Peloton Bike Sale: OG Peloton is the cheapest it’s ever been

Now is the time to buy a Peloton bike. We don’t say this just because we care about you. For Amazon Prime Day, also called Prime Early Access, one of our favorite exercise bikes, the Original Peloton Bikeis marked down by an impressive $220, bringing it down to its lowest ever price on Amazon: $1,225.

Peloton has gained huge popularity in the fitness world for motivating everyone – from your neighbor to Joe Biden – to stay active from the comfort of their own home. The bike is compact enough to fit homes of different sizes, and it’s adjustable to make sure anyone, and we mean anyone, can strap in and start riding.

And while the company has reached a hard time as we enter the post-pandemic world, most people who have a peloton still really like it.

To get the most out of your new Peloton, you’ll want to sign up for the Peloton All-Access Membership, a $44-per-month subscription that gives you unlimited access to the brand’s seemingly endless library of fitness content. Part of the fun of having a peloton is competing against like-minded fitness enthusiasts to dominate the leaderboards and topple the unseen competition.

Ever since Peloton made its way to the Amazon marketplace, Prime members have been able to enjoy two-day shipping. Now, that Prime membership goes even further with this 15% off deal. It’s unclear when Amazon or Peloton will replicate this deal, so might as well take advantage now before you get FOMO when all your friends hit PR without you.

(And if you’re not ready for a Peloton Bike, or already have one, you can pick up gear adjacent to the Peloton Bike like a bike mat, dumbbellsWhere bodybuilding camera.)

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