The Yamaha Y16ZR is a small sports shuttle

The humble moped has come a long way since its inception as a simple, no-frills machine from A to B over a century ago. Technically speaking, a moped is defined as a small motorized two-wheeled vehicle with a low-powered motor and bicycle pedals. However, commuter motorcycles, especially in Asia, continue to be called mopeds even though they are no longer equipped with bicycle pedals.

In fact, a quick Google search for the term “sports moped” will show you a whole range of sporty-looking machines that look like caricatures of larger sports motorcycles. Ultimately, sports mopeds are all the rage in Asia, thanks to their versatility, affordability, and aggressive styling. Yamaha has gone ahead and launched a new commuter that really puts the sport in moped, and it’s called the Y16ZR. At first glance, this sporty little commuter might make you scratch your head. Is it a scooter? Is it a sports bike? How many cc does he have?

Well, to begin with, in Malaysia it belongs to the category of “sports moped”. As you can see, it comes with an aggressive styled fairing with angular lines and sharp edges. However, it has a very upright and comfortable ergonomics, thus lending itself to a relaxed driving position. Performance-wise, Yamaha has incorporated a liquid-cooled 155cc single-cylinder engine into this small bike. Pumping the best part of 17 ponies, the Y16ZR has some boost, which is aided by a six-speed transmission and an assisted slip clutch.

Interestingly, on paper the Yamaha Y16ZR looks less like a moped and more like a little sports car. Without a doubt, in the markets where it will be sold, this bike is one of the most efficient in its class. Better yet, it sells for just south of the equivalent of US $ 2,500 in Asia. Do you think a machine like the Y16ZR could be used in the United States and Europe?