The Rockton Family Use Bike Spare Parts To Assemble And Give Free Bikes To People | News

ROCKTON (WREX) – Rundown bikes and spares probably have a home in the back of our garage or in the trash, but the Ackerman family sees it differently.

Leigh-Ann’s family, Jacques, Jordan and Trystan use their garage to assemble bikes from spare parts and give them free to those in need.

The summer hobby began when one of their neighbors asked if the Ackermans wanted a few bikes he found while researching his own scrap and repair projects. Leigh-Ann Ackerman says a yes is all it took to get the ball rolling.

“We had a collection of four or five,” Leigh-Ann said. I put it on the Next Door app so everyone will know that we are giving them away for free. We have had an incredible response. All the bikes are gone. “

Soon after, the garage was no longer a space for cars, it was a space for bicycles.

“We spent the last month picking up almost 40 bikes,” Leigh-Ann said. “We have already donated 16 bikes, we have 12 more ready to go and are continually repairing more.”

Mother Leigh-Ann, Father Jacques and sons Jordan and Trystan moved from South Africa to Stateline three years ago and say they wanted to do something special for the community.

“To be able to give back to the community, we feel extremely lucky to be able to be here in America and we just think we owe it to the community to give back to them,” said Leigh-Ann.

If you need a bike or have bikes / spare parts you no longer want, contact the family on the Next Door app or at 779-772-6164.