Pinkbike Poll: Where do you buy bike parts?

We have touched on this topic in previous polls, but it seemed like a good time for another state-of-the-art check in the industry.

I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say that I have bought many products online from home that I would usually visit in store to purchase. It’s not necessarily because I don’t want to support a convenience store, but many are closed. Not to mention that the nearly two hour round trip it would take to get to the closest town to waistline can’t even be rewarded with a stop at my favorite restaurant, which is currently closed, so you can bet. that I am not. will gallop around the burn time I could self-isolate in the woods with my bike, even with fuel prices at an all time high.

Bike shops have long been a part of the soul of the industry and a great place to go out, but things are weird right now and lately have undoubtedly changed the buying habits for most of us. between us. Some riders may have more time to think and think about what they want or need to build their dreams, or to get their bikes started and run better. Maybe you’ve taken stock of the contents of your trackside repair kit and purchased new first aid tools or supplies, or maybe you’ve added a bike to the fleet?

Have you always been to your local bike store or are you ordering everything new online? Does your local store have what you need? What could they do better? Let us know below.