This stunning piece of furniture is made from discarded bicycle parts

In recent years, China’s bike-sharing bubble has burst: while more than 60 companies once competed for cyclists on the country’s streets by flooding cities with millions of bikes to share, many of they have now gone bankrupt. The result? Bike graveyards, where the government dumped thousands of unused bikes to keep them from cluttering public space.

What to do with all those bikes? Industrial designer Qiang Huang thinks they should be broken down and turned into furniture. For his master’s thesis project at Central Saint Martins, Huang designed a series of home furnishings from discarded bicycle parts, including a lamp made from a fender and a stool made from a ring of arranged saddles. in a circle like a flower. Called Bike salvagersthe project presents a creative way to reuse materials that would otherwise be left to dust.

[Photo: courtesy Qiang Huang]

“These bikes influence people’s daily lives and occupy public space,” Huang said. “I want to use this cleanup or theft as a way to protect people’s interests.” For the project, he also transformed bicycle baskets into trays on a rolling cart and bicycle saddles into the surface of a bench.

Huang, who is currently based in London, worked with the local outpost of Chinese bicycle company Mobike, which gave him access to one of its UK warehouses where Huang was able to take bike parts for the project. He wants the furniture to be a critique of companies like Mobike, which is the world’s largest operator of dockless bikes. “They just care about capturing market share, regardless of how many bikes people really need and how many resources are wasted or overproduced,” Huang says.

Although the items are not currently for sale, Huang says he would like to find ways to sell them as commodities. After all, the more it sells, the more parts that could be salvaged from bike graveyards, turning colossal trash into beautiful items suitable for any bike enthusiast’s home.