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CNC machines are used to create all kinds of parts for a wide variety of industries.

Using computerized tools to operate a complete system, CNC machines are able to create items from a number of different materials with the utmost precision and accuracy.

You can create the same piece over and over again with complete consistency. You can also create custom unique pieces.

Thus, CNC machining is ideal, in many ways, for manufacturing bicycle parts.

Why are CNC machines ideal for manufacturing bicycle parts?

Quite simply, the capabilities of CNC machines have enabled the development of bicycles that were not possible decades ago.

The precision and reliability of CNC machines make it possible to manufacture standard bicycle parts for general use. At the same time, starting with a CAD file to create the design, CNC tools can manufacture highly customized parts for dealers and individuals who want custom bikes.

Since CNC machines can handle a variety of materials, it is easy to create bicycle parts from materials commonly used for bicycle parts, such as aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber.

Many types of CNC machines are available to perform a variety of tasks that go into manufacturing bicycle parts. Plus, it’s easy to buy used CNC tools, so manufacturing parts can be affordable for machine shops of all sizes.

The CNC tools available include a CNC toggle cutter, grinder, router, boring machine, and lathe, to name a few. Milling and turning tools are the most common CNC machines used in the manufacture of bicycle parts.

What bike parts can you make with CNC machines?

Almost any bike part can be made with CNC tools. Including:

  • Sprocket with bash guard.
  • Helmet cap.
  • Saddle clamp.
  • Chain tensioner.
  • Rear hub guard.

Is it profitable to use CNC machining to manufacture bicycle parts?

Machine shops can reduce production costs when using CNC machining to manufacture bicycle parts.

Of course, machines can be expensive; although, as mentioned above, you can find excellent, affordable CNC machines on the used market.

But the initial investment is worth it, because CNC machines do not require individual operators. Instead, machine shops only need one person to oversee multiple machines.

When machines do all the work and create consistent accuracy and precision, personnel and production costs can become much lower.

Thus, CNC machining is important in reducing costs for many manufacturers who create bicycle parts.

However, the exact cost of manufacturing bike parts varies widely. It depends on the machines used, the materials used, and the specific parts created, among other things.

For example, to create custom bicycle parts that require thin walls and tight tolerance, the production process would require special tooling, tighter quality control, and more time.


Manufacturing a bike part with a CNC machine starts with a CAD design. Once the design of a part is complete, it is transformed into G-Code which allows the CNC tool to read and execute the specific instructions.

The CNC machine will be able to make the part as many times as needed, ensuring consistency, accuracy and precision at all times.

CNC machines can also be used with a wide variety of materials, so they are ideal for common materials used in the production of bicycle parts, such as aluminum and carbon fiber.

All kinds of bike parts can be made with CNC machining, from frames to sprockets, and each part can be highly customized if needed.

Putting it all together, it should be easy to see how important CNC machining is in bike parts manufacturing.


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