Recycled barrels and bicycle parts for the Danube race

HARTA, Hungary, Aug. 14 (Reuters) – Rafts constructed from cardboard, plastic bottles, empty barrels and parts of bicycles took to the Danube on Saturday, the wacky ships taking inspiration from pubs, pizzas and cartoon characters.

Under the rules, the 16 ships piloted by the Hungarian teams could not be built using boats, kayaks or canoes, or using materials that could harm the environment.

Participants compete in a mad boat race on the Danube in Harta, Hungary on August 14, 2021. REUTERS / Marton Monus

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Local winemaker Norbert Ivanyi and his team built a bar terrace and had a bottle of wine on board for the spritzers as they peddled downstream using bicycle parts attached to a table.

Another team built a log raft with pizza topping decorations to tackle the 400-yard course. Another ship looked like a Minion.

“There are quite a few crazy people in this area, and so a lot of people like to build such boats and participate in this race. They often tell me that during the race they feel like rock stars on stage,” said Race. organizer Rafael Szollosi.

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Reporting by Krisztina Fenyo; Editing by Alison Williams

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