Sale of bicycles under the DeskCycle desk

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If you’ve made the switch to working from home in the last couple of years, you’re probably well aware that this shift has meant far less travel for many people. Luckily, there are now plenty of solutions to help you train while you work, but our favorite is the DeskCycle Under-Desk Fitness Bike, which is 30% off for Prime Day.

According to Scouted contributor Cassandra Brooklyn (who reviewed the DeskCycle), “The DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bikee is a super easy (dare I say “lazy”) way to get a quick workout at home or in the office. It fits under desks and tables as low as 27 inches (assuming you don’t have bulky desk or table legs) and at just 23 pounds, I found it easy enough to transfer it from a room to room around the lodge. I ride it in the living room while reading and writing, my mom uses it in the kitchen while listening to the radio, and my sister uses it while playing video games. At around $200 a piece, the DeskCycle is definitely a bargain, but at 30% off? It’s obvious.

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