Raleigh Bike Parts Partners with Children’s Bicycle Accessories Supplier WeeRide – Business

Raleigh Bike Parts announced an exclusive partnership with WeeRide.

WeeRide is a supplier of children’s bicycle accessories, known primarily for delivering original front-mounted child and infant bicycle seats in addition to their accompanying accessories.

“The famous WeeRide seat is already the best-selling bike seat in the UK and US for good reason,” a statement from Raleigh said. “It’s a unique product: a centrally mounted bicycle saddle, placed in front of the rider instead of behind, with a patented bar that puts the weight securely in the center of the bike instead of the handlebars.

“This positioning provides an involved experience and great views for the child, while allowing for easy communication and the ability to meet their moving needs, despite that added sense of security of having arms on either side of the child. child.”

Recommended for ages one to four, the seat has built-in footrests and a headrest. WeeRide infant bike seats are manufactured to the highest specifications in Europe, Raleigh said, and come with a standard two-year warranty. Functionally, this seat adapts to any bike – even models without a helmet can be attached using the new adapter – it can be installed in under 20 minutes and removed in seconds.

Weeride also offers a range of accompaniments for children aged four to nine. The line includes “all the security and convenience features you would expect from other top brands at a fraction of the price,” as well as the Sync Link Pivot. This patented technology ensures the smoothest movement and ride for the child, with adjustable handlebars, front splash guard, safety flag and WeeRide seat.

To pre-order WeeRide products, contact your Account Manager here: https://info.raleighb2b.co.uk/your-account-managers.