Road Bike Sale June 2020: Where to buy a stock bike Ridley, Cervelo,

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Are you desperate for a new bike so you can get out and see your city? Or hit the side roads? Or, you know, just move after being locked on the couch for the past few months? You are certainly not alone, as bicycle sales are exploding. So much so that many local bike shops and major retailers have extremely low inventory. And while you can probably still get a good deal on a new set of wheels if you’re willing to wait a bit, there are plenty of new road bikes still available on the Competitive Cyclist website. Even better? A bunch of them are deeply reduced.

If you’re ready to invest in a high-end road bike from a big brand (or if you’re eager enough to hit the road that money isn’t an issue), The latest Competitive Cyclist sale worth exploring. It features popular and best-selling models from top brands like Ridley, Cervelo, Niner, Pinarello and Alchemy, priced up to 50% off and built to last. Granted, they’re all a little pricey (the most affordable bike in the mix – the Ridley X-Ride – is $1,500, after a 35% discount), but all are on sale, and in some cases up to grabs literally thousands of dollars less than their regular retail price. The important detail is that they are actually in stock and can be shipped immediately. Additionally, Competitive Cyclist offers a 30-day free return policy.

You’ll want to dig for discover the complete selectionbut we have selected some of the best offers.

  • Get a Ridley X-Ride for $1,499 (usually $2,299) — [Get it here]
  • Get a Ridley Dean for $1,749 (usually $2,699) — [Get it here]
  • Get a Cervelo P-Series for $1,999 (usually $2,900) — [Get it here]
  • Get a Ridley Helium X Ultegra road bike for $1,999 (usually $3,099) — [Get it here]
  • Get a Ridley X-Night for $2,099 (usually $3,499) — [Get it here]
  • Get a Cervelo P-Series for $2,799 (usually $4,200) — [Get it here]

Click on Competitive Cyclist to discover the selection and get ready for a summer of cycling.