle rental 0 Maintain the bicycle rental fleet in excellent working order. 0 Service bicycles as needed. ° Keep rental bikes and helmets clean. 0 Assist sales staff in moving rental bikes in or out of the store as needed. o Customer Service, 0 Improve customer service relationships with ALL customers. Ensure customers are welcomed and treated with respect 0 Be well informed and train staff on JANS services, products and procedures. 0 Upsell to customers on services, accessories and products 0 Be friendly o Inventory 0 Oversee all inventory related to the bike shop, including but not limited to bikes, tools, tires, pumps and other repair and bicycle accessories. 0 Order the product according to your needs. o Warranty 0 Learn about product recalls and warranty issues. 0 Assist customers with warranty items and replacement parts. 0 Work with suppliers to encourage rapid response to warranty items. o Additional Requirements: 0 Attend all store meetings. 0 Act proactively within Jan’s management team 0 Communicate with Store Manager and Buyers about any issues. 0 Develop and maintain relationships with product representatives. oo Instill a positive environment 0 Technical background 4+ years of mechanical or tech experience working on bikes in a bike shop. 1 Certifications and industry experience. 2 Excellent written and verbal communication. 3 Attention to detail, organization and ability to manage time and prioritize workflows for self and technical team. 4 Commitment to continuously learning and sharing knowledge about new products and repair techniques. Contact Manager: Please send inquiries to [email protected] or contact Jack at 435-649-1020 ext. 107.


Park City, Utah 84060